Season 4 Episode 1

There's Only One Way to Try a Case

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2011 on DirecTV

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    Just when we thought we were through with Damages after season three, DirecTV gave it the miracle renewal and they have already sucked us back in after one episode.

    John Goodman, fresh off his stint on the acclaimed Treme, has created yet another compelling character, this time as the villainous CEO of High Star. Perfect role for him and he fits in perfectly with the show. Can't wait to see where this goes. Dylan Baker, another strong actor, did a good job although his character is a little more mysterious and I'm sure we'll learn more about his past in the coming episodes.

    This was not quite the Damages we remember from FX, but it was a solid start. The intrigue of who is captured and being held already has me scratching my head thinking.

    Thank you for saving our show DirecTV, now don't let us down this year.
  • There's Now Only One Way To Watch Damages.

    Damages returns in "There's more than one way to try a case" which debuts on DirectTv, and I'm sure I'm not the only one thankful that the show got picked up for another two seasons. The opener of season 4, although a bit slow, Set all the ground work of what, I'm sure, will become another brilliant season of Damages -(Spoilers).

    3 years have past since the finale of season 3, which works well with viewers;it has been over one year since it has been on our screens.
    Ellen, now working for another lawfirm, has been struggling to find a case both interesting for her, and one that she can truely sink her teeth into. This brings her to TriStar, a Milatary contractor who she wants to sue over a wrongful death, with the help of her High School Friend: Chris Sanchez.

    Meanwhile, Patty, on the other hand, is struggling as herself, and as a grandmother, looking after her granddaughter as her son is MIA. She warns Ellen that taking on such a big case is going to be problematic, and that TriStar is a well protected company, lead by John Goodman. Eventually, it appears that Patty will end up joining Ellen on taking on TriStar, brining both of them back together again. Like I said, this episode was slower paced, but its bound to happen as its the first episode of the season. As with the other seasons, I'm sure the main plots and sub plots are carefully plotted.
    I wonder where the Nanny/Michael storyline will take Patty. Aswell as the main Tristar conspiracy, and the 3 month jump - Who is the man that gets beaten to death. One can only wait and see what this season of Damages has in store. But for one I am glad it is back, I just hope it picks up its pace in the next set of episodes.
  • A New Season, A New Damages

    Thanks to DirecTV's miraculous pickup of our favorite cable legal show for two more season we get to see a whole lot more Ellen Parsons and Patty Hewes corporate take downs. Three years have passed and Ellen now works for a new law firm but is trying to put together a case again Highstar Security which is private security firm working in Afghanistan led by the supposedly shady Howard Erickson. Ellen reaches out to an old high school friend who left Highstar after a bad mission hoping for his help in getting dirt on the company. Patty is currently pursuing a French pharmaceutical leader for wrongful drug trials but after she and Ellen discuss Highstar and warning Ellen to stay away she herself becomes entangled in the mystery behind the company. Erickson faces Congress not renewing his contracts when the leader of the subcommittee that funds him will not meet with him and he wants to get funded any way possible with help from a friendly Congresswoman and his associate cleaner type who sees Sanchez as a threat and goes so far as to kill Sanchez's physician who was recommended to him. Good start and now that we have the leg work of the legal case and most of the blanks filled in we can get to the good stuff. Not sure what to think of the flashforward but just for irony's sake I think it must just be Sanchez since Ellen promises it will be all right and we all know how far her promises have gone in this series. Thank you tv gods from on high, I also really enjoy that it can get away with more adult content now and people can finally say f*ck and stuff.