Dan For Mayor - Season 2

CTV (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Porktoberfest
    Episode 13

    With the annual Wessex Porktoberfest, Dan finds himself, as Mayor, in the position of opening the ceremonies with the ritual eating of the Golden Bratwurst; unfortunately, he's vegetarian, and the mayoral obligation is causing him problems, while his friends have difficulty understanding how Dan could have been vegetarian all this time without then noticing. Mike has been made a "Hambassador" for the festival, and really gets into the part.

  • Ethical Dilemma
    Ethical Dilemma
    Episode 12

    The Ethics Commissioner is in town, and Dan feels he must come clean about his relationship with Claire by providing full disclosure on every facet of their life together. While Dan is being ethical, everyone else wonders about just where the Ethics Commissioner stands on that issue. At Fern's Bar & Grill, Jeff finds himself embroiled in a customer service competition of his own making with Fern. Unfortunately, Jeff's idea of customer service winds him up in jail, where he uses his one phone call to call Dan, asking that Dan use his pull as Mayor to get him out of jail.

  • Mayor For A Day
    Mayor For A Day
    Episode 11
    Dan finds out that some political back-biting and in-fighting starts young when he takes the teen-aged winner of a "Mayor for the Day" contest under his wing. Elsewhere in town, the "Best of Wessex" awards are being handed out, and Jeff is determined to win the "Best Bar" award, but Fern knows the reality of the situation. Claire is so busy promoting her PR company that she fails to notice that she's up for an award herself.moreless
  • Old Fort Wessex
    Old Fort Wessex
    Episode 10
    Claire has some new Japanese clients and is trying to spark their interest in Wessex as a tourism destination; they are interested, but not in what Claire wants them to see. Dan revisits his place of high school employment, Old Fort Wessex, and his plan to rejuvenate the fort causes the workers to rise up in protest. Jeff tries to convince Fern that there is a tunnel beneath the bar, and his ruse works a little too well.moreless
  • Political Liability
    After years of being the one causing embarrassment, Dan finds out what it feels like when he takes Claire to some political functions, and she talks too much about herself. Mike steps in to help Jeff save his waning friendship with Dan.
  • Pot Divorce
    Pot Divorce
    Episode 8
    Because of his past employment relationship with Fern, Dan agrees to speak at a rally but doesn't ask just what the rally is for. He finds out when he gets there that it is a pro-pot rally. Mike is floored by Claire's parent's divorce, and offers to help in any way he can, but discovers that Mrs. Kendall wants the kind of help that he's just not willing to give.moreless
  • The Art Of Gambling
    Trying to improve tourism in Wessex, Dan tries to have his city included on the new Art Trail, but finds that there just isn't enough art in Wessex for it to qualify; he tries to fix the situation by having a sculpture commissioned. Fern's Bar gets into the video lottery terminal game, and the customers and employees alike find it addictive. Claire has a line on a new job: doing PR for an anti-gambling campaign, putting her squarely in opposition to the gang at Fern's.moreless
  • Insane In The Bike Lane
    With bike lanes being a point of contention in many cities, Dan decides to open up bike lanes in Wessex, then finds that the issue is one that follows him home when Claire insists that he also allow roller-bladers to use the lanes. Fern forgets to renew the liquor licence for the bar, and decides not to let Jeff know about his little mistake.moreless
  • Mayors' Conference
    Mayors' Conference
    Episode 5
    The annual Mayors' Conference is being held in Wessex, which puts Dan in the position of hosting mayors from across the province; he finds that the experience is very much like being in high school with cliques and back-stabbing. With Dan away, Claire takes the opportunity to move her belongings out of storage, and asks Mike and Jeff to help her with the lifting and carrying; she doesn't realize that the two men are both trying to make the other look bad.moreless
  • Claire 2.0
    Claire 2.0
    Episode 4
    Dan's ratings in the popularity polls take a dive when he tables raising the property tax in Wessex. All the political hubbub puts Dan in the hot seat with a student reporter who goes overboard in letting the denizens of Wessex know about Dan's spelling skills. Mike decides it's time to move upwards and onwards from Claire.moreless
  • Awkward Speedoo
    Awkward Speedoo
    Episode 3
    With the city budget in mind, Dan cuts the police department's request for 50 Speedoos -- personal mobility devices, and gets himself on the wrong side of the law when the Chief of Police finds out that he won't be getting his new toys. Dan, and everyone he knows, suddenly find themselves the subject of police scrutiny; Dan must turn to Mike and his moustache for help.moreless
  • The Trash Compact
    The Trash Compact
    Episode 2
    With recycling in mind, Dan tries to revamp the garbage system already in place in Wessex; he makes a deal with a nearby city, but finds that politics is a trickier business than he had been lead to believe.
  • A Rink By Any Other Name
    With the town of Wessex knowing that Dan didn't really win the election, Dan decides to show his leadership by naming the new arena after a local hockey great, but is dismayed to find that it's already been named for a recently deceased philanthropist. Claire makes the decision to stay in Wessex rather than move to Vancouver, and starts up her own PR company.moreless