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  • Writing failure in TV series: Damages.

    What a perfect opp to provide a series that teaches points of law, however small or simple. Have you noticed how absent "any" useful legal learning is from the series. What a disappointment. Based upon a failure to improve over the 1950's series "Perry Mason", my score is 4.5
  • Give me some characters to care about!

    This has to be the first drama where I really haven't cared about any of the characters, super villain or hero. In the end I found more warmth and depth of character in Frobisher than any of GC'S legal team. Got completely bored by episode 9 and couldn't go on any longer. Too slow and who really cares who killed the drippy boyfriend, both Ellen and him may as well have been made of cardboard!
  • Ellen Parsons is horrible

    Ray Fiske was the only reason I continued to watch the show. Something about that southern drawl! Lawyers that moonlight as private eyes??? At times the show is hard to follow. Ellen Parsons is the worst part of the show.
  • The Show Takes Place in Antarctica

    Damages is a solid little show with decent writing and some very good acting. Glenn Close is phenomenal, Zeliko Ivanek is great too, and Rose Byrne has some solid moments as well. The show jumps around with it's story telling so they tell you part of the ending right away and the rest of the season is putting the pieces together, with new details being uncovered throughout each episode. It creates a more mystery feel for the characters and the audience, rather than a regular law procedural.

    The problem is that it must take place in a dystopian future where the Earth is in another mini Ice Age. For some reason, IT IS ALWAYS COLD OUTSIDE. Literally always. Every character wears a heavy coat and sweater in almost every scene. With the jumping around story telling, the show will show you 6 months in the future to help move the mystery along. Well if it's cold in their present, wouldn't it warm up in 6 months? You'd think so. But nope, they all wear pea coats and pullover sweaters. I don't understand.

    Overall good show though.
  • Damages

    Great performances by Glenn Close, Zeliko Ivanek, Marcia Gay Harden, Timothy Olyphant, William Hurt and Ted Dansen. Sadly, the Ellen character was a despicable backstabber and snake in the grass, and the actress, Rose Byrne, has no acting ability.

    The jumping forward and backward in time was annoying and distracting. This series had a lot of potential. The main problem was the casting of Rose Byrne as Ellen, and the directors constant change in timing.
  • about the series

    It had great casting in season 1, acting for Zeljko Ivanek in season 1 and Glenn Close in season 1-2.
  • Why would you work for someone like this?

    This is response to why would people work for her?

    Obviously written by someone who's never worked in the competitive work environment know as New York.

    You work for people like this because you're being paid at the rate of a renowned neurosurgeon. You're well educated. You're highly competitive and a carrot of more resonsibilty, more power and even greater compensation is being dangled in front of you constantly. You decide to resign and you receive a check for $200,000 to retain you.

    That's why you work for someone like this. So, if you can't deal with this way of life, you choice us obvious. Don't ask why. Just stay in a mundane job for the rest of your life.
  • damages

    It's a crying shame some of he best known actors would succumb to acting with 2d rate actors for money and or to exalt themselves above those actors in such a terribly written show MFJ made for jerks and idiots . In my opinion ! In the first episode I thought it would be a good show only to fast realize as Elaine said on Seinfeld about the movie The English Patient Can You say IT SUCKED !!!!! AND DOES DAMAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS IS SO BADLY WRITTEN AND S A HUGE JOKE -DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME... Sorry G C you were great in Fatal Attraction and others but this show IMO hurt you and will follow you along with the other once good actors . .
  • why did people work for her?

    I really like the show, but one thing about it made no sense to me.

    Patty Hewes was a bastard to work for. Tom and Ellen worked for her and had other offers from other law firms. SO WHY DIDN'T THEY QUIT AND GO WITH THEM?

    I know it's only a tv show, fiction, but still that part of it made no sense.
  • only one damage

    Casting of the character for Ellen Parsons couldn't have been worse. This girl is utter superficiality no visible talent other than good looks(go figure---literally, lol). The scene where it depicted Ellen may have been dead felt like a relief, but alas, false alarm.

    Patty Hewes played by actor Glenn Close is supposed to be a "bad guy", thing is Close is - as usual brilliant and the depth and richness and humanity she brings to this character is opposite of what was meant.

    Little Ellen is given money, opportunity upon opportunity and after Hewes says yes to her, she backs out of cases where huge amounts of money have been spent?

    Ellen's character is a barbie doll, backstabbing, felt nothing watching her, least of all any sympathy. Surrounded by an excellent cast Rose Byrne stood out like a sore thumb.
  • this show sucks!

    I really don't know what planet most of these people are from, but this show literally stunk. I made sure to turn it off halfway through the first episode, and so should you. Hardly any of the performances are believable. At best they're forced and ineffectual. Anyone who wrote a good review must be working for FX. The garbage-lovers are out in full force cuz this one is nothing but junk!
  • Season 1

    I started watching season 1 on Amazon Prime. I liked the cast and the show but I cannot stand the way they screw up the time line. After 4 episodes, I quit watching because I got tired of the "4 months earlier". It is impossible to follow the show.
  • Who killed David?

    A pair of men working for Frobisher killed David while attempting to find evidence, Gregory's videotape, which David had hidden in the very Statue of Liberty bookend eventually used to kill him. It later ends up in evidence.

    Near the end of the first season, you find out that one of the murderers is a corrupt police detective. In the second season, it is revealed that the other killer is also a police officer, and both murderers moonlight as contractors for a private security firm. 687
  • This is why fx shines

    I never watched damage until like 4 or 5 seasons had passed. I shouldve known it was top notch because everything on fx is topnotch. its the best station on cable, and damages is so dark with so much back stabbing,, outmaneuvering and stuff, its like damn, people are so selfish and cruel.
  • A Clever Gem

    Damages was a fun and surprising find. I really enjoyed the story arcs of each season. I was also impressed by the acting, dialog, and the overall ability of the show to keep me guessing (even though they gave glimpses into future events). Damages was a smart and compelling show with a unique style that deserves to be imitated.
  • great writers

    After canceling our cable, we decided to go subscribe to Netflix stream, and decided to watch Damages. My husband and I love the darkness of the stories and just finished season 3. Season 5 is still on tv , so I am hoping Netflix will have it to stream as soon as season 5 ends.
  • Damages

    I was a fan of Damages from the beginning. Unfortunately this season the writers have felt it necessary to add extremely foul language and more explicit sex scenes and nudity to what used to be a great series. The acting and story line have always been outstanding, but I feel the series has now been reduced to being trashy. I have decided not to finish watching this final season.
  • Fucking RamSTEIN

    I love Damages. However, fucking pronounce Ramstein correctly. This drove me CRAZY during the 7th Episode. Stein NOT Steen. Who fucking wrote that???
  • great series

    damages is a very great law thriller series, with some very great actors, every episode has a good story and suspenseful can get a little dull in parts but always bounces back, glenn close plays an amazing part as patti hewes should be Oscar winning for her role.
  • I can't believe I watched the whole thing! and DVR scheduled the next season after 1 episode! lol

    I rented the box set and just couldn't stop watching the show! I normally HATE lawyer shows, they're all copycats, but THIS ONE wooooow! It was completely different and less about the mumbo-jumbo lawyer jargin and more about the story. This one was really really good. I'm sure actual lawyers will be pissed at the stereotypes but this was a very pleasing show! I like Mrs. Streep in roles where she's a woman with power who has to make some tough, questionable decisions. It's more believable with the older actresses in these roles- like what she did on the Shield. I laugh when I'm at work because I wonder how many of the female execs are like her because their attitudes remind me of Streep's character here. The other characters vibe well and the writing always leaves something out so that you have more to look forward to- as they did with Season 1 ending. You really can't predict the plots going on and you have to question any character who gets any camera time. This was a well put together crew and storyline to match the talent.
  • I just watched the first season and after all the hype and the reviews, a lot more was expected. No more than 6.0.

    I just watched the first season and after all the hype and the reviews, I was expecting a lot more. The non-linear story line made each episode just annoying and predictable. The dialogues were not electrifying and the acting was at best decent. The show is no "Practice" and it is no "Boston Legal."

    Just because the show revolves around a civil case does not mean its a legal show. Just because Patty Hewes is a gungho lawyer, who kills a dog, breaks promises, manipulates people and tries to kill her associate, does not make her an anti-heroine. There was no true 'ooohh - ahhhh' shock moment in the entire first season. There was no moment were you felt proud about any of the characters, every twist or turn in the season seemed artificial or seemed to have been perpetrated for the purpose of shocking the viewer without providing any real insight.

    I am not certain if the producers and writers simply wanted to tap into an available niche or if the intended target demographic of the show is young educated women who have previously stayed away from the legal genre, but I can only assume that the success of the show is due to this reason. The writing and character development is week and no mythos is created about Ellen Parsons. Simply mentioning that she has great ambition and 'their is something about her,' etc... does not equate to building a character who the audience would want to watch, relate to, or care about.

    The story line of the entire civil suite is at best flimsy. Without dwelling into the complexity of the legal world, the season ends with a 2 billion dollar settlement with two or three links of questionable evidence. The video tape could easily have been coerced, any half-brain lawyer could easily have argued that the recording was made under duress, a gun could have been pointed at the guy and someone could have forced him to say the things he did. The accused would never get a chance to cross examine the testimony and thousand of holes could have been created in that recording. For a show to assume the mantle of a legal drama in 'high-stakes' litigation and then make such obvious and quite frankly retarded mistakes is inexcusable and then for Patty Hewes, to go ahead and turn that tape to the DA after signing the non-disclosure agreement and risking the settlement of 5000 people that throughout the season has been the only thing that she cared about is even more, for a lack of a better word: retarded.

    Weak writing, weak character development, overly presumptuous twists that made no sense, bad litigation, random and unnecessary plot deviation. All of these could be elaborated individually, but at the end, those who get the review will not need to be convinced. Those who call it the best show on TV really need to look into other shows of the same genre of a higher caliber.
  • The last episode of season 3 was an insult to people's intelligence.

    The last episode of season 3 was an insult to people's intelligence. They really forced their hands to create a finale that would never happened. Things such as Tom Shayes quitting in order to be approached by Toby's lawyer, that before the lawyer was cut of Toby's family. And all those killings to finish the story... And then that Joe Tobin leaving the envelope that could send him to jail in a drawer, there to anyone find it in such an easy way. Really, it was disgusting to watch so much stupidity . The last episode just ruined a season that was really good.
  • Intriguing legal entanglements, mystery and suspense great acting, and great writers all wrapped up into a fantastic series. Keeps you salivating for the next episode.

    That Glenn Close and Patty are fantastic actresses. Please keep the seasons going--it is the greatest! The intelligence of the writers is really impressive and these days we know what happens if you don't have great writers--the difference between 24 and Heroes--go figure! Really appreciate the great entertainment Damages offers!

    This show should be aired on national television as well--it's that great--we all know how national TV needs a face lift these days--i.e, Chuck, get real--we are sick of boring, stupid shows--even Burn Notice and Leverage are better programs!

    Love the intrigue and intelligence this show offers--my kind of soap for sure!!!
  • Damages: One of the best shows ever? 'Trust me' it really is, 'Because I know Patty'.

    When Damages aired in 2007, it quickly rose to critical acclaim for its fabulous writing and brilliant acting. Glenn Close & Rose Bryne are fantastic.

    Damages is all about Patty Hewes (Close) thirst to close cases no matter what the cost. But things quickly get complicated when she hires Ellen Parsons (Bryne)to work with her; as she proves to be a match for Patty. Sooner than later they are both going behind each others backs to 'out do' the other, in a game of cat and mouse. Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't watched it; nothing is ever as it seems. This show; full of twists and turns, suspense, dry humour and a unique style of story telling, always left you wanting more, but sadly it has been reported that there wont be anymore after the successful third season.

    However it still remains on of my all time favourite shows, for its wonderful stories and characters over the years. A show criminally underwatched and misunderstood, a deffinate gem for televison of this decade. So if you haven't seen it, I advise you to not miss out. To me this show vastly became 'Sort Of Like Family'. So "Get Me A Lawyer", go and watch Damages. Brilliant. 10/10.
  • Even though I really like this show, I have to say that its plotlines are very convoluted and you REALLY have to watch closely to keep up with what's going on.

    The whole concept of "Damages" really appealed to me from the start. I had to get over a personal aversion to Glenn Close in order to watch this, but I am a big fan of Rose Byrne so that helped a great deal.

    One thing you can say about "Damages" is that it is never dull! There is action from start to finish as we follow Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) as she chases corporate America through the courts for the crimes they have committed against ordinary citizens. But Patty is no Snow White, she is ruthless enough to have people murdered on a whim and bend and break the law on any level in order to win her cases. Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) is a great foil for this as she doesn't follow orders quite as easily and sees Patty for what she is far more quickly than most.

    An excellent (if speedy) romp through the jungles of the legal minefield which is the speciality of Hewes and Associates which you should watch. Just remember, watch closely or you'll miss something vital!
  • Where do I start... Glenn Close is fantastic!

    There's no need to say it again, but I will. Glenn Close is fantastic. She's the main reason I decided to watch this show. It's a beautifully written drama about attorneys and criminals and about the difficulty to know the difference between them. It's a hight voltage show about loyalty and trust, and about lies and betrayal. The first season was a simple perfection, some episodes were not very intense, but most of them made me forget to breathe. The second season was not as brilliant as the 1st one, but still very very good.
    Glenn Close is a real queen of the show, her character is not a fairy godmother, but there is no single person in this show who is. There are no 100% good or 100% bad guys, but there's Patty Hewes and I stick to her.
  • Pretty good. Pret-ty-pret-ty good.

    So I just started watching this show with the start of season 2, thanks to the recomendation of a few trusted friends. Glad I made this discovery, because I think it's one of the best under the radar shows out there right now.

    Ever she scared the bejeezus out of every living man in Fatal Attraction Glenn Close has always had my attention. She gives one of her most gripping performances of the season in this episode...and I can't believe she's not getting more recognition.

    Finally, I thought this episode had some great music. I was ecstatic to hear the song "Said So What," by one of my favorite bands, The French Kicks, in this episode.
  • i knew a show with glen close had to be awesome BUT this is way above my expectations! the acting is too good to describe and the plot is worthy of a chinese puzzle! special mention Zeljko Ivanek or ray.how come this guy has been under the radar

    i knew a show with glen close had to be awesome BUT this is way above my expectations! the acting is too good to describe and the plot is worthy of a chinese puzzle!
    special mention Zeljko Ivanek or ray.how come this guy has been under the radar since? the scene with patty were he kills himself?wow

    kudos to everyone in this show.i stumbled upon the show by accident and have been hooked since!

    i dont like many tv shows but this is a 10 in my books every epoisode is amazing.
    jus hope they finish this storyline before season 2 and people i honestly dont see anything wrong in forbishers actions so i hope in the end they keep the moralising down to a minimum and call it a draw.
  • It has finally arrived.............the great television program that makes you want more! Thanks for having something worthwhile to watch!

    This is the best show to come along in a long time. Can't remember when I have looked forward to each episode of any other show like this one. Hate to see it come to an end and hope it becomes a regular. Acting is fantastic! Needs more advertising though, because I still talk to people who have not seen it or heard about it. Have tivo'd each program and will enjoy seeing them all over again. Thanks for running all of them this past weekend. Glenn Close is at her best and Ted Danson has showed a side of him that is the great actor.
  • It's the best legal drama series on TV. Glenn Close is superb and the other characters as well. The writing and story line are both excellent as well.

    Excellent! This is the best legal show ever. The writing is superb and the acting is superb. I patiently await the next season and maybe the first series will be re-run. One problem I noted was that the show was not well advertised. People heard about it but didn't know when and where to find it. Silly I know, but a comment I heard more often than I care to admit.. It's been my favorite show and when it ends, I'm so disappointed. The interest level and drama is equal to the early shows of the Sopranos.