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  • Season 8
    • If It Ain't Broke
      Episode 25
      (11/11/2013) We don’t tend to think of the state of bridges until one collapses. That happened most recently in Washington State this past spring, when a truck hit an overhead span. Collapses like this are unusual, but they highlight how dependent we are on a functioning infrastructure. After decades of neglect, our bridges are old and in some places, crumbling because - and you, the taxpayer, are going to pay for it. And, we bring you a report on the pollution associated with impervious surfaces – basically a fancy term for surfaces rain water can't penetrate - roads, rooftops, sidewalks, parking lots. If you add up all the impervious surfaces in the U.S. alone it would be enough to build a six-lane highway from Earth to the moon ten times over. Impervious surfaces are a big problem because when it rains instead of soaking into the ground, the water runs off - gushing into a maze of gutters, sweeping up pollutants, debris and trash that ultimately end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans.moreless
    • Gone To Pot
      Episode 24
      (10/21/2013) According to government data, more teenagers are smoking marijuana today than cigarettes. And, while other illegal drug use is declining, marijuana is on the increase -- and consequently, so is demand. In California, illegal marijuana farms are springing up by the thousands deep in the back woods and far from prying eyes. These are not small backyard grows but major plantations of pot run by organized crime. So much illegal marijuana is being grown in California that it’s devastating the local environment. In a state plagued by drought, marijuana farms are using up desperately needed water. And let's not forget the fertilizers, pesticides and rodenticides, many of them banned in the U.S. years ago, that are being used by many of the illegal growers -- these chemicals are winding up in California's soil and water -- not to mention the pot itself. Also, a look at the state of journalism and technology with literary giant Gay Talese.moreless
    • (10/14/2013) Her intimate lyrics and signature voice have made her an icon in rock and roll history -- on the next THE BIG INTERVIEW we sit down with legendary singer Melissa Etheridge. In a very candid interview Etheridge opens up about her music, gay rights, breast cancer and even the little bit of hot water she got into recently over comments about Angelina Jolie.moreless
    • (10/7/2013) The legendary singer sits down with Dan Rather to discuss her recent diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. Plus, actress Daryl Hannah talks about her film career and her relationship with the Kennedy family.
    • 9/30/13
      (9/30/2013) Country music legend Merle Haggard sits down for a rare one-on-one interview. He's been given one of this nation's highest achievements for the performing arts, he's been elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame, but it all started with a life behind bars.
    • 9/23/13
      (9/23/2013) As part of our new series, THE BIG INTERVIEW, we talk to Roger Daltrey from the legendary rock group The Who. Daltrey delves into his early days in rock and roll, regrets over Keith Moon and his sometimes tumultuous relationship with Who guitarist Pete Townshend. Later in the hour, Daltrey is joined by Australian pop sensation, Cody Simpson, to talk about their work with Teen Cancer America.moreless
    • 9/16/13
      (9/16/2013) Join us for THE BIG INTERVIEW — our new series which features interviews with some of the most well-known talent from different corners of the entertainment industry. First up — Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. We sit down with Sorkin to talk about the fictional news channel he created for his latest show, The Newsroom, and his successful career as a screenwriter for both memorable TV series and movies. He opens up about something he says he’s not used to hearing, criticism. And also tells us who was his initial favorite to play the President on the West Wing. It wasn’t Martin Sheen.moreless
    • Only In America
      Episode 18
      (7/02/2013) A special Fourth of July edition, including the long-awaited re-opening of the Statue of Liberty, a celebration of a special American flag that once flew near Ground Zero and the hot debate over the best BBQ in the land.
    • 6/11/13
      (6/11/2013) Almost $5 billion of the financing to build two natural gas plants at the Great Barrier Reef is coming from an obscure U.S. agency that most Americans have never heard of. The project is being developed in part to employ American workers, but many are worried that the plants are contributing to the destruction of one of the world's natural wonders.moreless
    • 6/4/13
      (6/4/2013) An in depth investigation into the business of for-profit colleges. Schools like ITT Technical Institute, DeVry University and University of Phoenix differ from schools such as Penn State or USC because they actually treat education as a business - teaching students while still turning a profit. And, while most people may be aware that these colleges are for-profit, what they probably don’t know is that most of these profits come from the federal government in the form of federal student loans and Pell Grants -- money that the Government gives to low income students. But what happens if the student drops out -- which 50% of students at for-profit colleges do? The school keeps the money and the student is often saddled with a high interest loan of many tens of thousands of dollars.moreless
    • 5/21/12
      (5/21/2013) Snapshots from the front lines of illegal immigration. For all the stories of those caught in the cycle of immigration and deportation, there are just as many families who have illegally migrated here - and not only evaded capture, but made America their home. It could be your neighbor...or the family down street -- and you would never know. But because they are undocumented they eke out a living, knowing they could be deported at any moment – and many suffer very high rates of abuse while working without papers. Most immigrants enter the US from along the more than 1900 mile U.S./Mexico border, but many specifically come in at the San Miguel Gate in the Arizona desert, where border patrol agents say border security is a myth.moreless
    • 5/14/12
      (5/14/2013) A special investigation into a part of the immigration debate that is not getting nearly the attention it deserves. Congress is now considering a grand compromise involving beefing up border security and granting a pathway to citizenship for some of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants already in this country. But hidden in the small print is an expansion of a federal program already in place that has raised serious questions. It’s called Operation Streamline. Supporters herald it as a game changer - a necessary tough stand against those pouring into this country illegally, but others say that prosecuting and imprisoning those who cross into our country illegally is not the answer.moreless
    • Kim vs. Kabul
      Episode 13
      (5/7/2013) As the United States prepares for the return or “draw down” of military forces in Afghanistan, there are some people who are choosing to stay, regardless of the danger, in order to help build law out of the chaos. One of those people is the remarkable Kim Motley. She is the only Westerner working in Kabul as a private lawyer, but to Motley, it is more of a calling than a career choice. She calls herself an “international advocate” fighting for the rights of Afghan women. Also, pulling up the stakes -- our troops are coming home from Afghanistan, but what about all their gear? That's a billion dollar question -- a $6 billion question, in fact. And, we take a look at what happens to Afghanistan once our troops leave. Some say that civil war is not far behind.moreless
    • Suni In Space
      Episode 12
      (4/23/2013) Space travel suddenly seems cool again after astronaut Suni Williams posted a video of life aboard the International Space Station that went viral. Williams -- who has spent nearly a year orbiting our planet -- sits down with us to talk about what it’s like to sleep, eat and work in weightlessness for months at a time.moreless
    • 4/9/12
      (4/9/2013) The abortion battle moves to the states. In Texas, new state restrictions on abortions have had consequences for the health care of thousands of low income women, as many clinics that provided services beyond pregnancy termination have been forced to close. Also, Colombia’s civil war over the last 50 years has left an estimated 600,000 dead and millions displaced. The U.S. has invested billions of dollars in trying to end the war and combat the drug trade. For years everything seemed hopeless, but Colombia now has a different approach to ending the conflict -- one that relies as much on open arms as heavy arms. And it just might be a model for other countries mired in internal conflict.moreless
    • Buzzkill
      Episode 10
      (4/2/2013) We’ve reported extensively about the mysterious disappearance of honeybees. Scientists have been unable to pinpoint the exact cause, but the little insect that’s responsible for pollinating one third of everything we eat is dying….quickly. And some of the biggest commercial beekeepers are now saying the unthinkable – that their industry may be on the brink of extinction…with some unable to rebuild after 50 to 90 percent losses this year. Also, an important investigation from the slums of Karachi. The dangerous downside of one of our greatest intelligence coups -- finding Osama bin Laden -- is creating major roadblocks for eradicating polio from Pakistan.moreless
    • 3/12/12
      (3/12/2013) A telephone scam is targeting American seniors and bilking them out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Our investigation leads to Jamaica where con artists have built a thriving organized crime network setup to prey on unsuspecting Americans.
    • PhDon't!
      Episode 8
      (3/5/2013) If you believe getting an advanced degree in science or math is a meal ticket for a career of the future, know there's a glut of highly qualified PhD's who will never get the jobs they spent over a decade training to do. Plus, the president of one of America's most prestigious universities tells Dan why, in many fields, we are overproducing PhDs and putting America's scientific edge at risk.moreless
    • 2/12/12
      (2/12/2013) In Seattle, Garfield High School, voted one of the best public schools for academics by U.S. News and World Report, has suddenly become the center of a war on standardized testing by refusing to administer the MAP test. This test is given to millions of students in schools across the country and has become one of the most popular standardized tests for measuring academic achievement. But now the faculty, parents and students of Garfield High have banded together, saying that MAP test is doing more harm than good. Also, we visit Hillsborough County, Florida where a new and unique way of evaluating teachers has become one of the most talked about experiments in U.S. education. And, a look at one feat of civil engineering that might help save Manhattan from the superstorms to come.moreless
    • 2/26/12
      (2/26/2013) In his State of the Union address, President Obama lauded the German education system for preparing kids for good jobs out of high school. The German model, and German companies, are quickly transplanting the idea to the U.S.
    • The Cutting Edge
      Episode 5
      (2/5/2013) Imagine what it would be like if we could create a microorganism that would clean up pollution, or a new kind of algae that produces jet fuel. What if we could program cells to fight disease? Synthetic biologists are predicting all of this and more... and some of it is already possible. Synthetic biology is a new field of study that some scientists believe will prove just as important to our society as the technological revolution that brought us personal computers and the Internet. It hinges on one vital element… our accelerating ability to manipulate DNA.moreless
    • Grounded
      Episode 4
      (1/29/2013) Originally hailed as the most technologically advanced commercial airplane, Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is proving to be a nightmare. Production problems caused a three-year delivery delay and since the roll out in 2011 there have been a series of issues including mis-installed fuel couplings, a series of electrical problems and most recently smoking batteries that caused a emergency landing. Earlier this month the FAA ordered a full investigation of the electrical system and grounded the six Dreamliners operating in the US. We take a look at what went wrong with the Dreamliner. Also, the unseen cost of war -- a follow up on our investigation into burn pits and their health effects on our soldiers. And, Dan Rather reflects on the second inauguration of President Obama.moreless
    • Sex Workers
      Episode 3
      (1/22/2013) An investigation into how two European countries, Holland and Sweden, are using drastically different methods to deal with the world’s oldest profession. Prostitution has never been illegal in the Netherlands provided it was voluntary, but in 2000 sex work became regulated. The government set rules about where and how sex work was done – treating it just like any other profession. The idea was that prostitution was an everyday reality, so why not bring it out in the open to help protect women and prevent human trafficking. About the same time the Dutch decided to legalize prostitution, Sweden took a very different and novel approach. Their goal was to eliminate prostitution for good by targeting the buyer -- target the men and you eliminate demand. Eliminate demand and you eliminate prostitution. We take a look at how well each method is working.moreless
    • Iron Dome
      Episode 2
      (1/15/2013) A look at the highly successful Israeli missile defense system known as Iron Dome. Also a look at a country that banned assault weapons after a mass killing.
    • 1/8/12
      (1/8/2013) Congress is about to tackle a ban on assault weapons, but in Nevada, especially Las Vegas, there is an enormous interest in assault rifles. Over the last year, seven new ranges have opened up in Las Vegas and they offer hundreds of guns you can rent and shoot on-sight. And if you want to buy a semi-automatic weapon, good luck. Most stores are already sold out. It's a growing phenomenon across the country but it’s becoming a major Las Vegas tourist attraction. Also, an American who helps desperately poor Kenyan teens reach America's Ivy League schools.moreless
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