Damages - Season 2

DirecTV (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Trust Me
    Episode 13
    Patty goes to extremes to win her case against UNR. Everyone involved in the case tries to pick sides and to save their own skins. Ellen stumbles upon material she can use against Patty and her quest for revenge builds to an explosive conclusion.
  • 3/25/09
    In her war against UNR, Patty makes a decision that puts Tom at risk. Meanwhile, Tom makes a shocking discovery of his own and Daniel Purcell helps Patty fit the remaining pieces of the puzzle together.
  • London. Of Course.
    Episode 11
    Claire Maddox risks her career to oust Walter Kendrick. Ellen, with the aid of a private investigator, discovers a secret that will forever change Patty. Ellen continues to look into the connection between Frobisher and Calder security. Meanwhile, Patty prepares for war against UNR.
  • 3/11/09
    Patty turns the pressure on against UNR, Claire discovers a shocking secret about the company she has spent her life defending, and the FBI investigation into Hewes & Associates takes a dramatic new turn.
  • 3/4/09
    Patty blames the FBI for what happened to Uncle Pete and decides to wage war against them. When Tom is told that the firm is under investigation, he tries to find out more about the case through his contacts, only to discover that there may be a bigger conspiracy behind the FBI's interest in Patty and her firm.moreless
  • Uncle Pete's life hangs in the balance after his attempted suicide, and the feds are waiting to see if their key to bringing down Patty will still be viable. Ellen goes back to grief counseling when it's apparent that she can't move on from David, while Wes is given orders to direct his attentions elsewhere when Ellen proves reluctant to share.moreless
  • New York Sucks
    Episode 7
    Ellen and Patty disagree on how to go against Ultima National Resources while Tom hooks up with a hooker who has a potential connection to UNR. Ellen and Katie continues to find the truth behind David's murder. The FBI gets a new lead to try to bring Patty down.
  • 2/11/09
    Patty uses the media to lower UNR's stock. In retaliation, UNR sues her with defamation charges. Patty has an unlikely aide at her side in secrecy. Ellen goes back to David's apartment for the first time in months and deals with the repercussions and a new surprise waiting for her.
  • 2/4/09
    After Purcell's public betrayal in the courtroom, Patty detaches herself from him emotionally, but remains determined to take on the UNR case. At the same time, she begins to be suspicious of Ellen and her possible involvement in the set-up of the infant mortality case. Ellen, sensing Patty's growing distrust, tries a new tactic in order to keep from blowing her cover.moreless
  • Hey! Mr. Pibb
    Episode 4
    While Patty concentrates on having Daniel Purcell's murder charges dropped, Ellen and Tom travel to West Virginia to strengthen their against Ultima National Resources. With Purcell in tow, Patty goes up against Claire Maddox in a motion hearing.
  • I Knew Your Pig
    Episode 3
    Patty begins to suspect Purcell of withholding vital information as Ellen uncovers a decade-old secret from Patty and Purcell's past. Purcell contracts someone to investigate the water contamination in West Virginia. The FBI backs off temporarily in pursuing a case versus Patty.
  • 1/14/09
    Patty decides to concentrate on Daniel Purcell's case against the energy companies and tells Tom Shayes to take first chair on the infant mortality case brought in by Ellen. Ellen continues to seek retribution for David's murder and revenge against Patty with the aid of the FBI.
  • I Lied, Too
    Episode 1
    Following the Frobisher settlement, Patty concentrates on establishing a charitable foundation when an old friend contacts her. She gets entangled in a new case involving corporate fraud and greed. Ellen continues working with the FBI to destroy Patty.