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Dallas and Knots Landing crossover/viewing order? Disc replacement question too

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    I was wondering what the viewing order is on these. I know that it isnt as integrated as Buffy / Angel crossover eps but should I just alternate discs between episodes starting with Dallas s3ep15 then Knots Landing s1ep1 then Dallas s3ep16 etc etc??

    It's just bugging me a little bit because I don't want to get confused if I were to watch all of Dallas that I have so far and then go back and watch Knots Landing season 1. Are the crossovers very story important? If not, then I might just watch one show and then the other without worrying about alternating between episodes.

    One more question, is there anywhere to get a replacement disc? My season 4 disc 3 or 4 is scratched up (fresh out the box it was messed up looking) The store I purchased it at has gone out of business. Should I try to return it at another store in the chain (the receipt says all sales final but it might work) or send it in to Warner get a replacement?
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    You can watch the 2 show independently, as the cross-overs on "Knots Landing" from "Dallas" stars early on and vice-versa weren't crucial to the understanding of either series.

    "Dallas" never acknowledged any plot lines from "Knots" and the only 2 "Knots Landing" stars to ever appear were Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark ("Gary and Val"), although J.R. did mention Karen Fairgate's name when Gary came to visit him after J.R. was shot.  The 3 most important "Dallas" episodes to watch before watching "Knots" are probably: "Reunion" (Parts 1 & 2)", which was the two-part second season opener and which introduced Gary and Val for the first time, although Gary was initially played by David Ackroyd, and  "Return Engagement," from Season 3, which was the episode that spun Gary and Val off into their own series.  Other than that, there weren't that many cross-overs from Gary and Val.  Gary came back to Dallas when J.R. was shot, Gary and Val attended Lucy's wedding, Gary came back when Jock was in South America and divided up Ewing Oil, Gary returned for the reading of Jock's will, Gary came back for Bobby's funeral (during the "dream" season) and both Gary and Val showed up in the series finale, "Conundrum", when J.R. had an "It's a Wonderful Life" trip.  As for Val, other than the above mentioned episodes, she appeared by herself early in a 3rd season episode, "Secrets", to make up with Lucy, but was usually seen as an accessory to Gary in episodes he appeared in when he would get a call from "Dallas."

    On "Knots", the "Dallas" cross-overs didn't affect storylines because early in the series run, "Knots" was not a continuing drama/soap opera, but instead was a one hour drama with "bottle episodes" (that is self contained storylines that were resolved at the end of the hour and didn't cross over from week to week).  After the fourth season, cross-overs from "Dallas" stars stopped, although they did refer to and incorporate Bobby's death (from the "dream" season on "Dallas") into the storylines of "Knots Landing's" 7th seasons when Gary grieved for his "late" brother and Val renamed her infant son, Bobby, in memory of the "late" Bobby Ewing.

    There were only 9 "Knots" episodes, which featured "Dallas" stars.  3 were from Season 1, including the Pilot (in which Patrick Duffy ("Bobby") had a cameo at the beginning), "Community Spirit", in which Larry Hagman ("J.R.") came to Knots Landing to drill for oil on the beach and "Home Is for the Healing," the only episode where Charlene Tilton ("Lucy") comes to Knots Landing and is reunited with her parents.  Season 2 included 4 more "Dallas" cross-overs, including "Kristin," in which Mary Crosby ("Kristin") guest-starred weeks after she gained international fame by shooting J.R. [this was an obvious attempt for "Knots" to cash in on all the "Who Shoot J.R.?" hoopla], "A Family Matter", in which Larry Hagman ("J.R.") visited "Knots" and dealt with Gary and Abby, "The Loudest Word," in which Patrick Duffy ("Bobby") guest-starred to lend support to Gary when Val was hospitalized and "Designs," in which Larry Hagman ("J.R.") came back to "Knots" to steal Sid's invention and have an affair with Abby.  There were no "Dallas" cross-overs during season 3, but in Season 4 there were 2 more: "Daniel," in which Larry Hagman ("J.R.") came back to Knots to confront Val after buying the company that published her expose on the Ewings and "New Beginnings," in which both Patrick Duffy ("Bobby") and Larry Hagman ("J.R.") appeared in.  That episode aired immediately after the "Dallas" Season 6 episode "Jock's Will" and the only time there was a cross-over storyline between the 2 series, which dealt with Jock Ewing's will.

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    Well, if that doesn't explain it, I don't know what will!
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