Season 2 Episode 5

I Agree, It Wasn't Funny

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2009 on DirecTV
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After Purcell's public betrayal in the courtroom, Patty detaches herself from him emotionally, but remains determined to take on the UNR case. At the same time, she begins to be suspicious of Ellen and her possible involvement in the set-up of the infant mortality case. Ellen, sensing Patty's growing distrust, tries a new tactic in order to keep from blowing her cover.moreless

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  • Not bad.. slow moving and revealing at the same time. Damages is a paradox.

    Damages is one of the slower moving serial dramas I watch, yet it also provides the most answers compared to Lost and other shows that end on cliffhangers. We're always presented with new views on things, have questions answered and whatnot. The only thing is, who's to tell if the people are telling the truth or not? This episode was a little slower than the last couple, but it was nice to see Wes (played by Timothy Olyphant) back after a couple of episodes missing in action, and his return presented a perfect way to get Ted Danson back in the show.

    There was a lot of focus on the FBI plot, Walter Kendrick and Uncle Pete in this episode. The latter character is one who has only been seen in a few episodes and seems to always know what's going on. For somebody who was so close to Patty Hewes, I was sort of confused at why he was never referenced more. However, we got a good glimpse into how Patty began setting up Ellen's death from Season 1. In fact, speaking of Season 1, it was interesting to see the detective/Frobisher's second-hand man return, and learning that Wes worked for the guy who killed David Conner was very interesting and should lead to some great scenes. And the final scene with Wes shooting somebody in the head? Very random, yet very surprising.

    However, the FBI plot has ceased to impress me, and I'm hoping they'll use it as a way to further put a rift between Ellen and Patty, because we've already seen Ellen doesn't mind standing up to Patty. Hopefully we'll see some more of that. And William Hurt has been absolutely great as Daniel Purcell. One can only imagine where his character will go from here.

    Damages is always interesting, even if it's not always running at a fast pace.moreless
  • Did Uncle Pete compromise Patty, did the killer cop employ Wes for his own means? Why was this episode such a hot mess when it was so rich with information? Are the writers biting off more than they can chew?moreless

    Patty begins to suspect Ellen's motives for returning to the firm. Meanwhile, Patty's on a mission to stop a corporate merger that she believes is connected to Christine Purcell's murder. A few things we learn in this episode:

    - Wes is working for Frobisher's cop-hitman that killed Ellen's fiancé , David.

    - Wes kills someone in the final scene, was it the cop?

    - Uncle Pete maybe hiding 'loose ends' from the attempted hit on Ellen – namely that the hitman is still alive!

    - Patty suspects Ellen, but Ellen convinces her that the FBI did contact her, but that she told them to go to hell

    - It's starting to look like that these FBI guys may not be working to bring down Patty, but for some other means More Thoughts on 'I Agree, It Wasn't Funny':

    - Loved the cat and mouse stuff between Patty and Ellen – that's how it should be!

    - Phil is having an affair – can't really blame the guy, but does he have a deeper connection to Ultima National?

    - Not enough Tom in this episode, but more Wes made up for that!

    - I found that this episode was poorly directed, at times it was just all over the place, especially the Wes sequences at the end.

    - So did Daniel Purcell really kill his wife or call in the UNR guys to finish the job for him?

    - I'm starting to think that Uncle Pete pushed Patty to get rid of Ellen since she is a 'liability' Bottom Line: Rich with information, this episode revealed a lot. However the direction was such a hot mess, it was like they didn't know how to clearly lay out all that information they had. Next week: Patty wages war!

    More at www.theplurp.commoreless
  • Patty starts to expect Ellen may be up to something.

    I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person, but it was impossible to keep track of everything going on in this episode. Twists and turns are great, but we don't need a new alliance and a new termination of a friendship ever other minute.

    The show is so goof that I could care less about that as you're hooked in regardless of whether or not you know exactly what's going on. I thought after the first ten minutes that this was going to be a filler episode. Boy, was I wrong.

    I have a feeling we're going to see Patty really snap in the next episode.moreless
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Ty Burrell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Episode Title: "I agree, it wasn't funny" is a line spoken by Dave Pell to Walter Kendrickin the bathroom after the emcee of Kendrick's roast continuously poked fun at him in front of the crowd.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Patty: (on choosing a case) It starts with a seed of anger. I can feel it in my hands and my chest, and that seed has to be nurtured, cultivated until it grows into a full-blown rage. Then I know that I can't turn back. I have no choice but to take the case because the rage doesn't abate.
      Ellen: Until someone's punished.

    • (during Walter Kendrick's roast event)
      Arthur Phillips: Seriously though, I always wondered why birds flew over the state of West Virginia upside down. And then I met this guy-- and I realized there is nothing there worth shitting on.

    • (after Ellen fires rounds at the civilian paper target in the shooting range)
      Ellen: I didn't hit him once?
      Wes: If nothing else, I'm sure you scared him.
      Ellen: How is that even possible?
      Wes: It takes time. Besides, look at his face, he's terrified. No way he didn't shit himself.

    • Patty: If I'm under investigation, God knows what they'll try to use to hurt me.
      Uncle Pete: I've said it before-- the only thing that can hurt you is Ellen Parsons.

    • Patty: You see anyone else checking their phone while I'm talking?
      Ellen: No. I apologize.
      Patty: Don't. Just tell me the truth. What do you have in your life that's more important than work?
      Ellen: Nothing. I'm sorry, Patty.
      Patty: I'm not asking you to be sorry. I'm asking you who called.

  • NOTES (5)