Season 1 Episode 10

Sort of Like a Family

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on DirecTV
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With both sides prepared as the date for the Frobisher deposition dawns. Patty reassigns her less important tasks to Ellen, who on her own, investigates George Moore. Arthur Frobisher receives unsettling news during the deposition.

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  • Perfect! Absolutely amazing episode and this one shows why the show is so great.

    WOW! Huge revelation at the end of this episode!!! Patty had a blood spot on her shoe and this can only mean one of two things: 1) She was there during the attack on Ellen or 2) She helped remove the body and clean up the apartment. Which one is it? I'm banking on the second but it could very well end up being neither of those and something else entirely. Still, this was a huge revelation and it left me with my mouth hanging wide open as the credits began to roll. I knew Patty had something to do with the attack on Ellen, she had to have been involved. Though I didn't think she would be involved to the point that she was present at the apartment.

    Anyway, we learned a lot about some of the other mysteries this week as well. A big deal has been made about Gregory Malina's connection to Frobisher and the fact that he sold 1000 shares of Frobisher's stock the same day as him. Last night we found out that Gregory had received the stock from Ray and Ray was also the one who tipped him off to sell it. Now we know for sure where he got the stock from and we are 100% sure that Frobisher knew what was going on and intended to defraud everyone. Before this it was still speculation since we didn't have any admissions or direct evidence to link Frobisher to any intent. But with Ray, his closest confidant, tipping off Gregory we know that everyone in Frobisher's camp knew what was going on and when it was going to happen.

    Throughout the rest of the episode pieces started to come together as we're approaching the night of the murders. This was by far one of the best episodes of the season and is setting us up for an amazing season finale. I have nothing bad to say about this show. The writing is top notch and the acting just as good. The big names and the new faces are both showing the world that this is one of the best shows on cable.

    David's dream in the beginning of the episode really creeped me out. I think I had nightmares about Glenn Close after that one. I wonder why he had such a random dream like that except maybe he believes Patty is going to screw him and Ellen over. Later in the episode, Patty meets with Ray and Gregory's murder comes up. She really shouldn't be judging him for being involved. Granted its a horrible thing he did but Patty is no better. Just because she hasn't committed a human murder yet doesn't make her actions above reproach. She is the last person that should be judging anyone. Case in point, her treatment of Ellen. She uses her, treats her like a prize employee, and then as soon as Gregory is out of play tosses her aside like a rotten piece of meat. Except, not only has Ellen never done anything wrong, but quite to the contrary she has been an extraordinary attorney. She even found the new witness who used to work for Mr. Moore at the SEC. Patty is just an evil person and I have a feeling that one day it's going to catch up to her when she least expects it.

    I have to say that Rose Byrne (Ellen) is doing a great job alternating between the past-Ellen and present-Ellen. In the present, she is very dark; nothing like she was before everything starting going down hill with Patty and the case. It's great to see a different side to Ellen's character and Rose has been incredible. I'm actually enjoying the dark-side of Ellen. She very assertive and seductive. It's a very interesting change to watch.

    The big question of the night though is who is tailing Ellen? It could be any number of people but my money is on Uncle Pete. Patty seems to be stepping up her tactics and I wouldn't put it past her to have Ellen tailed so she can control her even more. Whoever it is probably has a big role to play in the events to come. The other big question, who was the service man that came up stairs? Apparently there's a service elevator and that's probably how the attacker got to Patty's apartment but that doorman seemed very odd. Maybe he's involved somehow.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Episode Title: "That's... sort of like a family" is a line spoken by Patty to Arthur Frobisher as he discusses the relationship between a company's management and its workers.

    • The phone number, (212)752-4708, heard on Ellen's voice mail in this episode is actually a working phone number. The number is to Hewes and Associates. They also have a website, www.hewesassociates.com.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (as Arthur leaves his family temporarily to prepare for his deposition)
      Arthur: Hey, Mohammed Ali used to hole up for six weeks before a fight.
      Bethie: Who's that?
      Arthur: Greatest fighter of all time. After me.

    • Carl Lambert: Character is what you do in the dark.

    • (after Arthur picks a tie for his deposition)
      Ray: Use a Windsor. It's assertive and formidable.
      Arthur: You know, I never learned how to tie that, actually. Can you believe that? Billionaire doesn't know how to tie a rich man's knot?

    • Arthur: I want to thank you, Ray.
      Ray: For my invaluable sartorial assistance?
      Arthur: No, for everything. The last 16 years. Especially the last five. I mean, I know it hasn't been easy. I know I can sometimes be kind of a...
      Ray: Bull in a china shop?

    • Arthur: (to Ellen) You know, when I was your age, I used to run from moments like this, standing two feet from somebody who hates your guts. Now I live for this shit.

    • Patty: (to Ellen) You are in this office to wait for instructions. You don't have license to think.

    • Ellen: I'm so sick of your bullshit.
      Patty: What did you say to me?
      Ellen: You heard me.
      Patty: Get out. And don't bother coming back.

    • (Ray talks to Patty on the phone and offers 500 million dollars as settlement)
      Patty: If Gregory Malina was worth killing, he must have known something. If he testified, my guess, we'd be talking ten figures. (long pause) Not so chatty now, are you, Ray?

    • Patty: Gregory Malina's dead.
      Ray: Oh, my...
      Patty: Hit-and-run.
      Ray: Oh, my...That's horrible.
      Patty: I guess we'll never know what really happened.
      Ray: Oh, my...Maybe the police will find the guy.
      Patty: I won't hold my breath. And, Ray... shame on you.

    • Patty: I have a lot of questions.
      Ray: That's what Wikipedia's for.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Carl Lambert: Character is what you do in the dark. Isn't that what Christ teaches us?

      In the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 6, Verse 3), it is written, "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." American evangelist Dwight L. Moody is credited for coining the phrase, "Character is what you are in the dark."