Dallas - Season 11

CBS (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • 5/13/88
    Clayton intervenes on Sue Ellen's behalf to help her get John Ross; Lucy meets Casey Denault; Ray and Jenna ponder their future together; Jordan Lee claims to have seen Pam; J.R. and Nicholas Pearce get into a violent struggle over Sue Ellen in a high-rise condo
  • Lucy and Jenna return to Southfork; Sue Ellen tries to get John Ross from J.R.'s clutches; April and Cliff team with Casey Denault; Kay is hesitant to leave Washington for Dallas; Bobby makes progress in being allowed to use the Ewing name for business
  • Pillow Talk
    Episode 28
    J.R. vows revenge for Sue Ellen screwing him out of Weststar; Bobby and Kay try to keep their relationship alive; Ray tries to cut Connie loose; Miss Ellie decides how to handle Clayton; Cliff offers a gas field to Jeremy Wendell
  • Top Gun
    Episode 27
    Cliff's drug addiction worsens; J.R. eagerly prepares to run Weststar, not aware of the surprise that awaits him; Bobby feels Kay's career is more important to her than he; Laurel tells Clayton about the blackmail scheme
  • 4/8/88

    J.R. uncovers crucial evidence in Clayton's homicide case; Kimberly seeks to stop the Weststar takeover bid; Ray goes out with Connie; Casey Denault tries to partner with Cliff; Bobby and Kay continue their relationship

  • Never Say Never
    Episode 25
    J.R. moves in on Laurel Ellis as the rest of the family rallies around Clayton; Sue Ellen becomes suspicious of Nicholas Pearce; Kay introduces Bobby to a powerful senator
  • Dead Reckoning
    Episode 24
    Bobby continues his romance with Kay; Jenna has second thoughts about sending Charlie to boarding school; Ray helps a woman in distress; Cliff and Casey Denault meet; Clayton tries to explain Laurel Ellis to Miss Ellie; Nicholas Pearce warns away April
  • To Have and to Hold
    Episode 23
    April's apartment is invaded; Miss Ellie finally confronts Clayton; Cliff self-medicates; Charlie faces repercussions from her actions; J.R. asks Ray to buy into Weststar; Kay Lloyd comes to Dallas to see Bobby
  • Crime Story
    Episode 22
    April is intimidated by Nicholas' thugs; J.R. wants Cliff to keep his Weststar holdings; Bobby mixes business with pleasure with Kay Lloyd; Laurel is begged to return to England; Miss Ellie visits Lucy; Clayton faces blackmail; Charlie's misbehavior continues
  • Malice in Dallas
    Episode 21
    Christopher's custody trial arrives; April finds Nicholas' real identity, but someone else pays a price; Miss Ellie has trouble coping with Clayton's actions; Charlie's scholastic performance worries Jenna and Ray
  • Farlow's Follies
    Episode 20
    Miss Ellie reacts to Clayton's indiscretions; Kimberly and J.R. try to pull the trigger on their scheme; Ray and Jenna try to work with Charlie; April reveals being blackmailed to Bobby
  • The Best Laid Plans
    Episode 19
    Sue Ellen proposes working with Bobby against J.R.; Charlie seeks assistance in dealing with Ray; Laurel Ellis' ex-boyfriend comes to Dallas; Christopher's custody trial may be cancelled
  • Brotherly Love
    Episode 18
    Bobby's rage over J.R.'s treachery frightens the family; Sue Ellen and Nicholas Pearce grow closer; Casey Denault asks out Sly; Charlie and Ray have another falling out; Clayton tries to make-up to Miss Ellie
  • Anniversary Waltz
    Episode 17
    J.R. hits a snag in trying to reacuire Ewing Oil; April's investigator worries about Nicholas' mob connection; Clayton's preoccupation with Laurel Ellis begins affecting him; Bobby discovers the true source of the custody battle
  • 1/15/88
    Rays tries to make headway in relating to Charlie; Kimberly's concerned J.R. may not be as serious about leaving Sue Ellen as he says; Clayton dines with the painting model; April and Bobby date; Lisa Alden wants Cliff to help her get Christopher
  • It's Me Again
    Episode 15
    J.R. wants Kimberly to prove herself if he's to leave Sue Ellen; Jenna may not be over Bobby; Clayton meets the model from the painting; Charlie is again caught fooling around with Randy; Nicholas Pearce embezzles from Sue Ellen; Cliff receives a buyout offer
  • 12/18/87
    Christopher and Bobby are stressed over his adoption, but for different reasons; Ray admonishes Charlie's boyfriend; Cliff's natural gas operation hits a snag; Sue Ellen tries to make J.R. jealous; a painting model piques Clayton's interest
  • 12/11/87
    Bobby prepares to fight Lisa's lawsuit; Sue Ellen dines with the Cryders; Casey Denault plots against J.R.; Charlie gets busted with her boyfriend; Miss Ellie gets involved with charity
  • Brothers and Sons
    Episode 12
    Ray asks Bobby to be his best man; Christopher finds out he's Lucas' half-brother; fireworks erupt at the Ewing barbecue; April meets a roadblock in investigating Nicholas Pearce; Lisa Alden springs a surprise
  • 11/27/87
    Dandy Dandridge reacts violently when Cliff shuts down their drilling; Lisa stalks Christopher; Ray worries Bobby doesn't want him to marry Jenna; Sue Ellen discovers J.R. has once again been unfaithful
  • Bedtime Stories
    Episode 10
    Ray and Jenna announce their engagement; Cliff decides enough is enough with Dandy Dandridge; Bobby cuts ties with Lisa Alden; J.R. pursues Kimberly Cryder and revenge against Weststar
  • Hustling
    Episode 9
    Bobby is stunned by Christopher's reaction to Pam's divorce filing; April looks into Nicholas Pearce; J.R. has a run-in with Kimberly Cryder; Jenna decides on Ray's proposal; Cliff continues to placate Dandy Dandridge
  • Mummy's Revenge
    Episode 8
    Clayton's heart problem lands him in the hospital; Casey Denault tires of his relationship with Marilee Stone; Sue Ellen decides about taking April on as a partner; J.R. investigates Wilson Cryder's wife; Bobby receives a surprise from Pam
  • 10/30/87
    Bobby and Christopher take a liking to Lisa Alden, while Jenna and Ray grow closer; Clayton's heart is still a source of concern for Miss Ellie; J.R. gets dirt on Weststar and meets Nicholas Pearce; Cliff tries to appease Dandy Dandridge
  • Tough Love
    Episode 6
    Bobby is left to explain to Christopher why Pam has disappeared, while Jenna reaches out to him; Dandy has a surprise for Cliff; Nicholas Pearce proposes Sue Ellen work with April; J.R. gets information on Wilson Cryder from Serena
  • The Lady Vanishes
    Episode 5
    The search for Pam begins, with Bobby and Cliff teaming to discover exactly what's happened; Nicholas Pearce ramps up his plan for Valentine Lingerie; Serena Ward returns to town, seeking help from J.R.; Jenna ponders her future with Ray
  • Gone with the Wind
    Episode 4
    Bobby his a specialist for Pam; Nicolas Pearce and Sue Ellen take a business trip; J.R. pushes Casey Denault to action; Cliff looks for Dandy
  • The Son Also Rises
    Episode 3
    Desperate to see his mother, Christopher runs away; Charlie wants Jenna and Ray to marry; J.R. meets a potential business partner; Clayton continues to quarrel with Miss Ellie about his activity level
  • 9/25/87
    Cliff meets Dandy Dandridge, who reminds him of Digger; J.R. obtains Pam's will to plan in case she dies, while April lends Bobby her support; Sue Ellen is approached with help for her business; Miss Ellie feels Clayton is overexerting himself
  • 9/25/87
    Pam is rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns, leaving Bobby grief-stricken; J.R. starts J.R.E. Inudstries; Jenna enjoys her new baby; Cliff worries he's let down the memory of Digger