Dan For Mayor

Season 2 Episode 5

Mayors' Conference

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 03, 2011 on CTV
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Mayors' Conference
The annual Mayors' Conference is being held in Wessex, which puts Dan in the position of hosting mayors from across the province; he finds that the experience is very much like being in high school with cliques and back-stabbing. With Dan away, Claire takes the opportunity to move her belongings out of storage, and asks Mike and Jeff to help her with the lifting and carrying; she doesn't realize that the two men are both trying to make the other look bad.moreless

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    David Sparrow

    David Sparrow

    Mayor Dunn

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    Sergio Di Zio

    Sergio Di Zio

    Mayor Eckler

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    Neil Foster

    Neil Foster

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      • Claire: Oh, I'm exhausted... Dan kept me up all night.
        Mike: I really don't need to hear that.
        Claire: Not that. He was up all night worrying about this Mayors' conference that he's hosting.
        Jeff: Wow, he's in the big leagues now... for Mayors, which is the smallest, weirdest form of government, but still...

      • Alan: Nothing to worry about; just don't show any nervousness or they'll destroy you.
        Dan: What?
        Alan: Bunch of mayors, stuck in a room together? Just imagine you're going into a pit full of scorpions and you'll be fine.
        Dan: Oh.
        Alan: Not scorpions... something with a tail that stings you and then you die.
        Dan: Scorpion.
        Alan: Okay, so yeah... scorpion.

      • Dan: Mayor Dunn, Dan Phillips.
        Mayor Dunn: Who? What?
        Dan: Oh, Mayor of Wessex. (Mayor Dunn still looks lost) This is Wessex.
        Mayor Dunn: Oh, right, yeah... what happened to the old guy?
        Dan: Oh, Bud? Oh, he um... he got run over by a bus.
        Mayor Dunn: Now, you see? That's why I do not believe in bike lanes.
        Dan: Uh, he wasn't on a bike.
        Mayor Dunn: Still...

      • Dan: I thought I'd be rolling with the players; they're treating me like a small-town mayor.
        Alan: You are a small-town mayor.
        Dan: Why is this happening? I'm a cool guy, right?
        (Alan searches for an answer)
        Dan: Right?
        Alan: First rule of cool: don't care what other people think!

      • Claire: You know, Jeff, some people put their friends before work.
        Mike: She's talking about me.
        Jeff: I always put friends before work... generally. Not this time, but...

      • Mike: You think this is about me replacing Dan? I'm not stupid, that ship has sailed.
        Jeff: Well, all right.
        Mike: This is about me replacing you.
        Jeff: Me?
        Mike: I'm her surrogate boyfriend now, Jeff; you dropped the ball.
        Jeff: I didn't...
        Mike: You're out, I'm in. It's like being Vice President; I'm one lone gunman away from the presidency.

      • (approaching Dan at the table of small-town Mayors holding an Infrastructure Symposium)
        Alan: Sorry to interrupt, everybody; Dan, I just got your text... which boring meeting did you want me to get you out of?
        Dan: Not this one!

      • Storage Worker: Listen, Lady, whatever you're moving in or out of your locker, it's none of my business.
        Claire: It's nothing, it's just some...
        Storage Worker: Trust me, the less I know, the better.
        Claire: But, I'm not...
        Storage Worker: If anyone asks, this conversation here never happened. You keep that dolly as long as you need it. (he walks away)
        Claire: But I'm just...
        Storage Worker: Lalala... can't hear you!

      • Claire: Where were you, Jeff?
        Jeff: I'm sorry, all these people showed up at once. If I didn't know any better, I'd say somebody was bussing them in.
        Mike: That's ridiculous! Someone would have to rent a bus, and find a bunch of homeless people, put them in second-hand clothes, and give them each thirty bucks. Who would do that?

      • Claire: Well, it's always great to have an extra pair of hands.
        Jeff: Yeah, especially if one of us hasn't dropped out at the last minute.
        (Mike's cell phone rings)
        Mike: Hello?
        Jeff: Boy, the way he said "hello", you'd think somebody set off the burglar alarm at his house.
        Mike: Someone set off a burglar alarm at my house!
        Jeff: Oh, man, someone probably broke a window, and now you're going to have to meet the police and fill out a report. Better hurry.

      • Dan: I still feel awful about that corn-maze thing. Mayor Eckler seems like a nice guy, you know, he didn't deserve that.
        Alan: Dan, I can't tell you whether what you did was right or wrong. But I can tell you this: I haven't been paying attention to what you're saying.
        Dan: I think I know what I should do.
        Alan: Good, because, again... not paying attention.

      • Jeff: Fern! What are you doing here?
        Fern: After the bomb scare and the gas leak, I had to shut the bar down. Also, the homeless people ran out of money.

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