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Official Discussion Thread: You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant 2x09 (Mar 4)

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    Discuss this week's episode You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant here.

    from FX: As Patty goes on the offensive against the FBI, Ellen discovers troubling news about the investigation. Meanwhile, Patty's husband gets an intriguing offer.
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    Excellent episode, which is nothing new for I have never found all of Damages chapters nothing less than very good. Except Ellen there is no one in this show that can be classified as good. It is Ellen against everybody, now not even the FBI is beyond suspicion.
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    There were some great moments in this episode. Patty confessing her paranoia to Phil was great. I miss the insane side of here. Lately it's been about implications and family issues. Things like, does Patty know who this Pell guy is when she was telling him about Sam Arsenault? Or did she really have nothing to do with Uncle Pete's death? And why was Tom fired? granted that's something we'll hear about more considering it's in the time jump, but fire Tom? He's a great errand boy for her.

    It's pretty obvious, now that Wes and Ellen are clearly involved, Wes is going to kill off Det. Messer. I can't wait until they find out that Ellen's just using the Feds to hurt Patty. They are so dumb for not figuring it out yet.

    I'm wondering about the whole Ellen/Patty stand off. Maybe Ellen killed someone (Wes before learning he was possibly protecting her?) before Patty meets Ellen at the hotel. IDK yet but the more they keep saying "just the two of us" the more I wonder what that actually means. Two of us ALIVE most likely.

    And now that we know this whole Patty Hewes investigation is bigger than the FBI, it makes sense these FBI guys suck so bad at their job. They're just beards to make everything look official. I can finally buy the fact that they're horrible agents. They're just being used to get close to Patty's business for some bigger power and reason.

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