Season 10 Episode 15

So Shall Ye Reap

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 02, 1987 on CBS

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  • The Adventure Continues.

    This episode continues to lay the ground work for future episodes. Every character has a role to play, from Ray Kerbs wanting to have parental rights, to Sue Ellen building her lingerie empire.

    Ray Kerbs visits a lawyer to discuss parental rights. He will discover, that he has very little legal rights.

    Ray’s passion is to raise his kid in Texas and not in a city such as Washington DC. Ray wants his child to live in rural Texas not an urban city where community spirit and values are lacking. He wants his kid to have values that go beyond wealth and power.

    Wedell waits in his limousine as he picks up April on the kerb. Fantastic!A prelude to how far April is willing to receive a stake in Ewing oil? Why do limousines always look bigger on the outside than they are inside?

    The talking point is Calhoun. How will he ruin JR Ewing? How will JR deal with this latest crisis? JR remained calm on discovering Gordon dead in his office but his mask is slipping. He will have to disclose this new threat with Bobby. A fine example to the many faces of JR Ewing.