Dalziel and Pascoe

Season 1 Episode 3

An Autumn Shroud

Aired Saturday 8:05 PM Mar 30, 1996 on BBC
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An Autumn Shroud
The wedding bells ring out as Peter Pascoe finally walks down the aisle with Ellie. An Autumn Shroud sees the happy couple off on their honeymoon - leaving Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel with no one to torment. The lure of Lincolnshire - the wedding location - appeals and Dalziel sets off a holiday of his own. But it seems he just can't get away from death and intrigue. A flooded road, a stranded car - and his only means of rescue turns out to be a funeral flotilla passing by! The deceased is one Conrad Fielding whose beautiful widow Bonnie offers Dalziel a port in the storm until his car is mended. But all is far from well at the Fielding's beautiful but debt-laden country home Lake Housemoreless

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  • Dalziel can't even take a holiday without stumbling into murder.

    The wedding banquet was great, Dalziel's speech being the highlight of the occasion. It wasn't even really embarrassing, even though the comment about giving Pascoe a leg-over was hilarious. Ellie's suspicion and dislike towards Dalziel is kind of puzzling; Dalziel does seem to be genuinely happy that she and Peter were married, so why make all the annoyed quips about Fat Andy?

    With the Pascoes on their way to their honeymoon, Dalziel did look a bit lonely, and his decision to head out for a holiday fit perfectly.

    The people at the Lake House all seem eccentric, and the plan to open a Medieval Banqueting Hall seems exactly what they would do. Dalziel's suspicions start when he hears about Mr. Fielding's strange death, and for a while it looks like his suspicions are correct, but then the plot takes another turn. I especially like the fact that there's an investigation about the death insurance, but in the end, it's the fraud they haven't yet commited is the crime that explains everything.

    Dalziel finding the dead rat at the freezer was a great scene, as was his nosing around in the kitchen. He gets along with old Herry perfectly, and it's nice to see the protective side of him when he tries to make sure no one mistreats Herry because of the money.

    The romance between Dalziel and Bonnie is quite sudden, but it does seem plausible as something more than just a woman trying to protect her children by having sex with a cop. There are a lot of people involved in the mystery of the Lake Hall, but they all have their purpose and none of the characters are there just to fill a plothole. The local coppers are great as is Mr. Spinx.

    Seeing Dalziel dressed as Henry VIII was absolutely hilarious, and he seemed to love the playacting himself. Even though Ellie can't see it (and one can only guess what Pascoe thinks), Dalziel shows a lot of compassion towards the Fieldings in the ep. All the things he just suspects and cannot prove, he'll leave alone. Was glad to see Pascoe wasn't as annoyingly teenager-ish as he was in the previous episodes. No rolling eyes and making faces at Dalziel. :D

    All in all a good episode, even though the main characters spend a lot of time apart (it's basically a Dalziel ep). Dalziel starts looking more endearing (even with all the peeing at the riverside stuff and the bad jokes) and compassionate, which is nice, even though it's not a big surprise that the man actually has a big heart. The only thing that still bothers me is the chicken theft thing. Was Charlie the thief? They never really say, and I do wonder what did he do with the poor animals if he was.moreless
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Michael Coles


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