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  • I can't believe I watched the whole thing! and DVR scheduled the next season after 1 episode! lol

    I rented the box set and just couldn't stop watching the show! I normally HATE lawyer shows, they're all copycats, but THIS ONE wooooow! It was completely different and less about the mumbo-jumbo lawyer jargin and more about the story. This one was really really good. I'm sure actual lawyers will be pissed at the stereotypes but this was a very pleasing show! I like Mrs. Streep in roles where she's a woman with power who has to make some tough, questionable decisions. It's more believable with the older actresses in these roles- like what she did on the Shield. I laugh when I'm at work because I wonder how many of the female execs are like her because their attitudes remind me of Streep's character here. The other characters vibe well and the writing always leaves something out so that you have more to look forward to- as they did with Season 1 ending. You really can't predict the plots going on and you have to question any character who gets any camera time. This was a well put together crew and storyline to match the talent.