Season 1 Episode 9

Do You Regret What We Did?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2007 on DirecTV
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Ellen receives an unsettling visit from Lila DiMeo; Gregory Malina returns and attempts to explain his actions to Katie Connor. George Moore feeds Ellen more salacious information about Frobisher's past. In a "six weeks later" segment, Ellen, still in jail, urges Tom to locate Patty who is having a crisis of some sort at her beach house.moreless

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  • Amazingly great episode but now I have so many more questions!

    Now we're talkin! Tonight's episode was great!! This is what we need more of; back-stabbing, secrecy, mystery...this is what makes this show the biggest hit of the new year so far. By the way, I realized tonight where I recognize the front of Patty Hewe's building from. I actually lived around the corner from it in New York City for a year. At first I wasn't sure but they showed it enough tonight that I'm positive now. It's kind of awesome noticing something like that. Makes it more real almost.

    Tonight revealed a lot but actually left me with more questions than answers. The big thing for me was that we got to see Patty crying in her backyard at the beach house. I thought maybe this showed she didn't set up Ellen and try to have her killed. But then why did we see her driving out of New York at the end of the episode? More than this, Ellen and Patty were referring to something they had done and wondered if they went too far. Patty looked very distraught when Ellen asked her this and I wonder what exactly they did. Also, if Patty did set up Ellen then why did she tell her the truth about where she was going? Patty told her she went to the beach house and she actually did, so it makes me think that maybe Patty didn't do it. It could be Moore who tried to kill Ellen just like he disregarded everyone else and tried to take out Gregory Malina.

    I was actually very surprised that Ray gave up Gregory considering how much he cared for him. Then again the idea of jail or worse is enough to make most people do just about anything. I wonder how long it will be until Katie realizes what's on the tape he put in her purse. That could be the nail in the coffin for Frobisher if she can get it to Patty (and keep a copy for herself, remember you can't trust anyone).

    Speaking of Frobisher, Dansen gave another great performance. I'm more and more impressed every episode he's in as to how great of a job he's really done this year. He adds such a creepiness to the show that makes it very unique and gives it a feel that no other show has, except for maybe Lost.

    As for "The Stalker," Lila, I'm really just shocked at how this has come about. This girl came out of nowhere and has really jumped into the lives of Ellen and David. Although after hearing about her background from the check Ellen did it's not all that surprising. This woman has some major issues and it seems she'll be the end of everything David and Ellen know and love in their lives. I still don't get why she made a second set of David's keys and made the chain to look exactly like his. She had his and no one knew so why did she need to make the new ones? Maybe so after she killed David then Ellen couldn't think about someone having the keys since they found his? It was also pretty ballsy of Lila to come to Ellen's office and tell her she was sleeping with David. She had to know that wouldn't work especially with all that stuff in her past.

    Moore is even more involved than anyone could have thought but I did point out in last weeks' review that his involvement is the key to everything. If Patty knew the truth about him everything could come crashing down on Frobisher. I have a feeling that in a couple episodes they may just start to learn about Moore, especially if they get Gregory's tape. Frobisher should also be rechecking who his friends are as Moore is doing everything he can to save his own ass now even at the expense of Frobisher. Frobisher needs to take charge of what's going on around him or else he'll find himself in broke or dead.

    Excellent episode this week. I can't wait until next Tuesday!moreless
  • I too have more questions now than answers.

    What have Ellen and Patty done? Why is Patty seen at the beach house crying? What is Tom's part in this? These and other questions I hope will be answered soon. I have a few ideas I will share later. But I have a lot of questions the flashbacks help a little and I'm thinking that in those flashbacks is were we will finds answers. Ellen is being torn between her job and family Patty puts choices in front of Ellen with remarks, like when she said she did not like Ellen's assistant. Tom told Ellen Patty wants "you to fire him". Guess what after a series of miss steps what does Ellen do? She tells her assistant you're Fired! Patty's whole attidute surrounding Ellen is seomething that still puzzles me it's like maybe she sees herself in Ellen but the real issues are what power can do people with power. Moore had Gregory tracked down and killed, he said he was going to end this! See so many questions so little answers. Now let me give you more to think about uncle, Pete,why was he in Patty's office? He is more than just an old guy who runs mail around the office he helps Patty in other ways he deliveres to Tom money and don't forget a dog collar that Patty throws in the Lake. The Stalker Lila who's grandfather was suppose to be dead and is alive comming on to David the way she did was a little scary too making the keys and she has been to the apartmentand spied on Ellen and David. She made the second set of keys so when the cops came to her she could tell them that David gave her a set. Babygirl was really bold to come to Ellen's job and say I'm sleeping with your man this means Lila is really scary and sick in the head.

    As for Mr. Moore, Arthur and Ray I will wait till next weeks episode to give you my thoughts on them plus I hope to maybe have some answers.moreless
Donna Murphy

Donna Murphy


Guest Star

David Shaw (I)

David Shaw (I)

Richard Lamontagne

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Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli

Gregory Malina

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Carmen Goodine

Carmen Goodine

Lila DiMeo

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Anastasia Griffith

Anastasia Griffith

Katie Connor

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Episode Title: Ellen asks Patty if she regrets what they did after learning that David called off their engagement.

    • Goof: When Gregory runs after the dog and gets hit by the car, two people pass in front of the camera, so the switch between the actor and the dummy can be made. While the dog is visible before they pass, it is no longer there after.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • George Moore: If there's one thing Arthur Frobisher is good at, it's tying up loose ends.

    • Ray: Gregory worked for me. That's all.
      George Moore: Save it, Ray. I wouldn't give a shit about your pathetic schoolgirl crush.
      Ray: You watch yourself!
      George Moore: But I'm not gonna let your bullshit take me down.

    • Katie: (to Gregory) You tell me one lie, and I will cut your dick off.

    • Ellen: David, a woman came into my office today and told me that she was sleeping with you.
      David: Listen to me. I hardly know her. Clearly, the woman is nuts.
      Ellen: Well, stay away from her. Tell her to stay away from me.

    • Nancy: (to Arthur) People expect a CEO to be strong. They see too much of the soft side, it looks like an act. You've got to be heartfelt without sounding like a pussy. Now, you think you can do that?

    • Richard Lamontagne: How is it that a woman who's argued cases before the Supreme Court hates to give a speech in public?
      Patty: There are nine people on the Supreme Court and only six are awake on any given day.

    • Arthur: I know you don't give a shit about justice, Patty. So what do you want?
      Patty: I want you disgraced. I want history to erase your every achievement. I want you to feel the disgust in your children's eyes when they look on you in shame.

    • George Moore: I don't like you, Ray, but I realized an amazing thing on the way over here. You're not my problem, Arthur is.
      Ray: I have a duty...
      George Moore: Patty Hewes is a hair away from breaking this thing wide open. So I'm going to do what you couldn't, Ray.
      Ray: What is that?
      George Moore: Put an end to this thing.

    • Patty: He [David] called off the engagement?
      Ellen: Maybe we went too far. (pause) Do you regret what we did?

  • NOTES (3)