Season 3 Episode 6

The Dove Hunt

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 26, 1979 on CBS

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  • Good, but not the best.

    This episode is mostly about Jock, J.R., Bobby and Ray going hunting and Miss Elie's fear of having breast cancer.

    Most of the episode though is about an old enemy of Jock's, that tries to kill him. There is a lot of boom-boom, adventure and agony in this episode, that was probably written as a way to try and enhance male viewers. The writing is always good, and the scenes seem to interact, but this doesn't mean this episode is what makes "DALLAS", "DALLAS". "DALLAS" is about the inner workings of a rich family, their fights, loves, passions, betrays... AND the oil business. Jock-pistolero is NOT "DALLAS".

    This whole episode would feel like a filler, but, in fact, is NOT. What saves it is that the four men going to hunt is because Miss Ellie "manipulated" them into going (so that Jock doesn't find out about her fears of having a tumor) and to introduce, in an unexpected and original way, Jock's former wife, Amanda.

    Jock was once married to a girl named Amanda, but she was mentally unstable and he had to put her in a mental hospital. He has been paying her expenses since then, but hasn't actually seen her since he got married to Miss Ellie. When he got shot, he realized that everybody ultimately dies, so he confided about Amanda to J.R. and asked him to put up a trust fund for her as soon as they reach Dallas and Southfork. Unfortunately, J.R. doesn't seem to like the idea too much.

    Also, Pam worries about Miss Ellie's constant visits to her doctor, but Miss Ellie blames it all on age. Pam asks her again, but M.E. STILL won't confide in her about her problems.

    BUT, the whole story about Jock's enemy is so completely a FILLER. What else could they have them do in order to stay away? They fought, with guns and fists, got shot, stole a car, fought again and went back to Dallas. What a USUAL day!