Season 2 Episode 6

A Pretty Girl in a Leotard

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on DirecTV
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Patty uses the media to lower UNR's stock. In retaliation, UNR sues her with defamation charges. Patty has an unlikely aide at her side in secrecy. Ellen goes back to David's apartment for the first time in months and deals with the repercussions and a new surprise waiting for her.moreless

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  • Patty starts a new case.

    My summary might be deceiving, but this truly was a filler episode. Marcia Gay Harden's character got more screen time than Barack Obama did during his Presidential Address this week (not literally, but it was close). I just do not find Claire entertaining at all, despite everything the show is trying to build with her character.

    I even could not get excited about Ted Danson's return. Arthur Frobisher's once deliciously evil dialogue has been relegated to metaphors about sodomy. The show is also suffering from the lack of William Hurt. I hope his story arc is not done, as there is a lot more he can do.moreless
  • Unusual circumstances lead to unholy alliances that are sure to kick Kendrick in the pants when push comes to shove. Katie returns to drive me nuts and work my every nerve.moreless

    Convinced that Walter Kendrick is responsible for Christine Purcell's murder, Patty uses the media to wage war. Meanwhile, Ellen gets one step closer in her attempt to link Frobisher to David's murder when stupid Katie spots the cop that followed her last year. Turns out that the cop works with the creepy cop with glasses and asks Ellen to help her. Ellen uses Patty's resources to track him down, but Katie isn't happy with Ellen asking Patty for help, and goes on her own.

    Creepy Cop guy kills the other cop to tie up lose ends, and we see that four months later he follows Ellen to the now infamous hotel of murrrdeerrrrr. Meanwhile Patty plays legal cat and mouse with Kendrick and his lawyer and finds a shareholder to file suit against UNR – who's the shareholder you ask? Well none other than Frobisher of course!!! More Thoughts on 'A Pretty Girl In A Leotard': - a great twist with Frobisher as Patty's reluctant ally! I didn't see that coming!

    - I wonder if it's the Creepy Cop that Ellen shoots at the end

    - Loved seeing Tom represent Patty

    Bottom Line: Great set up episode for things to come, and I'm happy Ted Danson is back as Frobisher!

    Next week: Tensions arise with Patty and Ellen

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Josh Casaubon

Josh Casaubon


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Ethan Herschenfeld

Ethan Herschenfeld

Pock-Marked Man

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Mark La Mura

Mark La Mura

Mitch McCullen

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Mario Van Peebles

Mario Van Peebles

Agent Randall Harrison

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John Doman

John Doman

Walter Kendrick

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Glenn Kessler

Agent L.J. Werner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Episode Title: "What could go wrong with a pretty girl in a leotard?" is a line spoken by Arthur Frobisher to Walter Kendrick as they meet in the lobby during a ballet performance.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Greta Van Susteren: Ms. Hewes, are you implying that Walter Kendrick is responsible for a murder?
      Patty: Implying it? I hope that's not what this sounds like, Greta. I'm stating it outright.

    • (Kendrick and Pell meet in an art gallery)
      Dave Pell: I prefer paintings I understand. Foxes, hounds, bugles, that kind of thing. All this abstraction looks the same to me.
      Walter Kendrick: Well, in this case, Dave, you're right. This piece of shit is a waste of canvas.

    • Arthur: (to Walter about Patty) Don't engage with her. You step into the ring with that woman, she will cut your balls off and jam 'em down your throat. My advice, when she straps one on, bend over, bite down hard and just take it.

    • Tom: Well, Ms. Maddox should consider this -- if she pursues this action, our only defense is to prove these murder accusations. Does she really want that aired in open court?
      Claire: And I think Mr. Shayes should consider this -- if he can't prove my client was responsible, a jury is going to ram a $200 million bill up his client's ass.

    • Claire: Walt, everyone's got dirty laundry. Do you really want Patty Hewes going through yours?

    • Walter Kendrick: So what do you think?
      Claire: I'd have worn a shorter skirt if I'd known I was getting pimped out.
      Walter Kendrick: Oh, come on, Claire. Mitch lost his wife three years ago in a car accident. He's not just looking for a roll in the sack. 'Course, it doesn't hurt he's got his own island.

    • Katie: All I know is, if you had never met Patty, my brother would still be alive.
      Ellen: You don't have to blame me, okay? I spend enough time blaming myself.

    • (At the settlement metting)
      Claire Maddox: Ten million to Mr. Kendrick's preferred charity.
      Tom Shayes: Three.
      Claire Maddox: Eight.
      Tom Shayes: Four.
      Claire Maddox: Seven.
      Tom Shayes: Five.
      Walter Kendrick: Five is fine.
      Patty Hewes: I think we have an agreement.
      Walter Kendrick: Always nice when cooler heads prevail.
      Patty Hewes: What is the charity?
      Claire Maddox: The N.R.A!

  • NOTES (4)