Season 1 Episode 7

We Are Not Animals

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2007 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

Ray Fiske and Patty appear live in on the show of Greta Van Susteren on FOX. While Ray appears haggard and worn out, Ellen is in good spirits and appears confident during the interview. Gregory walks on the street with a hood over his head when he bumps into some lady. As he helps her up, the woman hands Greg a subpoena earlier prepared by Patty Hewes' team. Later, in a room rented for him by Ray, Greg complains to Ray about his living arrangements. He then reassures Fiske that he hasn't told anyone about the Frobisher stock. Meanwhile, Patty visits her son Michael at the boot camp/rehabilitation center and catches him mopping the floor. While Patty insists that he should come home, Michael refuses to abide by Patty's wishes. Later at the office, Patty sees that Ellen and Tom are getting along far too well. She tries to bait Ellen into admitting to being asked by Tom to work for him during the time Tom broke free from Patty's hold. When Ellen denies it, Patty just asks her to keep an eye on Tom for her. Ellen immediately goes to Tom about it and they both agree to not tell Patty anything. Greg's handler approaches Ray and questions him about the whereabouts of Greg. Ray doesn't reveal where Greg is staying and insists that they can take care of things legally, but Greg's handler still isn't convinced. Back at home, Patty is pissed at not being able to work the TIVO. Phil helps her with it while they talk about the situation with Michael. Phil is fine with Michael deciding for himself while Patty is adamant that he should be coming home soon. Hewes and Fiske appear before the judge of the Frobisher case to discuss the pending subpoena. Patty reveals that they have proof that Greg was able to sell his stock before its value crashed. With that, the judge upholds the subpoena and allows the deposition of Gregory. Ray immediately goes to Greg and orders him to leave town. Patty tries to create tension between Ellen and Tom when she approaches Ellen privately, but in the sight of Tom. Tom then thinks Ellen has turned on him and has told Patty about their little secret. The seed of doubt has been planted in Tom and he begins to give Ellen the cold treatment. Ellen, worried about her situation in the office, confides to David, who just gets mad for her always yapping about work. When he learns that the subpoena has been upheld, Greg's handler calls on Bearded Guy to take care of their problem once and for all. Later, Patty secretly meets with Greg and reminds him that they're the only ones who are keeping him from being dead, so he shouldn't skip town and evade the deposition. Patty visits his son again at the rehab center, this time bringing with her emancipation papers for Michael to sign. Later, Michael finally agrees to come home and doesn't sign the papers. Fiske and Hewes' team are waiting for the arrival of the star witness, Gregory, to the deposition as Greg gets dressed up at his crappy apartment with Patty's hired man guarding him. Greg suddenly picks up a baseball bat, whacks his bodyguard on the head, and escapes. Patty is left with an empty witness chair and reschedules the deposition. And as Greg runs around the city, Bearded Guy trails him. In the flash forwards, Ellen relates to Hollis Nye the circumstances leading to her staying at Patty's apartment -- that after the fight she had with David, Patty offered for her to use her apartment while she was away for the weekend. She also tells him that someone might have cleaned up the apartment after she left the dead body. The police officially charges Ellen for murdering her ex-fiancé after they find her fingerprints on the bloodied Statue of Liberty bookend. Tom comes to Ellen's aid as he arrives at the police station where Ellen is being held. He tells Ellen that even he doesn't know the whereabouts of Patty at that time. As soon as he leaves Ellen, Tom leaves a message on Patty's phone to tell her it's not a good time to return. At the same time, Ellen, who doesn't trust Tom at all, calls Hollis Nye and tells him that Tom will lead him to Patty.