Season 4 Episode 2

I've Done Way Too Much for This Girl

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2011 on DirecTV

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  • What it Takes

    Ellen pitches the wrongful death suit to her firm against High Star. Patty shows her unwillingness to communicate normally in her mandatory therapy session for hitting the doorman Perry in the nose with the door on her way out one day and got court ordered therapy instead of felony charges. Her PI looks into Michael's whereabouts and knows that Patty is hiding certain details from her. Chris stays close to home and is willing to move against High Star while Ellen discovers that the case won't go through her firm and decides to try it on her own while Patty tries to find a nanny. Erickson and Jerry think of a clever way to get Chris to voluntarily redeploy by setting up and convincing him that an Afghani has come to kill him because they supposedly killed a Taliban member's brother on their last mission and then having High Star appear to be his safe haven. Most enlightening of the episode is Patty's discussion of what she thinks of Ellen though she can't fully describe it and how she thinks Ellen is ambitious but owes all of her credit to Patty. Patty ultimately agrees to give Ellen the resources for the case and it will be her own while Chris redeploys to Afghanistan to find the man who "is after him." I wonder how the High Star case will go without their star witness but at least Erickson tricking Chris is better than killing him and that poor dude that Jerry tortured and just gave 10,000 dollars to as if it's supposed to just make up for torturing him.
  • 402

    The second episode of Damages shows us why we love this program. Two big twists at the end that had me completely fooled. I did not think those people banging on the window would be with Ellen, but then again I should have known better at this point than to underestimate Ms. Parsons. And the fact that Jerry tricked Chris to get him back to Afghanistan, that was another good red herring.

    This is why we love the show, the twists and the turns, but of course the well-written dialogue. Everything seemed really believable here tonight and for those of us who wondered how long it would take to get Ellen and Patty back working together the answer was just two episodes.