Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 09, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

While teaching Pamela how to ride a horse, Bobby has a little talk with Ray, insisting that Ray should make sure Lucy goes to school every day. After breakfast the two leave, but Lucy can convince Ray to go to the barn instead. When Pamela answers a phone call from Mr. Miller, a teacher at Lucy's school, telling her Lucy hasn't arrived yet, Pamela realizes Ray didn't do his job properly.

Pamela drives to the barn, catching Ray and Lucy red-handed. She threatens to tell Jock all about the incident if Lucy doesn't accompany her to school. Although Lucy is sure she can wrap Jock around her little finger, she fears Ray might get into trouble when it comes to light that she has been destroying warning letters from school.

At school Lucy quickly adapts to the situation, flirting with all the boys in her class. Miller offers to tutor her in mathematics, the only course she has trouble with. Meanwhile Bobby finds it difficult to get all the necessary information about Ewing Oil. He cannot understand how J.R succeeds in persuading so many oilmen to join his side. After all, Ewing Oil is not that big a company. Where does it get its influence from? J.R. assures him that he knows what he is doing, but should be left alone making the tough decisions he has been making for so long already.

At Braddock High, Lucy runs shrieking out of her tutoring session, claiming Mr. Miller molested her. Roger Hurley, a fellow student, knows the truth and blackmails her into going on a date that night. When Pamela arrives at the school to pick up Lucy, she finds Miller in the principal's office. The principal fears he cannot ignore the incident. Miller is not just afraid to lose his job, he believes his family is in danger if Jock Ewing learns about it. Pamela asks the principal to wait before pressing charges; she will handle the matter.

Confronting Lucy Pamela has to admit that the young girl outsmarted her. If Lucy drops the charges against Miller, Pamela will no longer check up on her. That night Lucy leaves for a date with Hurley, telling Jock that his parents are having a party. In reality they go to a newly opened disco in Braddock. Lucy knew that Ray would be there, and when she sees Ray, she drops Hurley. Bobby and Pamela walk in as well and notice Ray and Lucy talking. Bobby warns Ray to keep away from his niece and when Lucy admits she doesn't like Hurley at all, Pamela realizes that Hurley must have some hold over Lucy. They only thing that can be is the Miller incident. She warns Hurley that she will inform Jock about the fake party if Hurley doesn't testify about Miller's innocence. Lucy will have to go to school after all.
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