Dalziel and Pascoe

Season 8 Episode 2

The Price of Fame

Aired Saturday 8:05 PM Jan 10, 2004 on BBC



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    • Pascoe: So who does that leave us with? Dalziel: About two hundred sad sixties people who live in the past. Let's concentrate on Aquaman. Pascoe: Who? Dalziel: The man we pulled out the pool.

    • Dalziel: Are you sure you're up for this? Don't want you taking another dive if the doing gets tough. (To Pascoe, about him falling into the pool.)

    • Pascoe: (At 60's night) Take you back does it Andy? Dalziel: Oh never my kind of thing Peter. All this jiggling about rubs your tackle up the wrong way.

    • Priestley: Hold it, hold it. Dalziel: I couldn't get in the front way the door was locked. Priestley: Yeah, its to stop people getting in isn't it. Do you mind we're trying to rehearse. Dalziel: Oh, er, Superintendant Dalziel. Priestley: What'd want? Dalziel: Not an audition that's for sure.

    • Dalziel: What's she doing? Practicing her semaphore? (Seeing a woman on beach in distance shouting and waving arms.)

    • Dr Frank: (On seeing Pascoe without Dalziel) So where's Tweedledee? Too far for him to come is it? Pascoe: Leave. Dr Frank: Isn't he the one that said leave is for wimps?

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    • DS Milligan: Move over David Bailey.
      DS Milligan (Spike) compares Pascoe to the revolutionary 1960's photographer David Bailey, whose photographic creations have included fashion photos for both the British and American 'Vogue.'

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