Dalziel and Pascoe

Season 7 Episode 5

Dialogues of the Dead Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:05 PM Dec 21, 2002 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • When Pomona closes the front door and Bowler leans his head against it on the other side, we can clearly see that it hasn't been shut properly. If he was to have leaned heavily on it he would have fallen into the house.

    • Sam: The second, B, Jax Ripley worked for the BBC didn't she.
      Pascoe: C for Cyril.
      Dalziel: I hope you're wrong Peter 'cause if you're not, the next victim's name begins with a D.

      How did Dalziel assume that the next victim's name would begin with a D. Yes it follows alphabetically but with A and B they were not names but AA man and BBC. C could have stood for Councillor. So the D could also have stood for anything, not just names.

  • Quotes

    • Pascoe: (Dalziel illegally kicks door in) Andy! Dalziel: You should know me by now Pete.

    • Wield: (To the twin actors after Bird's death) The show's been axed.

    • Dalziel: (As he and Pascoe look in two baskets) Dear oh dear! Pascoe: Bloody hell! Like his play two of everything. Dalziel: Doppled - man of many parts.

    • Pascoe: Bird was one of the judges? Wield: Yes sir and he could be a harsh judge of other people's work. Dalziel: How would you know? You won a prize, you can't complain!

    • Dalziel: Two of everything. What's your play about Noah's ark?

    • Dalziel: (To Bowler) Hey no drinking on duty lad. (Dalziel and Pascoe both pick up a glass each) Cheers!

    • Pascoe: (About fitness) I'm a copper, you spend all day on your arse. Sam: Wrong, chasing students aren't I.

    • Doctor James Ashurst: (About Dr Sam's body to Dalziel) Post mortem report will give us a better idea, but all we've got at the moment is a man with a heart condition looking like he died peacefully by his own fireside. God send us all such a nice exit. (Dalziel glares at him and motions to the mourning Pascoe) Right, we'll erm...we'll talk later.

    • Dalziel: System?
      Pascoe: Well the first was A, the AA man. Sam: The second B, Jax Ripley worked for the BBC didn't she.
      Pascoe: C for Cyril.
      Dalziel: I hope your wrong Peter, 'cause if you're not, the next victim's name begins with a D. (All of them look at Dalziel.)

    • Dalziel: (About Cllr. Steel) Tried giving the kiss of life did ya?
      Bowler: Yes Sir.
      Dalziel: Braver man than I am.

    • Dalziel: (About the male statue) I can see now why you called it Pan. Its got a very nice pipe.

    • Dalziel: (About sculpture of male body) So what would the title of this one be then, Elm disease? (Looks at Bowler) What? (Both laugh).

    • Dalziel: Who was it who said when he heard the word 'culture' he'd reach for his revolver? Someone with his head screwed on. Pascoe: Goering, Hitler's best friend.

    • Dalziel: If we (cops) murdered everyone who complained about us we'd be had up for genocide.

    • Dalziel: Get me a shark butty and make it snappy! (shark sandwich)

    • Dalziel: (About Cyril Steel) You don't want to get too close to him love, moths on his teeth and breath like a vegan's fart.

  • Notes

    • This story was adapted from the novel Dialogues of the Dead (2002) by Reginald Hill.

    • Although it is established that the killer is killing in a sort of alphabetical order, there also seems to be a theme of double letters. The AA man, who also had the initials A.A, BB from BBC, CC from Councillor Cyril, DD- Dick Dee. The winners of the story competition are EE, Edgar Wield (third) and Emily Witchurch (second) and also Francis Roote (first) - which are also in alphabetical order. They could also have been put in to be red herrings as to who would be the next victim.

  • Allusions

    • Dalziel: And these fancy doodles suggest he reckons he's a bit of a Rolf Harris.

      An Australian artist and TV presenter, tied mostly to the BBC doing popular programmes such as Animal Hospital.

    • Pomona: The wench is dead.
      Bowler: What?
      Pomona: Hamlet, its a play.

      Pomona is referring to the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare.

    • When Pascoe's friend Dr. Sam's body is found he has a book of Selected Poetry by Thomas Lovell Beddoes nearby. Beddoes wrote about death in his work.

    • Dalziel: Jax the Ripper.
      Dalziel compares Jax Ripley to the London serial killer, Jack the Ripper famously known for murdering prostitutes and whose identity is still unknown.

    • Ripley: At this rate you might even be up to the odd screenplay for the Teletubbies.
      This alludes to the children's programme shown by the BBC, which is about four beings with televisions in their stomachs. They are noted for their lack of speech and 'tubby toast.'

    • Dalziel: Ah, our Senior Citizen, Moby Dick.
      Dalziel compares DC George Headingly to the whale in literature that represented obsession.