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Season 2 Episode 12

Look What He Dug Up This Time

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2009 on DirecTV
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Episode Summary

In her war against UNR, Patty makes a decision that puts Tom at risk. Meanwhile, Tom makes a shocking discovery of his own and Daniel Purcell helps Patty fit the remaining pieces of the puzzle together.

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  • I cannot wait for next week!

    Wow, yet another intense, jaw-dropping episode of Damages. The show has already shaken things up in a big way but I don't see how they can top it next week, while we know very well they will do just that.

    The show's two best, and most tenured actors, Glenn Close and William Hurt gave arguably their best performances of the season as we enjoyed their lives crumble before our own eyes like a fly on the wall. If you ever want to become an actor, do exactly what they do. It's that simple. You really felt their pain transmit through the screen and could not believable how legitimate it all seemed.

    A lot of the questions posed throughout the first few months of this season have been answered, but there's still plenty ahead in the season concluder next week. I just can't wait (in case I haven't said that yet) and want to see how they prepare things for Season 3.moreless
Sharon Washington

Sharon Washington

Agent Donna Hawkins

Guest Star

Delaney Muro

Delaney Muro

Erica Purcell

Guest Star

Henry Strozier

Henry Strozier

Judge R.D. Oliver

Guest Star

John Doman

John Doman

Walter Kendrick

Recurring Role

Clarke Peters

Clarke Peters

Dave Pell

Recurring Role

Darrell Hammond

Darrell Hammond

The Deacon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The GPS Coordinates and Decoded Equivalents:
      • 01.13.04 - Arkansas, 1:00 PM, Thursday
      • 04.09.06 - Delaware, 9:00 AM, Saturday
      • 06.17.03 - Florida, 5:00 PM, Wednesday
      • 07.07.07 - Georgia, 7:00 AM, Sunday
      • 12.10.04 - Louisiana, 10:00 AM, Thursday
      • 13.15.05 - Massachusetts, 3:00 PM, Friday
      • 15.16.06 - Oklahoma, 4:00 PM, Saturday

    • Episode Title: Erica Purcell says to her father, "Look what he dug up this time" as she shows him the burnt remote control their dog found in their yard.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Walter Kendrick: (to Daniel) Now's not the time to start feeling guilty. You want redemption? Go to church. Otherwise, quit your whining and keep your mouth shut.

    • Ellen: I met with Judge Oliver. You were right. I think he'll play ball.
      Patty: Did he try to grope you? He can be a very grabby old man.
      Ellen: No, he was a perfect gentleman, except, of course, his willingness to be bought.

    • Dave Pell: You know how I made so much money on wall street back in the day?
      Walter Kendrick: How?
      Dave Pell: Every day I'd wake up assuming I was going to lose it all. I'd go to work and make a pile more.
      Walter Kendrick: See that? I always assume I'm going to win.

    • Michael: Let's hear your thoughts on relationships. Why is it that you can't sustain one? Why do you hurt every person you come into contact with?
      Patty: Michael, stop it!
      Michael: Phil, Uncle Pete, Ray Fiske. People either leave you or they die. Those are the only two endings possible with you. Who's it gonna be next, Mom?

    • Walter Kendrick: What's your price? Give me a number.
      Patty: This isn't about a number. This is about aracite. I want you to clean it up, and I want you to compensate the victims. And I also want you to step down from Ultima National Resources.
      Walter Kendrick: And I want a fairy godmother to make me all nice and pretty for the ball.
      Patty: Maybe you'll change your tune when I put some GPS coordinates in front of a judge.
      Walter Kendrick: That evidence was stolen. It'll be inadmissible.
      Patty: So tell me, why do I feel so damn confident?

    • Daniel: When you were seven, your mother told me about you. We fought... over custody, and we went to court. It got ugly... and eventually, I backed down.
      Michael: I'm sure my mom was pretty vicious.
      Daniel: She was fiercely protective of you.

    • Daniel: The nine circles of hell are for the unrepentant who try to justify their sins.
      Walter Kendrick: I'm a businessman, Daniel. I don't give a shit about fire and brimstone.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Daniel: The nine circles of hell are for the unrepentant...

      In Dante's Inferno, he depicts Hell as being comprised of nine concentric circles in which people who try to justify their sins instead of asking for forgiveness belong.