Dan For Mayor

Season 2 Episode 4

Claire 2.0

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 26, 2011 on CTV
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Claire 2.0
Dan's ratings in the popularity polls take a dive when he tables raising the property tax in Wessex. All the political hubbub puts Dan in the hot seat with a student reporter who goes overboard in letting the denizens of Wessex know about Dan's spelling skills. Mike decides it's time to move upwards and onwards from Claire.moreless

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      • Alan: Okay, we're all set for tonight; I booked extra security, you're going to be well back from the crowd, but make sure you're near the fire exit in case things get hairy.
        Dan: Wow. I didn't know spelling bees could get so nasty.
        Alan: No, the town-hall meeting. About the property taxes. People get mad, throw things... fight... sometimes there's sandwiches.
        Dan: Sandwiches? What kind of sandwiches?

      • Melanie: Mike's told me a lot about you.
        Claire: All good things, I hope!
        (Melanie and Mike look away in an uncomfortable silence)

      • Alan: We don't want to read about the Mayor's new tax initiative, we want to read "City Council Raises Property Taxes".
        Dan: Oh, so how do I do that?
        Alan: Just say "we", not "I".
        Dan: We?
        Alan: Not I.
        Dan: Okay, I got it.
        Alan: We got it... uhhhh, we can't believe you're not getting this.

      • Claire: Is that what this is about?
        Mike: Is that what what is about?
        Claire: You asking me out to bump into Melanie to make me feel bad?
        Mike: No! I just thought that you should meet 2-point-oh... as in "Claire 2.0". But it's not about comparing you to her and having you come up short.

      • Alan: Thanks to your stupidity, the tax hike's buried on page 12.
        Dan: So now instead of the jerk who raises taxes, now I'm the idiot who can't spell.
        Alan: I know! Isn't it great? Or should I say... "extrordinary"?

      • Dan: Let me make it up to you. Let me judge another spelling bee!
        Jeff: Ha, so I can end up one of the parents who "volunteers" to check students for lice? I don't think so.
        Dan: Come on, Jeff, it's really important to me!
        Jeff: Oh, I get it, you just want another smoke-screen for this tax thing.
        Dan: No, I want to prove to people that I can spell.
        Jeff: You think spelling bees happen every day of the week? Like I can just snap my fingers, and boom, you're a spelling bee judge?
        Dan: Oh, so there's not another one for a while then?
        Jeff: (snapping his fingers) Wait a second... my daughter's class is having a spelling bee today. I could probably get you in on that.

      • Melanie: Hey, Mike, I got your message; what's so urgent?
        Mike: Melanie, first, I want you to know, it's not me, it's you.
        Melanie: What?

      • Reporter: I wouldn't mind talking about that property tax hike.
        Dan: I thought we were going to talk about my spelling... I, I mean, her spelling.
        Reporter: Now, that wouldn't be much of a story; "Girl Wins Spelling Bee." (to Kaylee) No offence.

      • Dan: I didn't know Jeff's daughter was a remedial speller.
        Alan: That was Jeff's daughter? You take no prisoners!
        Dan: No, it wasn't a tactic!
        Alan: Whatever you say, Machiavelli. People still aren't talking about the tax hike.
        Dan: Yeah, because they think I'm a jerk.
        Alan: And stupid! This is fantastic.

      • Dan: I want to give you money in the budget to, uh, keep the reading recovery program to help with childhood literacy.
        Librarian: Is this some kind of trick? No one ever gives us money.
        Dan: Why would you think this is a trick? No, this is a completely selfless act to help the reading impaired. Now, why don't we take this opportunity for a photo? Smile!

      • Dan: Oh, that's Claire 2.0, huh? Well, I think Claire 1.0 is way hotter.
        Claire: You know, for a dumb mayor, you're pretty smart. Come here. (she kisses him)
        Dan: But she's a better kisser.

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