Season 5 Episode 9

I Like Your Chair

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2012 on DirecTV

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  • I Like Your Chair

    This was a step up from last week, and things are definitely getting interesting with the twists and turns. I just don't like how they made this case about the financial head honchos who were previously in the background, now they are the driving force. Still, really strong episode.
  • Amazing episode

    Another fantastic episode, which heightens the suspense even further. But how does it all end? There are so many plots holes to fill in the last FINALE episode, which makes me worried. I should trust the writers as they have never disappointed me before but that's because I knew there was another season to continue on-going story lines. But the next episode is the last and the writers won't get another chance if they don't tie all the open storylines into a little bow.

    Anyway, enough of my negativity and lets crack on with what happened in this episode. Again, every scene was perfect. The best scenes belonged to Ellen's confrontation with her father and the frightening control he has over Ellen's mother. These scenes were truly memorable as the acting was intense and the writing sharp. Just watching Ellen threatening her father with a gun was a pleasure and a comical experience. But I'm thinking that her father maybe involved in how Ellen ends up being pushed off the roof, bleeding to death on the floor.

    The revelation that Patty actually tried to have Ellen killed was a shocker but relief as we finally found out from the man who tried to kill her in season 1. We needed that conformation and we got it! Kudos.

    Also Rutger turned out to be a little shit, going behind McClaren's back, were we found out it was him who revealed Naomi Walling as the leak, which had her killed. I'm only hoping McClaren gets him back in the final episode.

    This episode is a gem and the season has been a gratifying roller coster of deceit and emotions that I can't wait to see how it all ends, even if I am a little bit scared the writers may not tie up all the loose ends. Hold your breath guys...