Season 4 Episode 3

I'd Prefer My Old Office

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2011 on DirecTV

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    Well, I was surprised to see Michael Hewes involved so heavily in tonight's episode. I thought that he would be done with this show but something tells me he is going to get only more involved which I think will work well. We see Patty Hewes in her professional life, now we need to see trouble for someone she loves, like she had no problem doing to others for so many years.

    I knew there would be a problem from High Star regarding Chris Sanchez, but I want to see where they go from here. Will he escape? Or will Patty find another way to try this case?

    Damages has me hooked, it has me pondering the future and that is a good sign.
  • wow, just wow! Damages seems to be back on Track.

    wow, just wow! Damages seems to be right back on Track. I remember now i loved this show so much. But this new season has something more with the action taking place in Afghanistan. It's almost as if 24 meets Law & Order. And damn is Ellen hot. Hotter than ever. She's the kind of girl you don't want to have sex only with, but to marry. Sorry folks, I digress, but just trying to fill up the stupid 200 minimum characters mark. Anyway, congrats to FX for taking over such a great show.