Dan For Mayor

Season 1 Episode 7

The Symbol of Futility

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 12, 2010 on CTV
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The Symbol of Futility
Dan feels that his campaign needs a central focus, and so searches for a symbol to rally supporters. Claire, with her wedding date approaching, becomes tied up in the small details.

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • (as the pan-flute guy starts playing)
        Jeff: Hey, Zamfir, lay off the pipes! We had a deal!

        Zamfir is Gheorghe Zamfir (April 6, 1941 - ), a popular and award-wining pan flute musician.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Dan: The broom's the symbol.
        Fern: I don't get it.
        Dan: Well, you know, cleaning up the city, sweeping in change.
        Fern: Nice. So what do you need the broom for?
        Dan: Never mind.

      • Rev. Taylor: Well, I've really enjoyed the sessions with you and Mike; this is a chance for us to be more informal, one-on-one. So if you have any deep, dark secrets, this is the time.
        Claire: Dark secrets, nope, nope.
        Rev. Taylor: Good!
        Claire: I mean, Mike and I argue sometimes.
        Rev. Taylor: Well, that's normal.
        Claire: We both like the same things; he likes letting me do my thing, and I like letting him do his thing... but not together, so, ... we have that in common. (cut) I've never actually been physically attracted to Mike. (cut) And does he ask me about my work? No. (cut) I'm just starting to feel trapped, you know, like I made a horrible mistake, and I can't get out. (cut) (Claire is crying) He lives in his world, I live in mine. I'm turning into someone I don't like! It's a disaster, and it's going to ruin everything. (takes a deep breath) Oh, wow, that felt good! That's normal, right, those kind of feelings, just kind of get them out of the old system.
        Rev. Taylor: I don't think you should get married. I really don't think you should get married.

      • Brianna: Nice crowd.
        Dan: Yeah, where'd you get them all?
        Jeff: We have a lot of supporters.
        Dan: No, really, where are they from?
        Jeff: Poached them from the 'Pipes of Pan' guy.

      • Dan: And with this ice-scraper, I will clear Wessex's windshield of red tape so we can all see the road ahead. And, uh, whenever necessary, I'll use this back brush part. (he holds up the ice scraper for all to see)

      • Charlie: You did tell him, didn't you?
        Dan: Tell me what?
        Fern: That Charlie is the new head bartender.
        Dan: No, you didn't tell me that.
        Fern: Sure, I did. Remember, it was in that dream I had.
        Dan: Oh.
        Fern: It was a good dream too. I was standing on a mountain, fire for hands, I see my grade four teacher... what am I telling you for? You were there.

      • Jeff: So now you're part-time at the bar? This is a major campaign set-back.
        Dan: Why? Now I'll be available more.
        Jeff: Exactly.

      • Anita: Well, what's more fun than dating an underachieving bartender who peaked in high school?
        Brianna: That's not fair; we don't know when he peaked.
        Anita: Or if he'll ever peak.

      • Dan: The big ice scraper photo-op's a dollar store?
        Jeff: The grand opening of a dollar store. And actually, it's "A Dollar & Up" ...some things cost more than a dollar.
        Dan: So everything costs a dollar or more than a dollar; isn't that just called a store?

      • Dan: See, when you commit, good things happen.
        Jeff: Ah, when you commit, and there's a freak weather occurrence, good things happen.
        Dan: Mine would make a better inspirational poster.

      • Mike: We have to do what's right, and the wedding at the church or the golf course just isn't right.
        Claire: Oh, I'm so relieved to hear you say that!
        Mike: And that's why we should...
        Claire: ...call the whole thing off! Walk away; we are not right for each other, not even a little bit.
        Mike: I was going to say 'elope'.

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