Season 12 Episode 5

Road Work

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 02, 1988 on CBS

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  • J.R.'s Hell.

    At long last, this season is picking up pace. Some of the shows best scenes were in this episode.

    If Sue Ellen and Jeremy Wendell knew what was happening to J.R, I am sure they woudn’t need to paln revenge. J.R. is in hell. After sentencing for ten years to a prison in the middle of nowhere, he is kidnapped by Cally’s brothers.Can life have got any worse for him? It’s an amazing story line and very unexpected. J.R. is in jail. In Dallas, J.R. had power and wealth to escape jail, this time he is alone. Only lick will save him.

    We have seen a dead body and people falling into Dallas' swimming pools, seeing Casey and Lucy kissing underwater were fantastic. It is great see to people enjoying themselves amidst the present turmol at Southfork.