Dan For Mayor

Season 1 Episode 4

Inside the War Room

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 22, 2010 on CTV
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Inside the War Room
Jeff has returned to Dan's campaign, and after Dan's recent lies, Claire has joined Alan Duffy's campaign, but finds out that truthfulness is something that is malleable in politics. Jeff and Dan search for a campaign office that fits their budget.

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      • Jeff: Look, I'm sorry! We can't afford a campaign office. We can't afford a picture of a campaign office.
        Fern: Hey, if you guys need a place to hang your hats, I got a back room behind the bar.
        Dan: No, I don't want a crummy little room behind a bar, I want a real office.
        Fern: Don't dis my back room.
        Jeff: I'm sure it's very nice.
        Fern: Don't patronize it either... jeez!
        Dan: You were a little patronizing. I want you to look into this.
        Jeff: I just don't think it's realistic.
        Dan: What about this campaign is realistic?

      • Alan: I hope this report card gets points for posture, 'cause I'm always really good at posture. (they all laugh) Seriously.

      • (Dan and Jeff view an office with a realtor)
        Dan: This would be a great campaign office. This is the one, it's got to be this one, I love it.
        Jeff: Good negotiation technique.
        Dan: You could work out here, in the back there's a place for my war room... I've always wanted a war room.
        Jeff: (to the realtor) I'm the one negotiating, not him.
        Dan: We've got to get this place, I don't care what it costs.
        Jeff: (to the realtor) Well, now that we've talked you down, what's the cost?

      • Claire: It's just.... the deal might be perceived as a conflict of interest.
        Mike: Oh, well, it's not.
        Claire: No, but in politics, perception is reality.
        Mike: Well then, as long as we don't perceive it as a problem, we're okay.

      • Dan: Still say we can't afford a campaign office?
        Jeff: Uh huh.
        Dan: Well, I believe there's no such word as "can't".
        Jeff: Ah, yes there is. "Can't"... it's a contraction of "can not". It means can't.

      • Alan: I've thought this through, and I've got the solution. It just requires a nuanced approach.
        Claire: What's that?
        Alan: Lie.
        Claire: Just lie?
        Alan: Yeah, it works every time.
        Claire: You know I quit Dan's campaign because he lied to me.
        Alan: I'm not lying to you, I'm lying to them.
        Claire: Well, actually, you want me to lie to them.
        Alan: Actually, it's not a lie if you don't know it's a lie.
        Claire: But I do know it's a lie; you just told me.
        Alan: For all you know, I was lying. Works every time.

      • Claire: I was upset about you lying to me.
        Dan: Oh, yeah, sorry about that.
        Claire: Maybe I over-reacted. I'm beginning to realize lying is a big part of politics.
        Dan: Apology accepted.
        Claire: I mean, what was I doing, working for your campaign anyway? Being sentimental? A dead-end campaign; you've obviously got no chance.
        Dan: You head me say "apology accepted," right?
        Claire: Yes.

      • Greta Podleski: Looney Spoons is about truthfulness, Mike.
        Janet Podleski: And about puns.
        Greta Podleski: Mostly about puns, but also truthfulness.

      • (in the car, after the press conference)
        Mike: Those stupid Looney Spoons ladies. I guess the part where I said I loved you was a nice moment, although the career-destoying professional blow that came next wasn't great. Kind of funny, I try to do the right thing for you and it blows up in our faces. Well, ...your face, mostly. Ah... I guess there is a silver lining though; since it's all gone squirrly, I guess I might as well go ahead and sell those computers.
        Claire: No.

      • Claire: You told me to lie.
        Alan: I meant to do it successfully!

      • (in front of Dan's dilapidated office)
        Mr. Hanshaw: Is this the place?
        Jeff: Dan wants to reach out to all parts of the community... advantaged, disadvantaged, ...abandoned.

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