Season 2 Episode 13

Trust Me

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2009 on DirecTV
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Patty goes to extremes to win her case against UNR. Everyone involved in the case tries to pick sides and to save their own skins. Ellen stumbles upon material she can use against Patty and her quest for revenge builds to an explosive conclusion.

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  • Never saw that coming.

    Very unexpected ending, finally Messer dies! ( anyone else find him extremely irrating? )

    Throughout the entire season I really thought Ellen shot Patty but of course on Damages its not the obvious solution now is it? Thought Ellen would have roasted Patty's ass but no she bailed her out. I really thought Patty would have got Ellen sent down but i'm glad she didn't. As Patty said at the end of the episode ' She'll be back. '

    Can anyone else not wait until season 3? Anyone have any ideas about where season 3 will take us? ( I'm from the UK and I've saw the ratings does anyone think Damages will cancel soon? )moreless
  • Wow.

    Glenn Close said on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night that the finale of Damages was going to be something "nobody saw coming". And it was.

    We all thought we knew what happened in the apartment, but we were not even close. The last twenty minutes of the show were simply incredible and this episode can only be viewed as bittersweet. It was good in the sense that we all got the payoff we've been waiting for and there is still plenty of story to told be next year. The bad part? We have to wait until next year to get more Damages.

    But I will not dwell on that too much as this episode was outstanding, and as good as I had hoped it would be. I see no reason Glenn Close does not win the Emmy this year, and I do not see how Mad Men could possibly beat out Damages in Outstanding Drama either.moreless
  • Loved It Loved It Loved It....

    I Loved this episode..the brama reached heights it never reached during the first season! Pattys confession at that moment was some of the finest acting you'll ever see in TV, Ellens restrained performance was the perfect balance between the two!

    I thought the way they got all stithed up in the end showed patty to have some humanity!

    Also it gave us a bit of a teaser of what t expect next season! I hope it will be of a more faster pace than this season and will show how tv shows should be made, high tensions perfect drama with a hint of a reality... this episode perfection personified... cant wait for season 3!moreless
  • Exactly why i love damages!

    Amazing, i was afraid that they don't cover it out all the "damage" caused. Flashback really drive me crazy, in a good way, i really don't expect all what happens. My favorite episode ever, even better when Ray kill himself in Patty's office. Love it, and love Ellen, i didn't expect she do what she do. Really amazin. I rather that this season had more episodes, 13 its too short for this kind of show, but is better when u whatch it non-stop, that cut it off in midseason. I think this is one of the best shows ever on TV now and then. Can't wait for next season.moreless
  • Surprisingly unexpected Ending

    At Last!! But i Can't say that everything was unexpected! especially about tom sister(DA)but

    i was mostly surprised, it very strong season finale

    But it's kind odd with Tom why would he come to office and demand to speak to Patty,the Dirty Cop was obvious , cause couple episodes was certain that Timothy Olyphant Character shot him in car,

    and i think he'll become regular in next season, cause his hasn't been told. and there was scene with Frobisher, it probably hint about his return to next season, and i guess next season they gonna try to destroy Him or He will attempt to do something?moreless
Kevin Kilner

Kevin Kilner

Carter Wilcox

Guest Star

Kevin Corrigan

Kevin Corrigan

Finn Garrity

Guest Star

Lynn Cohen

Lynn Cohen

Stefania McKee

Guest Star

Glenn Kessler

Glenn Kessler

Agent L.J. Werner

Recurring Role

Zachary Booth

Zachary Booth

Michael Hewes

Recurring Role

Tom Aldredge

Tom Aldredge

Uncle Pete

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The second season and the first season both ended with Patty on the dock at her beach house.

    • Episode Title: The line "trust me" is spoken four times in the episode.
      • by Ellen to Agent Werner before she meets Patty in the hotel room and tries to make Patty confess to ordering her murder
      • by Tom to the Hewes & Associates security guard as he tries to relay an important message to Patty
      • by Patty to Ellen when Patty tells her to hand the briefcase to Judge Oliver
      • by Patty to Tom as she contradicts his belief that they will never hear from Ellen again

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Patty: The alternative... is to believe in our case and trust the system.
      Ellen: Judge Oliver doesn't believe in the system. He believes in money.

    • Tom: (to Ellen) Patty is-is... is no saint. She crosses the line sometimes. But she does it for a reason. she fights for people that nobody else gives a shit about. Why are you doing this to her? What did she ever do to you?

    • Patty: A man's wife was murdered to protect your investments. And the company you've been trading has poisoned thousands of people so you could turn your profits.
      Finn Garrity: I don't know anything about that.
      Patty: Maybe not. Anyway, I don't care, Mr. Garrity. I've been having one hell of a shitty month, and someone is gonna pay.

    • Michael: I'm not going to college.
      Patty: Why not?
      Michael: For you, Mom. Look at you.
      Patty: What is that supposed to mean?
      Michael: You need a man in your life. And you have no one left but me.

    • Michael: What did you do with all my stuff?
      Patty: I sent it to Jill's. Isn't that where you're going to be living? You don't have any children. It'd be nice to have a boy around the house.

    • Patty: The only one that was loyal to me was Pete... and you.
      Ellen: I haven't stuck by you because of loyalty.
      Patty: No?
      Ellen: I believe in what you do.
      Patty: Well, that's all I can ask for.

    • Stefania McKee: If Pete did anything bad, it was for Patty.
      Ellen: Why do you say that?
      Stefania McKee: Because everything he did was for Patty. And now he's dead.

    • Ellen: (to Patty) what's the matter? You shouldn't be scared. Actually... I take that back. You should be scared. You should be terrified.

    • Ellen: You know, working for you this past year, I... think I understand you. You're corrupt, narcissistic, cruel...
      Patty: I can be.
      Ellen: But so is the rest of the world.

    • Ray: Patty... there are things far worse than death. Like living with lies. You know what you've done. Now you have a chance to set things right.
      Patty: Ray...
      Ray: There are things far worse than death. Don't worry about dying, Patty. Face your fear. Face yourself.

  • NOTES (5)