Dalziel and Pascoe

Season 8 Episode 2

The Price of Fame

Aired Saturday 8:05 PM Jan 10, 2004 on BBC
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The Price of Fame
Dalziel is investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl who was addicted to the Internet. He gets rough with the only suspect they have and gets booted off the case.
Efrona Davis, a popular entertainer at the Wayland Bay Holiday Village, is found dead on the beach. Was it jealousy? She had been voted the people's favourite week after week in the fly-on-the-wall TV docu-soap Wayland Baywatch.

Pascoe takes the case as Dalziel is officially 'on leave' following a furious row with the Assistant Chief Constable about the case involving the abduction of 15-year-old Penny Wilson. However, Pascoe's assistant DS Hawes is more interested in investigating another case: £2 million worth of diamonds, which have gone missing together with their courier. Pascoe needs Dalziel and persuades the ACC to relent.

Among Dalziel and Pascoe's suspects are Wayland's resident comic, Efrona's shady agent, and her father, a strict Presbyterian lay preacher who was ashamed of his flighty daughter. As the detectives finally make headway, not only does there appear to be a connection between Efrona's murder and the missing diamond heist, they manage to solve the Penny Wilson mystery too.

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    Ricky Tomlinson

    Ricky Tomlinson

    Rowan Priestley

    Guest Star

    John McArdle

    John McArdle

    Matthew Davis

    Guest Star

    Claire King

    Claire King

    Louise Russell

    Guest Star

    Joe Savino

    Joe Savino

    Dr. Frank Mason

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      • Pascoe: So who does that leave us with? Dalziel: About two hundred sad sixties people who live in the past. Let's concentrate on Aquaman. Pascoe: Who? Dalziel: The man we pulled out the pool.

      • Dalziel: Are you sure you're up for this? Don't want you taking another dive if the doing gets tough. (To Pascoe, about him falling into the pool.)

      • Pascoe: (At 60's night) Take you back does it Andy? Dalziel: Oh never my kind of thing Peter. All this jiggling about rubs your tackle up the wrong way.

      • Priestley: Hold it, hold it. Dalziel: I couldn't get in the front way the door was locked. Priestley: Yeah, its to stop people getting in isn't it. Do you mind we're trying to rehearse. Dalziel: Oh, er, Superintendant Dalziel. Priestley: What'd want? Dalziel: Not an audition that's for sure.

      • Dalziel: What's she doing? Practicing her semaphore? (Seeing a woman on beach in distance shouting and waving arms.)

      • Dr Frank: (On seeing Pascoe without Dalziel) So where's Tweedledee? Too far for him to come is it? Pascoe: Leave. Dr Frank: Isn't he the one that said leave is for wimps?

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      • DS Milligan: Move over David Bailey.
        DS Milligan (Spike) compares Pascoe to the revolutionary 1960's photographer David Bailey, whose photographic creations have included fashion photos for both the British and American 'Vogue.'