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  • But possibly overrated

    Dallas is one of those shows that I have only personally ever caught in reruns and therefore was not swept up in the hype it created during the 1980s. This allows me to be objective and unsentimental.

    While the show had some fantastic stand out episodes and characters, overall as a product it was lacking from the second season onwards and this can be attributed greatly to pace. Stories which should have been wrapped up much earlier than they were dragged on in a very repetitive daytime soap style e.g. Jenna Wade's murder trial or the BD Calhoun saga. The pace problem can also be applied to episodes themselves. Often the beginning and climax were gripping but there were lulls in the middle -- JR and Cliff making snide comments at the Oil Baron's Club may have been enjoyable on occasion but when a weekly occurrence becomes incredibly grating.

    Too much emphasis was placed on JR and although he proved extraodinarily popular, Larry Hagman could not carry the show alone, nor should he have been given producer power in later seasons. The notion that JR should always win and be front and centre left the women with very little to do. Pam, Donna and Miss Ellie all purported to be strong but in reality there was no room for female story in Dallas which hindered it severely.
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