Dan For Mayor

Season 2 Episode 8

Pot Divorce

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 24, 2011 on CTV
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Pot Divorce
Because of his past employment relationship with Fern, Dan agrees to speak at a rally but doesn't ask just what the rally is for. He finds out when he gets there that it is a pro-pot rally. Mike is floored by Claire's parent's divorce, and offers to help in any way he can, but discovers that Mrs. Kendall wants the kind of help that he's just not willing to give.moreless

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      • Mary: Well, your father and I have talked it over, and this is something we've considered for a while...
        Claire: You're renting a Winnebago and driving across the country!
        Mary: No.
        Dan: You're renewing your vows!
        Mary: Close! We're getting a divorce.

      • Fern: Hey, Dan, some friends of mine are having a thing, I was wondering if you could come by?
        Dan: Oh, you mean hang out?
        Fern: Oh, god, no, not you as a person, you as a mayor.
        Dan: Oh. You've never spoken to me as mayor before.
        Fern: Yeah, I know, seems weird to me too, but here we are, and we have to live with it. So... you coming by or not?
        Dan: Yeah, okay, but only 'cause you asked so nicely.

      • Mike: I know that they were just my father- and mother-in-law, but they were like my parents!
        Claire: Mike, we never got married.
        Mike: Fine. They were just my father- and mother-in-law-to-be but they were like my father- and mother-in-law.

      • Jeff: Sorry to hear about your parents.
        Claire: Yeah, it was kind of a shock. I don't know how people do it; how long have you been married?
        Jeff: Five years. Seven years?
        Claire: Wow, good for you!
        Jeff: Maybe it's ten years.
        Claire: That's great.
        Jeff: God, maybe it's 12 years.

      • Alan: Fine, who needs me? Stupid old Alan Duffy. Stupid fat old Alan Duffy.
        Dan: You're not fat.
        Alan: Oh, so now you think I'm old and stupid?
        Dan: You're not that old.

      • Dan: This might not be my crowd.
        Fern: No, I think you're wrong. I'm not saying that everybody who smokes pot voted for you, but there's a good chance that everybody who voted for you smokes pot.

      • Jeff: Claire's mom came on to you?
        Mike: Look, I don't want to talk about it, all right? She's like my mom... in-law.
        Jeff: Were you sending out signals?
        Mike: Yes, I was sending out signals; like, "Stop, Mary, this is gross!"
        Jeff: Maybe you should go for it.
        Mike: Shut up.

      • Fern: You ruined my pot rally!
        Dan: Oh, sorry; you really should book through my chief of staff.
        Fern: Now my friends are going to boycott my psychedelic laser night Thursdays.
        Dan: You have a psychedelic laser night?
        Fern: Yeah. On Thursdays.

      • Dan: Should we put those [flowers] in water?
        Claire: Nah, we don't have to.
        Dan: But they'll die.
        Claire: Everything dies, Dan.

      • Dan: Sorry about the pot rally.
        Fern: Those are my friends, Dan. You put a wedge between me and what's-his-face... and the tall guy.
        Dan: You want me to talk to them? 'Cause if you do, just say the word, and book through Alan, and I'm there.

      • Jeff: Hey, Buddy! How's my favourite Mayor? Locally; I mean, nation-wide, there are probably more effective mayors.
        Dan: I'm fine.

      • Jeff: Flowers, huh?
        Ed: Yeah, it's bizarre; flower delivery guy just handed these to me.
        Jeff: Well. Don't that beat all?
        Ed: Yeah. (Mary comes in) Mary.
        Mary: (holding up a heart-shaped box of chocolates) A delivery person just handed me these.
        Ed: Oh, I get it. Someone's trying to get us back together with a stupid trick.
        Jeff: It was Mike.

      • Alan: You okay?
        Dan: Oh, I'm having a tough time at home.
        Alan: Claire? Didn't you kill her with kindness?
        Dan: Are you kidding me? I murdered her with kindness and buried her in the back yard.

      • Alan: In love, as in politics, there's nothing that can't be fixed with finesse.
        (cut to: Alan is sitting with Claire and yelling)
        Alan: Why are you being so mean to Dan?
        Claire: I'm not.
        Alan: You're sitting way over here, you're hardly talking to him. Stop being such a jerk!

      • Alan: Why would you tell her to give Dan space?
        Jeff: Well, that's what I do with my wife, and we've been together seven to thirteen years.

      • Ed: Besides, Sugar, if you and Dan can stay together, Mary and I thought we'd better give it a shot.
        (Dan and Claire hug)
        Dan: I'm glad we could be an inspiration to you.
        Mary: It's more like we'd be embarrassed to fail at something you've been able to achieve.
        Ed: Hmm. Cheers.

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