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  • Bobby was in the shower

    I have watch Dallas since 1970 I think. I can remember not going to my Karate lessons because Dallas was on TV.

    Was shown on Chanel 5 at 9.00pm. (2012) was on back ,something happen to the programme not shown again. I do miss Dallas. JR
  • Dallas - Best show Ever

    The feud never gets boring.

    Enjoy watching every episode, so keep the episodes coming with 3rd season.

    Would a 11.00pm time slot be available?
  • best show ever made

    Dallas needs to be one among the best ever TV shows, as a result of it had all of the attributes for diversion. It had nice casts, smart producers and scripts that stretched from the bizarre to nobility. Watching each episode has lots of breathtaking moments, it's merely the main factor that makes it very entertaining and reposeful. For those who have already seen this show can recognize what I'm sayin'! What is most amazing about this show is the truly incredible, good scripts from each episodes .The characters are great mostly JR Ewing - the evil cash lover who would stroll over any person to get ahead. He keeps doing such things because of his dedication to their family business! It is a tough TV series with large portraying from Linda Gray, Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy. "Dallas" had a long run with wide range of dedicated fans and when it got cancelled, everyone felt like it's the end of the world. Missing this show made me decide to order a DVD set from memorylanedvd. com which happens to be an honest seller. They have a great customer service and always provide follow-ups on the shipping status of my order. When I received the parcel, I checked the first disc and noticed that the quality is good. It also came in mint condition. I'm very glad to own this as it will certainly brings back not only the memoirs but also the pleasure of watching this great show. Nothing will beat this original series and it is certainly the best show ever made!
  • One of those classic TV hits from heaven ;)

    Oh, boy ... the whole world knows this show and that certainly means something special. It was incredibly big. Those storylines, cliffhangers, fights, money issues, affairs .... I only gave it 7 because of the later seasons. The quality went downhill and the season when Bobby died and then we found out he was actually alive all the time and it was all just a dream. Yeah, that was BAD WRITING :)
  • A Meaner Man

    Exciting stuff!! Have just been watching the first series still with Hagman in it but sadly once he is gone it will leave a big Junior is good but a bit too young and "punkish". They need to bring in a long lost son of JR seniors who was a illegitimate born from JR Seniors early days. So this son needs to be early 40s or late 30s and they need him to be MEAN (but charming -just like his daddy was) to fill Hagmans place and stir up those others. It would take careful choosing big shoes to fill with Hagman gone.
  • RIP Larry!

    Hey everyone,

    not sure if you've already seen it or not, but the tribute page for Larry has been set up here: http://www.memmento.com/Memorial-at-Memmento/3482/Larry-Hagman

    Feel free to contribute with a memory and share

  • Dallas was as big and brazen as Texas itself!

    Dallas was a hoot! I really enjoyed watching it and still do occasionally when it's on Soapnet. Unfortunately, it started to really lose steam (and believability) after the 6th season. Of course, it really "jumped the shark" when Miss Ellie was replaced by Donna Reed and then replaced again with the original Miss Ellie, Barbara Bel Geddes. What was that all about? If that wasn't proof that Dallas was past its prime, the whole dream sequence explanation for Bobby's "death". Yikes! Overall, Dallas was fun to watch. Who could forget the whole "Who Shot J.R.?" mania that swept the country? The storylines weren't always believable and sometimes they were downright predictable. But it made you want to watch to see if J.R. would ever get what was coming to him.
  • This was and is one of the best shows on tv! My Hubby and I r enjoying the reruns so much . We hate that they changed the times and frequency shown. We want 2 hrs. daily back and 7 days a week! PLEASE!

    I remember when my Mom and friends rushed home after church to watch Dallas and She was the Preachers wife .... lol. Now my generation is enjoying it again and more this time then we did originally. Imagine that ... lol.. but now we have lived enough life to enjoy it properly. We DVR it so we won't miss an episode.. just incase we r asleep at 3am. The characters the story the messes some of them get into... the relationships... we love it all. Someday we hope to own it all on dvd so we can watch it anytime we want to. Many times we can relate a family member with a character or situation... it is amazing and we always have a laugh or 2 when watching JR get in and out of trouble. They need to make a new movie or 6 hr mini-series with Dallas and Dynasty! Just dreaming I guess... lol.
  • A classic

    It is so sad that some people today don't even know who J.R. is or who shot him! It's not a great series, but it is a classic that no one should be able to escape from! My personal favorites of this show are Afton Cooper, Cliff Barnes and the b...c Angelica Nero!
    The story was great: I hope you all can remember when the world was devided in two peaces: on one side there were the people who wanted to see Bobby with Pam, and on the other side there were the people who wanted to see him with Jenna. Go out and buy the DVD so you know which side you belong to!
  • But possibly overrated

    Dallas is one of those shows that I have only personally ever caught in reruns and therefore was not swept up in the hype it created during the 1980s. This allows me to be objective and unsentimental.

    While the show had some fantastic stand out episodes and characters, overall as a product it was lacking from the second season onwards and this can be attributed greatly to pace. Stories which should have been wrapped up much earlier than they were dragged on in a very repetitive daytime soap style e.g. Jenna Wade's murder trial or the BD Calhoun saga. The pace problem can also be applied to episodes themselves. Often the beginning and climax were gripping but there were lulls in the middle -- JR and Cliff making snide comments at the Oil Baron's Club may have been enjoyable on occasion but when a weekly occurrence becomes incredibly grating.

    Too much emphasis was placed on JR and although he proved extraodinarily popular, Larry Hagman could not carry the show alone, nor should he have been given producer power in later seasons. The notion that JR should always win and be front and centre left the women with very little to do. Pam, Donna and Miss Ellie all purported to be strong but in reality there was no room for female story in Dallas which hindered it severely.
  • one of a kind

    this show pave the way for so many others. knots landing, dynasty, falcon crest, melrose. they all owe a great deal of gratitude to dallas. this show ran for 13 years. that is something that is basically impossible today. with the exception of the last three or four seasons they were all great. and the dream season.
  • I started watching Dallas with the Pilot, and I thought it was good. Over time, my love for the show could only grow. By the end of the first season, I was obsessed and tried to hook everyone I could find to watch with me.

    I started watching Dallas with the Pilot, and I thought it was good. Over time, my love for the show could only grow. By the end of the first season, I was obsessed and tried to hook everyone I could find to watch with me. Everyone that agreed ended up loving the show, and their reasons were varied.
  • Great guilty pleasure show

    The one that started all of the prime-time soap opera dramas
    After being upstaged by a genie in I Dream of Jeannie, finally Larry Hagman struck gold of his own
    Playing that vilian of all villians
    The character that everybody loves to hate
    John Ross aka "JR" Ewing
    Who was a sleazy, womanizing, meanest, man that got everything he want when he want
    Bobby Ewing was the protagonist to JR's antagonist
    Very sweet and the good guy role
    Show had drama and everything in it
    Again a guilty pleasure IMHO!
  • dallas is the best soap opera of all-time. and one of the best shows of all-time

    dallas influenced dynasty. and spun-off knots landing. also had a major influence on american culture. modern soaps like melrose place was heavily influenced by dallas. they r gonna make a movie about dallas. with john travolta, shirley mcclaine, luke wilson, and there's talking of jennifer lopez to play the role of sue ellen
  • Now i konw why it was so popular

    Dallas is such a great show. i wasnt old enough to enjoy watching it the first time it was on television, so i bought the dvd box sets and it has gotta be the best prime-time soap thats been on TV. I just wish that more people from my generation were able to watch it.
  • Prime Time Trendsetter

    Loved Dallas...Its my frickin ringtone on my cell phone for godsakes ! Truly a trendsetter with a constant changing story. Great character lines and JR always kept things very interesting. What I loved about this show, is everyone is kind of "bad" in their own way....rather than the standard everyone is nice except one character !

    \"Dallas\" is considered, and actually IS, one of the best shows ever made! The characters where great, the storylines had great success and the Ewing\'s became a household name. Plots like \"Who Shot J.R.?\", \"Pam\'s Dream\", \"Kristin\", etc became the talk of the whole nation and the ratings of the show were sensational. Probably one of the best soaps ever made, it appealed to both men and women equally, due to it\'s very unique mix of business plotlines and family drama, campiness, sex, beautiful women and men and, yes, sometimes completely absurd storylines. DALLAS was a cultural phenomenon... and, guess what? It STILL is.
  • Who shot JR

    I only started to watch this after the highly publicised "Who shot JR" finale. When I did start to watch it I got hooked. A night time soap opera was a new theory back then. Once you started to watch it it hooked you like any day time soap opera. I wished I had started to watch it earlier. It was bold and exciting and breath holding. I wish it would come back in reruns so I can watch it all again.
  • Who shot JR? The shower scene. This show set trends!

    Who shot JR? The shower scene. This show set trends! I've been watching the reruns of this show on SoapNet and I must admit it was a very well written show. It's not off the wall like the plot lines on some other soaps (with a few exceptions, of course) and the plot lines wrap up quickly enough that you don't feel like things are dragging. Not to mention the fact that this show set the standards for cliff hangers. Brilliant!
  • DAllAS is one of the greatest shows ever done! It's a show that all soaps fans should watch, or even people that like a good drama should watch.

    To me Dallas was a show ahead of it\\\'s time. It\\\'s one of the greatest shows ever done. I remember as a kid that my family use to watch the show and I got hooked on it as a young adult when I started to watch reruns of it. I\\\'s a show that once you start watching it you it\\\'s hard to stop watching it. The actors are well casted and for the most part the acting is superb! It\\\'s the first show to start the cliffhanger craze and to plots carry over from episode to episode. As the show went on it wasn\\\'t as good as it was in the beginning it still remains as of my all time favorite shows ever!
  • The grand-daddy of all primetime soaps

    Sure, there was Peyton Place in the 60's, but Dallas was THE primetime soap of all time. I was never any good at guessing the outcome of mysteries and "Who Shot J.R." was no different. I thought it would be a minor secondary character that was the culprit, so I placed my bets on Vaughn Leland. My dad thought it was Miss Ellie or Jock. Guess we were both wrong! Dallas probably ran too long. By the final season only Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Ken Kercheval remained from the early years. The final season was especially painful to watch. Kercheval looked bored, Duffy had to spend the season searching for Susan Lucci and Hagman was panting around over a woman from his past. It also had the worst final episode I have ever seen. But still, Dallas provided years and years of entertainment so you can't get too upset over a couple of lousy seasons.
  • One of the greatest shows of all times

    Dallas was truly a classic prime-time soap that excelled in drama and writing. It was top-notch compared to its imitators, with the exception of its spin-off Knots Landing. If you are looking for exceptional plots, storylines, and defined characters, then Dallas is the show you want to watch.
  • I have enjoyed this show since I discovered it. It is wonderful. Why isn\\\'t television like this anymore.

    Dallas is the all-time greatest show that television has ever seen. It was a world-wide phenomenon that captivated its viewers.
    The prime time soap had never been done before Dallas aired and networks have never been able to duplicate it since.
    The characters are larger than life. The evil J.R. Ewing keeps drawing viewers back in for more. It\\\'s hard to keep up with all of his wheelings and dealings.
    The cinematography of the show is still impressive - nearly 30 years later. The show had some impressive directors. The writers were great too. There was always a surprise lurking somewhere.
    And the cliffhangers. Don\\\'t get me started on the cliffhangers.
  • It was a great show and I must say that Larry Hagman portrayed that character that nobody in a way could've done. It was perfect timing.

    For those of you who haven't watched or heard of Dallas, you can now get the 1st 3 series on DVD. In them, have a lot of episodes, from the 1st marriage to the 1st barbeque and the most important part of the storyline is "Who Shot JR"? It's excellent!!
  • Great night soap opera.

    I have to admit I came in late on this show, well after JR was shot. But once I got hooked I was hooked until the end. I think Larry Hagman\'s greatest perfomance was in Dallas. He sure was no Tony in this show. He created a classic love to hate character.
  • Awesome writing and acting in this show.

    For the 14 seasons that it ran on CBS-TV(1978-1992),"Dallas" was an American institution of television bliss. The show itself has stood the test of time and one of the longest-running prime time shows in the history of television. "Dallas" is second to shows that have been around longer,but it still holds its ground to classic shows like "Bonanza"(NBC,1959-1973),"Gunsmoke"(CBS,1955-1975),"Ozzie and Harriett"(ABC,1953-1966),"Lassie"(CBS,1954-1971),"Murder,She Wrote"(CBS,1981-1996),and "Knots Landing"(CBS,1979-1993) for longetivity. Only two other shows had match its longest streak,"The Simpsons",and the cop show "Law and Order" are on the same level as Dallas,but both are nearing their series completion.

    Only "Gunsmoke",and "The Ed Sullivan Show",were on for over 20 years and these have been the longest-running shows ever to run on television.

    Once the show unfolded every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on CBS-TV,you knew what to expect or what would be the unexpected. Viewers were glued to their sets to see what surprises would occur within the Ewing family. They were shocked to find out who J.R. would con,how Bobby would uphold the honor and tradition of the family name,and what would Sue Ellen do for another drink,and how far will Lucy(the baby of the family)go to find a love or end up in a turbulant relationship since she was always into something. Viewers were also introduced to new characters on the show that were involving in the scandals,backstabbing,and total bitchery that were inflicted in the goings on within the Ewing household.

    The episode that everyone will remember will be the one where the question was answered,"Who Shot J.R.?",remains to this day one of the most watched shows in television history. They was always something going on within the show,with great characters,great stories,you knew this show was a prime time gem and a huge ratings winner for CBS. After the series when off the air,three TV-movies related to Dallas were featured including one where the origins of Jock Ewing were revealed and how he mastered an Texas Empire.

    Its amazes me more that this show is not on anywhere these days,but it needs to be shown. Classic TV.

  • Romeo and Juliet in Texas

    Dallas was my "Can't miss" show. Every Friday night I tuned in to see what J.R. was up to next. For sure it was no good. I watched this show before the "Who shot J.R." flap. There has never been a show like this and there will never be another one like it.