Dallas - Season 10

CBS (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • 5/15/87
    Jenna gives birth; Christopher learns of his adoption; J.R. and Bobby continue negotiations with the Justice Department; Mrs. Scottfield and Jeremy Wendell reveal their plans; Sue Ellen and Mandy fight over J.R.; Pam receives wonderful medical news, and races toward home to tell Bobby
  • Two-Fifty
    Episode 28
    Miss Ellie has to deal with the thought of losing both Clayton and the family company at the same time; Jeremy Wendell continues to force Mrs. Scottfield's cooperation; Bobby and J.R. go to Washington to try to keep Ewing Oil alive; Cliff is suspicious of Pam's loyalties
  • 5/1/87
    J.R. acquires Bobby, Ray, and Miss Ellie's shares of Ewing Oil, and is tested for loyalty by Sue Ellen; April seeks revenge for past wrongs against her; Clayton confronts J.R.
  • Ruthless People
    Episode 26
    Jeremy Wendell seeks revenge after J.R. and April screw him out of 5% of Ewing Oil; Mandy returns to be the Valentine Girl, but is actually after more; the family is outraged over J.R.'s ties to terrorists; Ray attends his child's birth
  • War and Peace
    Episode 25
    Pam accuses Cliff of having a revenge obsession against the Ewings; a court rules in the matter of Jamie's 10% share of Ewing Oil; Ray adjusts to life with Jenna and Charlie; Mrs. Scottfield furthers her plot against Ewing Oil; Sue Ellen wants Mandy back at Valentine
  • Some Good, Some Bad
    Episode 24
    J.R. and Bobby receive surprising help towards getting Jamie's 10% of Ewing Oil; Cliff is questioned in Jamie's death and Pam learns of his shady deal with Jeremy Wendell; a visit to Ray's house leaves Bobby stunned
  • 3/13/87
    J.R. seeks to get Cliff blamed for Jamie's death and acquire her 10% of Ewing Oil at the same time; Cliff seeks money to pay back Jeremy Wendell, as Pam's doubts about their relationship continue; Donna grows cold towards Senator Dowling
  • Revenge of the Nerd
    Episode 22
    Cliff claims he'll own Jamie's 10% of Ewing Oil, setting off J.R. into accusing Pam of plotting with her brother; Ray decides how to best handle his divorce from Donna; Miss Ellie snaps over the continued unrest at Southfork
  • 2/20/87
    Jamie's death puts ownership of 10% of Ewing Oil into question; Ray ponders smearing Donna during divorce proceedings; J.R. and April search for Jack; Sue Ellen gets a new Valentine Girl for her Dallas store
  • Olio
    Episode 20
    J.R. recuperates from the shooting, with Bobby filling in as head of Ewing Oil; Cliff demands to know where Pam's loyalties lay; Donna and Senator Dowling grow closer; Charlie wonders why Ray is staying away from her and her mother
  • 2/6/87
    J.R. and Bobby take their families to California in attempt to avoid Calhoun's wrath; Cliff's risky deal with Jeremy Wendell continues; Donna is courted further by Senator Dowling; Miss Ellie and Clayton begin to reconnect
  • Cat and Mouse
    Episode 18
    J.R. confesses to Bobby about the B.D. Calhoun situation; Ray goes to Washington to be with a hospitalized Donna, but is miffed when Senator Dowling comes to visit; Sue Ellen is feared to have begun drinking again when she doesn't make it home one night; Cliff proceeds with Jeremy's plan
  • Night Visitor
    Episode 17
    J.R.'s anxiety makes Bobby suspicious he's done something to put the family in danger; Cliff decides on Jeremy Wendell's proposal; April continues to seek her old share of Ewing Oil; Ray wants custody of he and Donna's child
  • Tick, Tock
    Episode 16
    Bobby feels Pam is overprotective of Christopher; Jeremy Wendell continues his plot to take down Ewing Oil; Ray and Clayton team in a horse-cutting business, each looking to forget their woes; Calhoun makes contact with Sue Ellen, who's unaware of his true identity
  • So Shall Ye Reap
    Episode 15
    With Cliff waffling over his offer, Jeremy Wendell seeks to team with April Stevens; J.R. hopes to contain the situation with B.D. Calhoun; with her pregnancy making things increasingly tense, Jenna tries to cut ties to Bobby
  • The Fire Next Time
    Episode 14
    Clayton goes on a hunt for Wes Parmalee; Donna comes to a decision about her marriage to Ray; Jeremy Wendell makes an offer to Cliff; J.R. thinks the Middle East situation has calmed
  • Bar-B-Cued
    Episode 13
    The turmoil over Wes Parmalee finds J.R. and Clayton finding common ground; Bobby arrives with the truth about Wes, but someone beats him to telling Miss Ellie; Donna meets a charming senator; Pam forms a partnership with Cliff; Jack surprises Jamie
  • 12/5/86
    Bobby returns to Jock's crash site to seek evidence to disprove Wes' claim; J.R., warned by the CIA, tries to disassociate himself from B.D. Calhoun; Donna's lobbying in Washington continues; Miss Ellie remains undecided on Wes
  • Proof Positive
    Episode 11
    Wes offers to take a lie detector test to prove he's Jock; Jenna is taken aback by an offer from Pam; April continues to look for a way to cash in off of Jack; Sue Ellen applies more pressure to J.R.
  • 11/21/86
    Clayton feels he's fighting a losing battle with Jock's ghost for Miss Ellie; Sue Ellen looks to make a movie about her life with J.R.; Wes makes his claim public at the Oil Baron's Ball
  • Bells Are Ringing
    Episode 9
    News of Jenna's pregnancy with Bobby's baby interrupts the wedding; banks' fears over Wes' claim make them freeze Ewing Oil's credit; April plots against Jack; J.R. continues his scheme to raise the price of oil
  • 11/7/86
    Bobby and Pam's wedding day arrives, with Ray making a startling announcement; Wes corners Miss Ellie into having a meeting; J.R. tries to get Jenna to the wedding
  • 10/31/86
    Wes' claim of being Jock is investigated; Cliff is interested in April's share of Ewing Oil; Jenna worries endless arguing with Charlie are affecting her health; Sue Ellen and Mandy continue embarrassing J.R.; Donna worries Ray is cheating on her
  • Trompe L'Oeil
    Episode 6
    Miss Ellie reveals Wes' claim of being Jock; Pam and Bobby's wedding preparations continue; Jack's ex-wife, April, comes to Dallas; J.R. starts expanding Ewing Oil; Sue Ellen's revenge continues
  • Enigma
    Episode 5
    Wes makes a stunning claim to Miss Ellie; Donna is shocked when she calls home from Washington; Ewing Oil seeks a loan; J.R. uncovers some of Sue Ellen's treachery
  • 10/10/86
    J.R. tries to save the oil industry amid growing restlessness over Sue Ellen's lingerie business; Miss Ellie makes a startling discovery in Wes' belongings; Cliff zeroes in on getting a share of Ewing Oil; Charlie continues her rebellious ways
  • Pari Per Sue
    Episode 3
    Sue Ellen decides to embarrass J.R.; Wes Parmalee begins asking questions and seems oddly familiar to Miss Ellie; Donna's lobbying further strains her marriage to Ray; Cliff wants Jack's piece of Ewing Oil
  • 9/26/86
    J.R hopes to get Donna away from Dallas; Jenna has problems with Charlie; a disaster strikes Ewing 12; Sue Ellen tracks J.R. and Mandy; a new ranch hand is hired at Southfork
  • 9/26/86
    Pam's stunned to find Bobby alive in her shower, the events from his death onward all a dream; J.R. seeks to divorce Sue Ellen; Cliff tries to unite independent oil companies; Ray and Donna's marital strife continues
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