Season 2 Episode 11

London. Of Course.

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on DirecTV

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  • How addictive is this show?

    Who needs alcohol or marijuana when there's Damages?

    Easily the most addictive show on television as it's the only program where you literally cannot blink when watching or you will miss a piece of the puzzle or one of the subtle expressions of one of the many talented cast members.

    This episode was particularly gripping as we saw Patty show weakness for arguably the first time in the season, and we know that one month from now (two weeks in real life) she's going to be at her most vulnerable state when we find out the whole story behind her hotel meeting with Ellen.

    I literally cannot wait for that.
  • Phil gets his comeuppance and Ellen shows her darker side.

    Just when I thought I could actually feel pity for Patty she turns back into the b**ch that she always was. From her snide comments; "Michael is out with his geriatric girlfriend" to the way she reacts when she finds out about Phil's affair she just comes off as someone who is cold and calculating. Any insight into a more vulnerable side of her has vanished. In this episode we first discover that Ellen has actually shot her, there goes the Wes theory, and she has collapsed in the lift. Then we go back a month and Ellen is mad because Patty has directed investigations into the Calder Security group cease to ensure she doesn't draw any unnecessary attention to the Frobisher case and all the dodgy dealings that went with it. Clearly its all about protecting numero uno and screw the deal she had with Ellen. Then when Ellen tries to apologise she has the nerve to make a dig at Ellen's temper and control issues. Hello?? This is the woman who has cold-bloodedly ordered hits on dogs and people and is pursuing UNR because she is pissed at being humiliated in court. Perfect model of restraint! Even her reaction when she receives the photos of the affair and her investigator fella tells her someone wanted to hurt her, she knows immediately that it is Ellen. She's not surprised at someone wanting to hurt her, she's that 'unpleasant'. I didn't feel sorry for her at the end with the clothes strewn around the bedroom, she brought it on herself by leaking the photos. I hoped there would be more of an insight into the hotel room a month from now though.

    Moany Fed and his boss tell Ellen the bad news about Cute Fed and life goes on, even though it is clearly a dodgy situation. However Ellen, spurred on by her increasing impatience and Patty's hold on any further probing, hires a private investigator to look into David's death. She also gets him to confirm that Phil is having an affair. We get an insight into how dark and twisty Ellen has become when she ensures that Patty gets the incriminating photos and the smirk on her face after seeing Patty opening them. I didn't forsee the ending however, with her being arrested and it will be interesting to see what happens there. Does this mean she's "giving up on life" now that she has her revenge? I hope they have a better ending in store than that.

    No sign of Wes this week, just his creepy sidekick. Can't wait for him to disappear, he's too menacing for my liking. Meanwhile Claire decides to stage a coup and take UNR from Walter Kendrick. She manipulates one of the board members into challenging Kendrick and tells him she will support him, then tells Kendrick about the challenge, he confronts the board member, who, afraid to run against Walter, tells Claire to stand against him which was her plan all along. It was a shame she didn't forsee a man, who has no problem with polluting and illegal trading, playing dirty and having a back-up plan as most good villains do, dvd footage of her affair with Daniel Purcell. I did feel sorry for her when she was in Patty's office. She looked so broken, having been such a powerful woman with so much control and influence, reduced to ensuring that justice be served, even if it has to be by Patty. So the stage is set for the penultimate episode. Will we see Wes and Ellen live happily ever after? What will happen with the aracite case? Will Patty die? Can't wait to find out!
  • This show gives me GOOSEBUMPS.

    This show gives me goosebumps it's so freaking good. I'm loving the power play between Ellen and Patty. Ellen played her trump card and secretly sent photos of Patty's husband Phil with another woman to Patty. I wasn't sure where this would lead but it's clear that Ellen wants to destroy Patty.

    Glenn Close and Rose Byrne are such great actresses I love it when Patty and Ellen have their staring matches, I'm always rooting for Ellen though of course.
    Patty has got to get hers; I thought she deserved a slap for saying that if Ellen wasn't happy about her stopping the investigation into Frobisher she could quit. But Ellen shots Patty! and the fall out from this looks interesting.

    So Walter Kendrick screwed everyone over? I hope he gets his too he is a nasty piece of work.

    No Wes this week. I can't wait for the climax to this season! It's so freaking good!
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