Dallas - Season 12

CBS (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Reel Life
    Episode 26
    Back in Dallas, Bobby and April continue seeing each other, though someone is out to frighten her; Carter McKay is warmly welcomed back at Weststar; Miss Ellie is puzzled by a birthday card addressed to Jock; Sue Ellen warns Cally she'll have to fight to make her marriage work; Sue Ellen threatens J.R. that she'll release her movie if he crosses her again... or anyone elsemoreless
  • Mission to Moscow
    Episode 25
    Bobby and J.R. head to Moscow to learn more about the dealings in Europe; Clayton is helped with his faulty memory; Sue Ellen finds revisting the past tougher than she envisioned; Cliff again tries to commit to Afton; Cally and Vanessa Beaumont meet
  • 5/5/89
    Vanessa Beaumont offers herself to J.R.; Bobby is busy with April's surprise visit; Cliff suspects Afton's daughter is also his; Sue Ellen and Lockwood spend time with John Ross so they can get better acquainted; Clayton is still not himself
  • The Sound of Money
    Episode 23
    Bobby and J.R. turn down an offer to buy Ewing Oil; Cliff proposes to Afton; Cally proves too much for J.R., who also runs into an old flame; Clayton's forgetfulness continues; Sue Ellen has concerns about who else will be hurt if she follows through with her movie
  • Yellow Brick Road
    Episode 22
    J.R., Bobby, and Cally arrive in Salzburg for business and pleasure; Sue Ellen's movie is set to shoot; Cliff and Afton see more of each other; Carter McKay claims to want peace; Clayton is injured
  • And Away We Go!
    Episode 21
    Tracey Lawton leaves to take care of a recovering Tommy McKay; J.R. and Cally rope Helstrom into a compromising situation at a Western bar; Bobby sees April in the hospital; Sue Ellen cast the role of J.R. in her movie; Afton returns
  • April Showers
    Episode 20
    Cally wants to improve her speech; Sue Ellen starts casting her movie; April admits she has feeling for Bobby; drug dealers are after Tommy McKay, increasing his desperation; Ewing Oil has a major new deal in the works, placating Cliff's anger at J.R.'s return
  • Three Hundred
    Episode 19
    Sue Ellen has second thoughts about her movie plans; Tommy McKay desperately needs $100,000, and April suffers from it; fate lands Bobby and J.R. in a situation where they're forced to hash out their differences
  • The Serpent's Tooth
    Episode 18
    Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood keep seeing each other; J.R. seeks information on Weststar's dealings, hoping to get back into Ewing Oil; Bobby and Tracey Lawton's relationship starts suffering; Christopher is jealous of the time Cally spends with John Ross
  • The Way We Were
    Episode 17
    Cally tries to keep Bobby and J.R. on good terms each another after they have yet another quarrel; Sue Ellen grows closer to Don Lockwood, and is pressured to begin production on her film; Tommy McKay gets involved with drugs; Cliff has questions for April
  • Wedding Bell Blues
    Episode 16
    J.R. and Cally marry at Southfork, though a tornado threatens the ceremony; Cliff opening a letter for J.R. triggers a massive brawl; Sue Ellen has Don Lockwood come to Southfork for film research; Lucy tries to steer Tracey Lawton away from Bobby
  • Country Girl
    Episode 15
    Miss Ellie and Clayton come back home; Cally reaches an understanding with John Ross, and makes a surprise announcement; Tommy McKay makes advances on April; with Don Lockwood, Sue Ellen continues planning a movie to embarrass J.R.
  • Comings and Goings
    Episode 14
    Sue Ellen plans her first movie, teaming with Don Lockwood and Lucy; Cally becomes a hero at Southfork; J.R. stymies Bobby and Cliff's dealings; Tommy McKay arrives in Dallas
  • He-e-ere's Papa!
    Episode 13
    Cally demands a real wedding to be held at Southfork; J.R. is pressed for answers in Nicholas Pearce's death; Cliff investigates a real estate deal; Bobby hopes Christopher will like Tracey, who starts working at Weststar
  • The Switch
    Episode 12
    Cally looks to Sue Ellen for advice on dealing with J.R.; Bobby asks Carter McKay what he's up to; Cliff thinks April's working against Ewing Oil; Nicholas Pearce's father investigate his death
  • The Two Mrs. Ewings
    Episode 11
    J.R. seeks a way out of his marriage to Cally; Sue Ellen considers entering the movie business; Weststar's new chairman is announced at the Oil Baron's Ball; Bobby and Cliff pursue a deal in Louisiana
  • The Sting
    Episode 10
    Miss Ellie agrees to sell a tract of Southfork to Carter McKay; April and Lucy plot against Casey Denault; Sue Ellen has words with Jeremy Wendell; J.R. receives unwelcome visitors in his office and at Southfork
  • Counter Attack
    Episode 9
    The range war with Carter McKay gets increasingly bloody; April outmaneuvers Casey Denault; Sue Ellen fears she's lost John Ross for good; J.R. seeks help in dealing with his Haleyville ordeal
  • Deception
    Episode 8
    Southfork is under lockdown with the Carter McKay situation brewing; J.R. inquires about his rights as a fugitive; Jeremy Wendell wants Sue Ellen to seek revenge; Tracey opens up to Bobby; April and Lucy meet
  • 12/16/88
    J.R. offers Cally a new life if he can leave Haleyville; the tensions between Southfork and McKay escalate to new highs; Sue Ellen and Jeremy Wendell continue their relationship, while Bobby and Tracey Lawton do the same; Cliff's joining Ewing Oil shocks Dallas
  • J.R. escapes from jail, but at a price; Ray returns from Europe; Clayton and Miss Ellie seek a solution to Carter McKay's dam; Sue Ellen plots with Jeremy Wendell; Casey Denault pressures Lucy for sex; Bobby continues seeing Tracey Lawton
  • Road Work
    Episode 5
    Cliff makes a decision on Bobby's offer to join Ewing Oil; a river running through Southfork runs dry; J.R. tries to escape Haleyville's prison; Jeremy Wendell pursues Sue Ellen
  • 11/18/88
    J.R. is accused of raping Cally. Bobby makes a surprising offer for partnership in Ewing Oil. Clayton and Carter face a water shortage on their ranches. Sue Ellen completes her divorce from J.R.
  • 11/11/88
    The Ewing men go on a backwoods hunting trip, where J.R. takes a liking to Cally Harper, a local waitress; Cliff offers Jordan Lee a deal on Barnes/Wentworth; Casey hits oil
  • No Greater Love
    Episode 2
    Clayton offers Bobby a refinery deal; Cliff wants out of the oil business; Mitch wants Lucy to come back to Atlanta; J.R. comes back to Southfork; Clayton introduces Miss Ellie to Carter McKay; Sue Ellen buys a house
  • Carousel
    Episode 1
    J.R. is hospitalized after his shooting by Sue Ellen, who considers filing murder charges against J.R. for Nicholas' death while facing attempted murder charges herself for J.R.'s shooting; Colorado rancher Carter McKay meets Clayton and inquires about purchasing Ray's ranch; Cliff and April search for Pam; Bobby and Jeremy Wendell have words.moreless