Season 4 Episode 10

Executive Wife

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 09, 1981 on CBS



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    • Bobby: I don't want power for power's sake.
      Sue Ellen: Don't worry about it, Bobby. You'll never get it.
      Bobby: And what makes you so sure, Sue Ellen?
      Sue Ellen: It's all a game, Bobby. You have to love it to play it well.
      Bobby: Making a study of power, are you?
      Sue Ellen: Don't forget who I've been married to for the last ten years. He understands power, he controls and manipulates, he makes people afraid. He's a natural-born fighter, the best.
      Bobby: And me?
      Sue Ellen: You are J.R.'s little brother.

    • Bobby: You gave me the power to run that company, and damn it, I intend to run it!
      Jock: So I gave you power, huh? Well, let me tell you something, boy. If I did give you power, you got nothing. Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take!

    • J.R.: (seeing Donna and Cliff together) I don't like that combination.
      Sue Ellen: Well, it won't last long, darling.
      J.R.: How do you know that?
      Sue Ellen: Because you won't let it.

  • Notes

    • German episode title: "Das 10-Millionen-Dollar-Missverständnis", meaning "The Ten Million Dollar Misunderstanding"

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