Season 5 Episode 1

You Want to End This Once and For All?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2012 on DirecTV

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  • Good, but why show how it will end?

    Damages has always played with the game of showing the ending of each season during every episode. Sometimes, the ending has been misleading, sometimes not.

    In season 1, Ellen's fiance is murdered and we see his murder in the first episode.

    We see Tom's murder in the first episode of a season as well.

    I'm quite tired of Ellen always being 2 steps behind Patty and not giving her the venom she deserves. (we saw a little of that in season 2 when she held a gun to Patty's head)

    Spoiler?? We see Ellen at the end of the first episode lying dead? on the pavement. Why show this is in the first episode. Even if this was some sort of plan by Ellen to get Patty arrested, I would rather be surprised.

    Did Patty or her new friend murder Darma:p ? ( I can't be arsed to look up her name)

    This IS the last season and I hope Ellen comes out on top, but it looks like she ends up dead. Looks can be deceiving , however, on this show.
  • Season Five Premiere

    If there was a criticism to be made for Damages it would be that seasons usually start off very slowly, but they erased that problem tonight with a great episode. We saw Patty at her fiercest, something we rarely got last season, and we saw the stage set for a great courtroom battle (maybe) between Ellen and Patty.

    An intriguing case, lying, murder, this is everything Damages does well and I look forward to a strong final season.