Dan For Mayor

Season 1 Episode 5

An Engagement in Hell

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 29, 2010 on CTV
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An Engagement in Hell
Dan needs some backers for his campaign, and finds one that he thinks will bring in voters from all walks of life. He uses Claire's engagement party as an opportunity to schmooze the potential supporter; Claire's reaction is not at all what he thought it would be.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Dan: You know what you should do; you should go over there and talk to them.
      Steve: Ah, it's probably too soon; I just got out of a divorce.
      Dan: So you were married?
      Steve: Yeah.
      Dan: I mean, like, regular married.
      Steve: What do you mean by that?
      Dan: I mean, legally.
      Steve: Yeah, legally. We had to do it in Vermont.
      Dan: Ah, yeah...
      Steve: Yeah, Jesse's family's from there.

      Same-sex marriage was legalized Canada-wide on July 20, 2005; in Ontario (where the fictional town of Wessex is) on June 10, 2003; and in Quebec (where Steve is from) on March 19, 2004. Same-sex marriages were legalized in Vermont on Sept. 1, 2009; there would be no need for any Canadian to travel to Vermont for the sole reason of a same-sex marriage.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Dan: You got something against kings?
      Charlie: The guy's a right-wing creep.
      Dan: So he's a little right-wing; everyone's entitled to their...
      Charlie: He's against recycling.
      Dan: It can be a pain.
      Charlie: He wants to shut down Earth Day.
      Dan: Well, if we have an Earth Day, then we have to have one for all the other planets.

    • Dan: Should we really be talking to this guy? I heard he's super conservative.
      Jeff: Ah, maybe, but he's also gay.
      Dan: The billboard guy? Nah, he's not gay... he's a king!
      Jeff: Oh, he's gay. When I told him he looked good, he said thanks, then he talked to his secretary. (Dan gives him a look) Okay, I'm not telling the story well. He offered me something to drink! He's gay!

    • Jeff: [Steve]'s right-wing, so you get business people on your side, but he's gay, so you get the left-wing too. You get both wings! Plus the middle part.
      Dan: The fuselage?
      Jeff: I was thinking more on a chicken. What do you call that part?
      Dan: The chicken.
      Jeff: Okay, fuselage.

    • Dan: Can I have the shift back?
      Charlie: No.
      Dan: No, no, wait, I've got a good excuse. The reason I didn't want it in the first place was because I thought it would be awkward for me there with Claire and Mike. But now, I have a date with somebody else; I'm moving on, that's healthy, that's good! But I've got to meet a guy to find out if he's gay so he can back my campaign, and he's going to be at the engagement party. And the only way I can get out of the date without looking like an idiot is to work the shift.
      Charlie: (looking confused) And the good excuse is...?

    • Mrs. Kendall: I remember our engagement party; your father threw my panties into the punch bowl.
      Mr. Kendall: It's hard not to get nostalgic at these things.

  • NOTES (0)


    • (waving his hand in front of Fern's face)
      Dan: But you don't need us to work.
      Fern: (blankly) I don't need you to work.
      Dan: You'll work out another solution.
      Fern: (blankly) I'll work out another solution.
      Dan: (to Charlie) It only works with him about half the time, but when it does... ha ha ha!

      The hand motion that Dan uses followed by Fern blankly repeating what Dan says is a reference to the original Star Wars movie, Star Wars: A New Hope, Episode IV (1977), in which Obi-wan Kenobi uses his Jedi mind powers on a weaker willed Stormtrooper to convince him that "these aren't the droids you're looking for."