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Episode Discussion: All That Crap About Your Family 3x11 (Apr 5)

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    [1]Apr 2, 2010
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    Let's discuss Monday's episode All That Crap About Your Family here.

    from FXNetworks.com: When her star witness is arrested, Patty strikes an unusual deal with the D.A.'s office. Arthur Frobisher shows off, and reveals a little too much of his past.

    Check out the PROMO for this episode over at FXNetworks.com .
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    [2]Apr 5, 2010
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    Uh, HELLO? Can we call this episode a real game changer? Holy mother of G....not only did this episode stab you in the gut with a knife, but it dared to twist it into your intestines too...

    I think I can say that we have finally witnessed true evil on Damages. Toobin is easily influenced by the manipulative words of his own mother. Why would she do that to him? Its unimaginable! And once he finds out the truth about Tessa he'll be completely ruined. RUINED. The sad part is that he originally started out the season with honest intentions, but his desire to take care of his family at all cost became an obsession. His own mother played into that. Clearly all she wants back is security and a return to the wealthy lifestyle she once lived, but what a B!atch. I'd say she was even more pernicious than Arthur Frobisur. Speaking of which, where the heck is his storyline leading to anyway? A season finale confrontation with Ellen maybe?

    Some interesting characters bit the dust in this episode, and for that I am sorry. They were really starting to grow on me. GREAT EPISODE. It seems next week Ellen will go back to working for Patty, seeing Patty had fired her new hiree who just didnt work out. I could see why she didnt like her though. She just tagged along, didn't provide much personality.

    Btw, looking back on it now, "All that crap about your family," that line totally cracks me up lol. Brings me back to another humorous quote back in S2 when Patty told David's older fiance "I will rip your face off."

    I think i love/hate Patty Hewes. She's probably the most terrifying TV invention in decades.

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    Was this episode spectacular or what? I figured the crap was about to hit the fan, but WOW.

    -Ellen. We get some nice development on her end concerning her family, and the dream she had about her babysitter. I think these personal stories really add a lot to the show, and provide a nice break from the legal aspects.

    -Patty. Oh, dear Lord, how great were Glenn and Rose here? Watching Patty confront Ellen was a joy to behold. Don't be surprised if both these actresses get Emmy nominations next year.

    -The Tobins. This family makes Frobisher and Kendrick look like characters on Sesame Street. Particularly interesting is Joe Tobin. At the beginning of the season, he seemed to want to do the right thing; now, he's willing to do ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING to protect his family. And the situation with Tessa? Heartbreaking and shocking.

    -Frobisher. The "rehearsal" scene for the Frobisher film was kind of brilliant. We got several great callbacks to the first season, with actors playing Patty (she did look like a young Patty Hewes!) and Ray Fiske, who was hilarious and strangely creepy. This is one reason I hope the series gets moved to another network, so we can see how this is going to play out. Oh, and Craig Bierko is amazing as "Frobisher."

    This was, without question, the best episode of Season 3 thus far, and I have a feeling it's only going to get better. Now let's just pray another network will pick up this ridiculously amazing show for next year!

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    I miss Malcolm..
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    [5]Apr 9, 2010
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    What an episode! I figured early on Tessa was Joe's but the writers sure had me convinced I was wrong until this episode. Marilyn Tobin chose money over Joe's daughter Tessa - all about greed in this family. Won't that be a slap in the face when Joe finds out who Tessa really was? Great dialogue between Patty & Ellen. Still have no idea why Frobisher is still in the picture - so far I see no change in his character. Ellen's "conversation" with David was splendid especially about her controlling father and about making up her mind about Patty. The next 2 episodes are sure to be explosive.
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    Amazing episode of a show where the twists are king. By this time I have come to believe that the only one good of all the characters is Patty's dog, everyone else are evil.
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