Season 1 Episode 4

Winds of Vengeance

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 23, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Returning from a cattle deal in Waco, Ray and J.R. pick up two ladies, Wanda and Mary Lou, and spend the night with them. Shortly after Ray and J.R. have left the motel, Wanda's husband and brother find the two women. Luther Flick, Wanda's husband, believes Wanda has been raped and when he picks up J.R.'s business card from the floor, he vows to revenge the assault on his wife.

Texas is being threatened by a powerful storm. With all farmhands away for the Feast of San Antonio, Bobby is worried about the Ewing women being alone at Soutfork. Two strangers show up at the ranch, claiming their truck has broken down. In return for the Ewing hospitality they offer to help Ray and J.R. bringing in the cattle, out of the gathering storm. Ray hurts his knee falling off a horse and has to be taken back to the house. There the two men pull out guns and reveal themselves as Luther Frick and Payton Allen.

Bobby, still worried about the ladies, phones the house again. Pamela assures him that they are all okay, even adding that she and J.R. are about to play a game of backgammon. This remark strikes Bobby as unusual: Pamela doesn't like J.R. and can't play backgammon. He feels that Pamela was trying to suggest something is wrong, and so he and Jock decide to drive to the ranch, despite the storm.

Luther Frick is determined to make J.R. feel the same humiliation he felt when Wanda was raped. He takes Sue Ellen to the bedroom and forces her to put on the bathing suit she wore at the Miss Texas contest. During Luther's absence Payton Allen, Wanda's brother, tells Pamela that he knows Wanda wasn't raped at all; Wanda has a wild past. Back in de sitting room Luther makes Sue Ellen repeat the special talent that won her the contest. She hysterically tries to get through a song. Pamela can't stand the agony any longer and informs Frick that Wanda probably wasn't raped at all, a fact that Wanda's brother admitted himself. Although Luther starts to doubt their actions, Payton insists that one of the women should be raped now. His preferred victim is Lucy.

On their way to Southfork Bobby and Jock come across Luther's abandoned truck. When Bobby finds a map with Southfork clearly circled, he realizes the two men didn't arrive there by accident. They sneak into the house through the backdoor, free the tied up Ray and jump the two intruders. At first Jock wants to call the police but Miss Ellie, realizing that this might bring the entire truth out into the open, convinces him to let the men go. The episode ends with the humiliated but angry Sue Ellen walking past an embarassed J.R. and Ray.
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