Season 5 Episode 10

But You Don't Do That Anymore

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2012 on DirecTV

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  • A Fitting Ending

    What a way to end a magnificent series. Although the episode started off a little slow, the last half an hour was amazing and made up for any uninteresting scenes we had at the beginning of the episode. It was a fitting end for both characters Ellen and Patty and I felt satisfied... Well almost as I was also left feeling a little empty. Were was the trial?

    I understand that Damages has never taken on the issues for an actual trial but it would have been nice to see both Ellen and Patty face each other over the course of the season but all we were left with was a four minute scene whereby Ellen won and Patty handed over the reins to her victory. But the scene later on with Patty and Ellen standing by the water and Patty revealing that she was never interested in beating Ellen, only seeing how far Ellen would go to beat her kind of made up for the letdown of the trail but I couldn't help but think... Someone was telling tittle tattles.

    Patty DOES want to beat Ellen. its why she throws her alcoholic glass at the wall, gets drunk when she can't handle a situation when Ellen gets one over on her and then completely throws everything off her work table in a fit of rage. And apart from that green screen at the water that put me off, these were the only negative things about the episode.

    Now on to the positive:

    Where to start... Ellen collapsed in the alleyway was perfect and the fact that she turned out to be pregnant was a great way to keep Ellen with Chris. I knew she couldn't have fell off that roof as it was too high and for her to survive that fall would have been ludicrous to me. Yay writers.

    But what a revelation when Ellen found Patty's son dead after being shot dead by the man who tried to kill Ellen in Season 1. it was perfect.

    John Hannah's character was killed off brilliantly and it showed how far Ellen was willing to go to get Patty and beat her in court. Shocking yet fitting. But looking on, this series was about Ellen and Patty's relationship and while we didn't see the trial, I can understand why the writers wanted to stick to their hate relationship as it was more about inner demons and living with them for the rest of their lives. And Ellen won! Both the case and in life and Patty was left on her own, lonely and suffering in silence in the most gratifying scene of the series.

    I was very happy about this season and thought that while it wasn't as perfect as season 1-3, it still was one of my best seasons and I will truly miss that feeling of the unknown of what Patty's move would be to screw up Ellen's life once more. Kudos writers. Plus I still think Chris Sanchez is the most amazing man I've ever seen. Those lips... Yum :P I'm just hoping now that the entire season comes in a blu-Ray box set as so far, only season 1 has been released. Lets hope...