Season 1 Episode 5

A Regular Earl Anthony

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2007 on DirecTV
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Tom Shayes considers his options as a new opportunity to further his career arises. Arthur tells Ray to put more pressure on Patty to make the case go away. David visits his sister and learns more about the Frobisher case.

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  • Another below-average episode of damages. They don't seem to live up to the high expectations set up by pilot ep. The show's turning from a thriller to a complete drama. Tom weighs up his options; Ellen and David has a setback while lawyers team up again.moreless

    The thing is it seems like i care more about the 5 mins of Ellen's investigation than the other 35, and this isn't supposed to happen. They had a great pilot with surprises and thrilling storyline in such a fast pace. But all of them seemed to fade away on the next ep and never came back since.

    In this episode, the show seemed more like a drama with nothing happened in it. Tom is a center of this episode, with offers flying in to make him think what he really wants to do with his life.

    Ellen and David got into the first step of calling off their engagement when their priorities didn't seem to match. Gregory Molina, whom Ellen finally found out about, got a shut up warning in a hard way.

    In the end, Tom decided what he wants and teamed up again with Patty and Ellen.moreless
  • Patty continues to chase Arthur. Tom considers a deal where he could be a partner at another firm. Ellen and her fiance have their first fight. Katie gets a visit from her brother, and Greg gets warned to keep his mouth shut about the case.moreless

    so we learn a bit more about Patty in this episode. i'm referring to the conversation between her and Tom about what happened with her father when she was younger. i'm guessing she was abused...or maybe she just had to go through hell to live up to her father's standards. either way, we find out it took a toll on her. we don't hear anything of Patty's son this episode. Katie is staying with her parents, and tells her brother the truth about everything when he goes to visit her. (though we've heard about 2 or 3 different versions of the truth from her so far). he comes back and tells Ellen, who in turn runs back to patty to relay the message...Meanwhile, Patty signs a contract of Tom's and welcomes him back to work for her, but refuses to make him partner still. the sure drag out parts of the show, like Ellen in the precinct. we saw a little bit more this episode about her explaining what happened, but so far all we know is that she said someone tried to kill her. i hope they do a bit more different with that because i'm getting bored of it. i fear some of the viewers may be with me when i say it's getting a bit monotonous.moreless
  • Tom evaluates his options

    Probably the weakest episode so far, but we get the information that Ellen was attacked in Patty's apartment. I don't know why, but I am starting to get the crazy feeling that Patty is somehow in cahoots with Frobisher, and is intentionally tanking the trial.

    I have no idea why I think this way, probably because "trust no one" seems to be the common thread throughout the show. Very interesting, though.

    Watch, we will come to find out that Frobisher and Hewes were romantically involved, and her son is their son. Very far-fetched, I know, but so is the show. I guess we will have to wait and find out.moreless
Natalie Venetia Belcon

Natalie Venetia Belcon

HR Representative

Guest Star

Jimmy Burke

Jimmy Burke


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Mackenzie Connolly

Mackenzie Connolly

Megan Shayes

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Marlyne Afflack

Marlyne Afflack

Felicia Marquand

Recurring Role

Tom Aldredge

Tom Aldredge

Uncle Pete

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Victor Arnold

Victor Arnold

Larry Popler

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Episode Title: Tom's friend (played by Donal Logue) refers to Tom as "a regular Earl Anthony" to describe his increased manhood since he left Patty's practice and struck out on his own.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Tom: I'm sick of her shit.
      Tom's Friend: That's right, Tomahawk, break the shackles. Take the power. Always identify your oppressor by name. So what's shit are you sick of?
      Tom: Patty's.
      Tom's Friend: Say it loud!
      Tom: I'm sick of Patty Hewes' shit!

    • Ray: I'm worried the sun don't shine on the same dog's tail all week.
      Arthur: I have no idea what that means.
      Ray: It means we got lucky.

    • Karen Gonzales: We picked Ms. Hewes for a reason. She's the best. She said there'd be some setbacks. We knew there were going to be some ups and downs.
      Larry Popler: Where the hell are the ups, Karen?
      Karen Gonzales: You're a gambler. You don't change your horse mid-race, do you?
      Larry Popler: If it's pulling up lame, I do, then I shoot him.
      Karen Gonzales: Oh, Jesus.
      Larry Popler: Two right in the head real quick. Problem solved.

    • Tom: (to Ray) I want to go to trial. I want to put... your multi-billion dollar poster boy for corporate corruption in front of a jury and watch you... try to explain to them that he's not a crook.

    • Katie: How's my lawyer friend?
      David: She wanted to come.
      Katie: But she's stuck up Patty's ass and couldn't make it.

    • Patty: There's a huge difference between being number one and being number two.
      Tom: Yes, (nods) there is.
      Patty: You're a number two, Tom. That's your talent. That's your limit.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Credited As:
      Carla Occhiogrosso, Patty's Assistant - Carla Ochogrosso
      Jean de Segonzac, Director - Jean DeSegonzac
      Jeff Bernstein, First Assistant Director - Jeffrey T. Bernstein
      Michael F. O'Shea, Jr., "A" Camera Operator/Steadicam - Michael O'Shea, Jr.
      Peter Hackman, Charge Scenic - Peter G. Hackman

    • Original International Air Dates:
      - Denmark: April 30, 2008 on TV3
      - Slovakia: July 19, 2009 on JOJ
      - Poland: September 27, 2009 on AXN
      - Czech Republic: October 20, 2009 on AXN

    • This episode was included on the Emmy Awards 'For Your Consideration' DVD for this season.

    • Featured Music:
      • "Dawn Star" by Troy De Rouche
      • "Love You I Must" by Trudy Stabile
      • "Shine" performed by Varden & Fletcher
      • "Apple O' My Eye" by Lady Sa'
      • "Good Distance" by Northern Slate
      • "Vermont" by Sam Bisbee
      • "Porque" by Andrea Ferraz
      • "Why Not" by D'Agua
      • "Talk to Me" by Mink
      • "Kiss The Sky" by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra


    • Woman at the Bar: (to Gregory) Anyone ever tell you you look like Tom Cruise?

      Peter Facinelli, the actor who plays Gregory Malina, is noted to have a striking resemblance to A-List Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, star of popular films such as Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, and Mission: Impossible among others.

    • Tom's Friend: Shayes, the world is your oyster, man.

      The line originates from Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor ("Why, then the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open.") and has come to mean that the world offers boundless fortune to anyone willing and brave enough to explore it.

    • Tom's Friend: Audentes fortuna iuvat.

      This line, translated to English as "fortune favors the bold", comes from Virgil's Latin poem, The Aeneid.

    • Episode Title: A Regular Earl Anthony

      Earl Anthony was a professional left-handed bowler who won 43 Professional Bowlers Association Tour titles.

    • (after Tom turned down Ray's drink offer in the office)
      Ray: Oh, a regular Atticus Finch.

      Atticus Finch is the morally upright lawyer and legal defender of the residents of Maycomb County, Alabama in Harper Lee's 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In 1962, Gregory Peck played Finch in the film adaptation of the same name.