Dalziel and Pascoe - Season 8

BBC (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Soft Touch
    Soft Touch
    Episode 4
    What is the connection between an unidentifiable corpse found drowned in the canal with a two-year-old AK47 bullet lodged in his spine and the murder of a wealthy, successful businessman who has just returned from Russia with a new order and a new Russian bride-to-be? This is the mystery that Dalziel and Pascoe must solve if they are to discover the murderer before Dalziel is moved sideways into a desk job to make way for "new blood". The strange thing about the case is that nobody seems particularly upset about the death of the businessman. As they probe deeper into the case all sorts of jealousies, money problems and family conflicts are exposed. Also, the factory staff is trying desperately to conceal various wrongdoings from the police. Eventually, the murder weapon is discovered and a suspect confesses to the crime but is she the real murderer?moreless
  • Great Escapes
    Great Escapes
    Episode 3
    Dalziel's car breaks down on the moors and unsurprisingly Pascoe won't come fetch him in the middle of the night
    Dalziel walks to a nearby pub and stays the night. The next morning he discovers a body while taking a walk and suddenly a bigger case unfolds.

    The landlord's son was convicted of murdering his wife but her body was never found. He has escaped while in transit and is expected to arrive at the pub to see his son.

    Suddenly the wife's body turns up, and it's clear it has been stored somewhere for a number of years. Dalziel does some digging and discovers the real murderer is much closer to home.moreless
  • The Price of Fame
    The Price of Fame
    Episode 2
    After a blow-up with a kidnapping suspect during a formal interview, Dalziel goes on a fortnight's enforced leave leaving him to ponder whether he will return at all. DI Pascoe and DS Milligan look into the death of Efrona Davis, whose body is washed up on shore.
  • The Price of Fame
    The Price of Fame
    Episode 2
    Dalziel is investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl who was addicted to the Internet. He gets rough with the only suspect they have and gets booted off the case.
    Efrona Davis, a popular entertainer at the Wayland Bay Holiday Village, is found dead on the beach. Was it jealousy? She had been voted the people's favourite week after week in the fly-on-the-wall TV docu-soap Wayland Baywatch.

    Pascoe takes the case as Dalziel is officially 'on leave' following a furious row with the Assistant Chief Constable about the case involving the abduction of 15-year-old Penny Wilson. However, Pascoe's assistant DS Hawes is more interested in investigating another case: £2 million worth of diamonds, which have gone missing together with their courier. Pascoe needs Dalziel and persuades the ACC to relent.

    Among Dalziel and Pascoe's suspects are Wayland's resident comic, Efrona's shady agent, and her father, a strict Presbyterian lay preacher who was ashamed of his flighty daughter. As the detectives finally make headway, not only does there appear to be a connection between Efrona's murder and the missing diamond heist, they manage to solve the Penny Wilson mystery too.
  • A Game of Soldiers
    A Game of Soldiers
    Episode 1
    The apparently motiveless murder of smart American tourist Nancy D'Amato brings Dalziel back in contact with an old flame from the Summer of Love.
  • A Game of Soldiers
    A Game of Soldiers
    Episode 1
    Called to investigate the murder of an American tourist, Nancy d'Amato, which appears to have been motiveless, Dalziel is delighted to be reunited with Detective Sergeant Jenny Ettrick, an old flame from 1967 when they were both probationers on the beat. The investigation begins at The Three Ravens, the select country hotel in Thorpborough where Nancy was staying while researching her family tree. With few clues to go on, Dalziel is having a difficult enough time and can certainly do without the interference of Nancy's husband, Lieutenant Gus d'Amato from Boston Homicide Division. Further enquiries lead them to the local army barracks, where a bullying sergeant has been linked to a young soldier's suicide. Is the Army connected to Nancy's death, or is her family tree the key to the murder?moreless