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Damon and his partner Stacy, two cops, go undercover as a pimp and his hooker to nail Runuti, the owner of an escort service; they bust him but have to release him because the camera broke and they have nothing on tape. Damon's brother Bernard is having marital problems, so he's sleeping on Damon's couch. Damon says Bernard's problem is that he has no idea how to communicate with women. Billy, the clueless new guy, arrives at work and immediately becomes the butt of everyone's jokes. Bernard, who's a security guard, is embarrassed when two thugs rob the shop where he's ordering coffee and leave him tied up. The Captain calls Damon into her office, announces she's about to re-enter the world of dating and asks for his advice; he suggests that his "hard as nails" boss needs to soften up a little bit. She tells him he has two days to wrap up the Runuti case or she's pulling him off it. Bernard complains that Damon doesn't support him in his career, so Damon says Bernard can accompany him as he tries once again to bust Runuti. Dr. Helen Troy, the police psychiatrist, holds a sexual harassment seminar in the squad room, which is quickly reduced to chaos by Jimmy, Damon, Stacy and Carrol. And Damon and Bernard bust Runuti, and Bernard couldn't be more proud and happy.moreless
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