Season 12 Episode 16

Wedding Bell Blues

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 24, 1989 on CBS

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  • J.R. and Cally wedding day is marred by a bad thunderstorm, Sue Ellen's attendance, Cliff and Bobby's learning of J.R.'s manipulations, and Tommy McKay's rages.


    This was one of the better episodes of the late seasons. J.R. and Cally get married at a grand party, but a bad storm cuts the reception short, forces basically every main character to spend the night at southfork (including the bride and groom). Sue Ellen attends the wedding and is a nagging thorn in J.R.'s side, plus Cliff's discovery of J.R.'s Ellis County land deal is pivotal and causes conflict. Tommy McKay tries to bed April in John Ross's room and then goes crazy. Don Lockwood gets the chance to sleep on the floor with Cliff Barnes, and gets a perspective on Cliff's past dealings with Sue Ellen. At the end Cally announces to J.R. that she lied about being pregnant. J.R., surprisingly, does not seem to mind.