Dallas - Season 6

CBS (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Ewing Inferno
    Episode 28
    J.R. deduces Holly's desire to pay him in installments is the work of Bobby; Pam seeks a divorce; Aunt Lil thinks it may have been better had Mickey died in the accident; Clayton wants Miss Ellie to travel with him; a fight between Ray and J.R. starts a fire at Southforkmoreless
  • Penultimate
    Episode 27
    Mickey is left comatose by the car accident; Bobby blames Holly and Clayton blames J.R. for starting Sue Ellen drinking again, while Lucy blames Sue Ellen for Mickey's condition; J.R. offers Holly to buy him out of her company; Mark seeks a commitment from Pam
  • J.R.'s infidelity sends Sue Ellen off the wagon; Miss Ellie wants to know if Clayton has feelings for Sue Ellen; Pam returns from France demanding to know Bobby's relationship to Katherine; Cliff still won't let Bobby have the needed drill bit
  • Tangled Web
    Episode 25
    In Cuba, J.R. goes to great lengths to get his $40 million; Katherine confronts Cliff about the drill bit Bobby needs; Miss Ellie confronts Clayton about his relationship with Sue Ellen; Ray tells Aunt Lil that Jock was his father, not Amos; Mark and Pam start to get intimate.
  • Cuba Libre
    Episode 24
    J.R. must go to Cuba to reclaim his money; Katherine takes advantage of Mark and Pam's French vacation to move on Bobby; Aunt Lil visits Mickey; Sue Ellen tries to deny J.R.'s affair with Holly
  • Hell Hath No Fury
    Episode 23
    J.R. seeks permission to travel to Cuba; Holly looks to damage J.R. and Sue Ellen's marriage; Lucy reenters the modelling world; weather threatens Bobby's Canadian venture, while Ray offers his assistance in the fight for Ewing Oil; Clayton and Ellie continue their relationship
  • The Sting
    Episode 22
    Bobby and Ray are able to halt J.R.'s Cuban oil deal, leaving Walt and Holly hurt and vowing revenge; Bobby warns Mark away from Pam; Mickey and Lucy share their first kiss; Katherine wants to help J.R. fight Cliff
  • 3/4/83
    Bobby and Ray seek to halt J.R.'s deal to ship oil to Cuba; Sue Ellen worries her personal life could hamper J.R. if he enters politics; Donna thinks greed is motivating Mickey's interest in Lucy; Cliff rebounds from Rebecca's death
  • 2/25/83
    Katherine schemes to get Bobby where he'll see Pam with Mark Graison; Holly isn't pleased with J.R.'s Caribbean oil dealings; Clayton sells the Southern Cross and moves closer to Southfork
  • Legacy
    Episode 19
    Pam leaves Southfork, giving J.R. an opportunity to further alienate her from Bobby; Rebecca's will is read; Lucy and Mickey grow closer; J.R. advances a deal in the Caribbean and a deal with Bobby over the battle for Ewing Oil; Clayton admits he's dating Miss Ellie
  • Requiem
    Episode 18
    Rebecca fights for life after the plane crash, as Cliff and Pam pray for recovery; the TEC reconsiders J.R.'s drilling variance
  • Crash of '83
    Episode 17
    Bobby blackmails Hicks to stop J.R.; J.R. worries Clayton will undermine his standing with Miss Ellie; Mickey and Lucy grow closer
  • A Ewing is a Ewing
    Episode 16
    Cliff wants to get J.R. running for office, and out of the oil business; Mark maintains interest in Pam; Miss Ellie vacations in Galveston; Bobby suspects J.R. has the TEC in his pocket
  • The Reckoning
    Episode 15
    The battle over Jock's will goes to court; J.R. hopes to use Mark Graison to put a rift between Pam and Bobby
  • The Ewing Blues
    Episode 14
    Miss Ellie is conflicted over contesting Jock's will; Pam meets Mark Graison; Donna considers leaving the TEC; Holly wants to end her partnership with J.R.
  • Mama Dearest
    Episode 13
    Bobby and J.R. are upset over Miss Ellie's plan to contest Jock's will; Afton pressures Cliff for a commitment; J.R.'s cheap gasoline makes headlines
  • Barbecue Three
    Episode 12
    Cliff and the Cartel confront J.R. at the annual Ewing barbecue; Miss Ellie decides to take action against the disastrous effect Jock's will is having on the family
  • Post Nuptial
    Episode 11
    Cliff gets into a fight with J.R.; Donna worries being on the TEC will cause more family tension; Bobby thinks J.R. is engaged in illegal oil sales
  • The Wedding
    Episode 10
    J.R. and Sue Ellen's wedding day arrives; Ray doesn't want Mickey to get involved with Lucy; the Cartel wants J.R. to stop over-producing crude; Donna makes a decision on the offer to serve on the Texas Energy Commission
  • Fringe Benefits
    Episode 9
    Afton and Sue Ellen try to help their men get a lucrative refinery contract; J.R. doesn't care to see Miss Ellie socializing with men; Pam begs Bobby to end the contest for Ewing Oil, fearing it's tearing the family apart
  • The Ewing Touch
    Episode 8
    J.R. gets underhanded in acquiring a drilling variance and competing with Bobby; Christopher's adoption is finalized; Cliff feels Pamela should help his company, not Ewing Oil; Mickey continues to disappoint Ray
  • Hit and Run
    Episode 7
    With Cliff taking over Barnes-Wentworth, Pam feels more torn than ever between the Barnes and Ewing families; J.R. goes to great lengths to get a drilling variance; Lucy proceeds with her divorce; Ray is displeased with Mickey's behavior
  • Aftermath
    Episode 6
    J.R. and Bobby begin the contest for control of Ewing Oil; a plot for revenge sees Rebecca buy an oil company
  • Jock's Will
    Episode 5
    Jock's will reveals the fate of Ewing Oil; Ray invites Mickey to Southfork; Pam wants to get Lucy working again; J.R. and Sue Ellen decide on a wedding date
  • The Big Ball
    Episode 4
    J.R., still running Harwood Oil, hopes the Jock Ewing Scholarship will lead to him being declared legally dead; Dusty wants to know if he and Sue Ellen could have a future; Ray and Donna attend Amos' funeral
  • 10/15/82
    J.R.'s eager to get Jock's will executed and has the IRS visit Bobby; Lucy deals with her pregnancy; Miss Ellie decides she'll reenter the social scene at the Oil Barons Ball; Ray learns of Amos' death
  • 10/8/82
    J.R. plots to get an early look at Jock's will; Lucy reveals her pregnancy to Pam; Sue Ellen contemplates if she really wants to marry J.R.; Cliff is offered a job by Marilee Stone; Ray gets word of Amos Krebbs' declining health
  • 10/1/82
    J.R. is removed as Ewing Oil president and learns he's not Christopher's father; a comatose Cliff fights for his life; Lucy awaits pregnancy test results; Holly Harwood meets Bobby and makes J.R. an offer