Season 4 Episode 10

Failure Is Lonely

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2011 on DirecTV

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  • The Damage is yet to come.. (Spoilers)


    So after happily watching all 10 episodes of season 4, I recollected to see if I was satisfied with the season. And yes, I was; although the season had been slow in places, and maybe not as sharp as previous years, it still delivered a well structured season on the whole.

    The seasoncenteredaround a law suit over wrongful deaths inAfghanistan. I thought this premise was clever; it not only dealt with an interesting plot line, it also made us think about our soldiers who are fighting over there today. For such as difficult subject to bring into the world of Damages, I feel the writers did credit with what they produced this year.

    However, I only really watch the show for one reason; Patty and Ellen's interesting 'cat and mouse' dynamic. As this season progressed, I wondered where their relationship would go and by the end of this episode we all I found out.

    The episode, in my opinion, started slightly slower than the usual episodes, building up with a lot ofdialogue rather than the 'action'. Yet it eventually led to twists and turns, and the revelation of who the dead man in the 'flash forward' is; the usual Damages trademark.

    The episode began where the last one ended, Ellen withdrawing the case to save ChrisSanchez from being executed by Howard Erickson (played by the legend John Goodman). Yet Patty has other ideas to not drop the case, and continue without Ellen, to successfully bring down High Star.

    Ellen,realizingthat Patty has gone behind her back, see's that this now puts Chris' life back in danger, and teams up with the untrustworthyJerry Boorman. Jerry, as we learned earlier in the season, got the High Star employers killed in Afghanistan by getting them to rescue his Afghan son, who is also at the hands of Erikson.
    Jerry and Ellen invade High Star's compound so that they can provide a rescue mission before Chris dies. We discover that Chris IS already planning an escape of his own, but before he pulls it off, Jerry finds him. Here Jerry reveals that in order to save his son in Afghanistan he had killed all of Sanchez' men sent on the 'DUST DEVIL' mission. Thisrevolutioncauses Chris to extract revenge for his men and kill Jerry in cold blood, before carrying out his escape. Shortly after, Ellen, still looking for Chris arrives to the now dead Jerry, and consequently believes it's Chris lying their dead. She finds Jerrys son, andrealizesthat they have to leave before Erikson finds them and kills them too. As they escape up a flight of stairs, she finds Chris, very much alive, to which they reconnect and escape.

    Now having both the child, and Chris in safe hands, the case moves forward leading Patty and Ellen to bring Erikson and High Star to Justice. Likewise my only criticism of this is that we never really get to see Erikson brought to Justice, and having a season of his character to develop, it felt a bit of a miss that we never saw on screen what happened. But I was glad that he did get brought to justice in the end.

    The season didn't end there, and as Patty had previously mentioned to her therapist, she's "not done with Ellen yet" as we discover Patty wants her to be her successor one day and own all ofPatty'sassets. To which Ellen flatly refuses; she was happy to save Chris' life, and that, to her, is winning enough -shedoesn'tneed anything else. Patty thereby feels offended and calls Ellen "ungreatful", and causes a feud between them both resulting in Patty taking full responsibility for everything Ellen had achieved in the case and goes public with this news.

    Yet the most interesting development from this finale came from the sub plot which had been running throughout this season; Michael and his fight for custody over his daughter Catherine. In a development that some may have seen coming, as I certainly did this episode, Michael had been looking for a decent character witness to go against Patty. Ellen. After the feud between them both; watching Patty take full responsibility for what she had done, Ellen agrees to side with Michael on the Custody case. This leads nicely into season 5, assuming in which Ellen will be against Patty on opposite sides of the courtroom.

    In the end, the season may have had a slower pace, and in some places might not have been as sharp, but the season was still enjoyable; it was good to have Damages back on our screens, even if it was on Direct TV. The show brought a breath of fresh air to these characters, and this episode made me believe that the show has the potential to be truly back on form when it returns next year. Although this episode wasn't as good as some other finales, (season 1 and 2 for example) it managed to wrap everything up tidily, and it was nice to see that the Michael sub story served a bigger purpose. So Here's to the next season, that it will havemore twists and turns, more intrigue and more Patty.V.Ellen. Its been a long time coming and we all know the real damage is yet to come...

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    The season finale was good, but this was not a Damages quality finale. We have come to expect so much from this show and we really did not get it here today. The stuff at the end with Ellen and Patty was perfect, it showed that this program is not abandoning its roots which are the feud between these two and its grim view on law, but the actual wrap up to this season's arc disappointed. I thought they might have Chris survive somehow, but how they did it was pretty lame. And not even showing Howard Erickson fail? Why bring in John Goodman only to not even show his collapse?