Dan Rather Reports - Season 6

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Episode Guide

  • 12/20/11
    (12/20/2011) From the Middle East to Main Street USA – a look back at some of our favorite stories from 2011.
  • 11/15/11
    (11/15/2011) Despite new federal measures to slow foreclosures, thousands of homes continue to be auctioned off every month. Also, massive waste on Iraq war spending. And, a tale of two cities; Joplin, MO, and Greensburg, KS, both rebuilding after killer tornadoes.
  • 11/8/11
    (11/8/2011) Hundreds of foreign workers claim an American company lured them here with promises of good jobs and even U.S. citizenship. It's now become one of the largest human trafficking cases in modern U.S. history. Also, a Castle Doctrine update.
  • 11/1/11
    (11/1/2011) The first in our series of reports on education systems around the world. Why has the United States fallen so far behind? A look at Singapore and their school system that has produced some of the smartest students in the world.
  • The Un-Banked
    Episode 35
    (10/25/2011) As the recession grinds into its third year there’s a palpable anger growing in America – and one of the main targets of that anger is big banks. There was an outcry recently when Bank of America announced an unprecedented $5 a month fee on debit card users. Wells Fargo and Chase are testing their own new debit fees, and customers far and wide are saying they’ve had enough. They’re taking their frustration online, using an array of social media to encourage people to leave their big banks in favor of small community banks or credit unions. We take a look at how an organization like change.org and an online movement like Bank Transfer Day are helping every day, average people send the big banks a message. Also, economist Jeffrey Sachs on the corporatization of the U.S.moreless
  • Angel of the Desert
    Episode 34
    (10/18/2011) A former mechanic has made it his mission in life to rescue immigrants lost in the desert coming to America. Russia scholar Stephen Cohen on Vladimir Putin. Plus, the dedication of the King Memorial in Washington.
  • 10/11/11
    (10/11/2011) The protest on Wall Street. Middle East expert Fouad Ajami on the Arab spring.
  • Internal Combustion
    Episode 32
    (10/4/2011) We revisit an investigation into a product that sits in millions of garages across America - plastic consumer gas cans. These red plastic gas containers can unexpectedly explode, sometimes simply from contact with static electricity from one's clothing. We began investigating this problem three years ago and despite independent studies that show that the problem can be solved with a small, inexpensive device, Blitz USA, the main producer of gas cans, has yet to install the part. Also, for a hundred years, Jewish Americans have helped shape every aspect of our life and culture - but for fifty years, Jewish practice has been on a downward slope. As our investigation suggests the trend has accelerated since the economic crisis in 2008. We'll look at what's at play, and the controversial step some small Jewish communities have taken to revive their ranks: bringing Jewish families over from the Holy Land. And, a conversation with economist Gary Shilling.moreless
  • Trouble On The Land
    Episode 31
    (9/27/2011) American universities are involved in what some say is a land grab in the poorest parts of Africa. Plus, the new governor of Michigan comes forward with a controversial program to add jobs.
  • Bad Score
    Episode 30
    (9/20/2011) Standardized testing in America's schools has become a billion-dollar industry. But whistleblowers come forward to tell how erratically and unfairly the tests are scored. Also, Japan six months after the quake. Will they make another comeback? Plus, an investigation into pesticides and possible new effects on honeybees.
  • 9/13/11
    (9/13/2011) In May of 2009, Bari Alai, a remote outpost manned jointly by coalition soldiers and Afghan National Army forces, was overrun when it came under fire from the Taliban. Five coalition soldiers died protecting the post and 12 of their Afghan comrades surrendered to the Taliban and were taken prisoner. But were they truly prisoners or Taliban collaborators? Our 6-month investigation features never-seen-before footage of the deadly raid and looks at how much intelligence the Taliban insurgents received from inside the post. Also, training Afghans to protect their own country has become a multi-billion dollar mission of the United States military. But is the training working and will the Afghans fight? We meet Lieutenant General William Caldwell, the American general in charge of training Afghan troops.moreless
  • 9/11/11
    (9/11/2011) Dan Rather Remembers 9/11 is a special broadcast hosted by the man who was watched by tens of millions of viewers on the day America was attacked. His personal recollections as well as poignant stories about how much our country has changed and sacrificed in the last decade.
  • (8/30/2011) A special Dan Rather Reports takes an in-depth look at the deep challenges facing the Detroit Public Schools. From a fierce battle at the district level, to the heartbreaking story of Deanna Williams, a student trying to succeed, this report uses a local crisis to ask broad national questions. This version of the documentary includes a new interview with Deanna Williams after her freshman year at college.moreless
  • 8/23/11
    (8/23/2011) For years we've reported on the danger of concussions as it exploded from the pro ranks to the pee wees. Along the way we have talked to doctors, star athletes, coaches and sportscasters, but no story has touched us as much as that of a brave young man and his family who have struggled to turn tragedy into hope. Wheelchair bound after a tragic head injury on the football field, Zack Lystedt set a goal to walk across his high school graduation stage. We return on his raduation day and see how he went from an injured boy to "the kid who changed football."moreless
  • (8/9/2011) A follow-up to our investigation into the so-called "untouchables" and the courageous story of one woman who made it out, to America. Also, an update on honor killings in the United Kingdom. Is the phenomenon spreading to the U.S.?
  • (8/2/2011) An update on a previous investigation on counterfeit prescription drugs. It turns out there is much more to the story of the Chinese businessman who was convicted of distributing phony pills. Also, we travel to Nigeria whre counterfeit drugs are becoming prolific.
  • The New Space Race
    Episode 23
    (7/12/2011) As the last shuttle mission is scheduled to take flight, Dan hosts a roundtable at the Space Center Houston with former astronauts and a NASA official about America's future on the final frontier. Soon, the only way to get American astronauts into space will be aboard Russian rockets.
  • All Is Not Forgiven
    Episode 22
    (6/28/2011) An investigation of shocking new evidence in the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal in Los Angeles. Also, the story of a foreign high-tech worker who has come to the United States. And a huge cloud of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
  • 6/14/11
    (6/14/2011) With the unemployment rate over nine percent, why are lawmakers, lobbyists and pundits across the political spectrum clamoring to increase the flow of high-skilled guest workers from overseas? Business advocates say U.S. companies need the world’s “best and the brightest” in order to out-innovate global competitors and to create new jobs. Critics claim the federal guest worker visa programs are rife with abusive practices and that there’s no shortage of the best and brightest talent right here – especially now with more than 20 million Americans jobless or underemployed.moreless
  • Mini-Meds
    Episode 20
    (6/7/2011) So-called limited coverage health care insurance plans are an inexpensive option. But what are you really getting for your money? Also, a former TARP official says get ready for another bailout... and this one will be bigger than the last. And, a Chinese art exhibit goes on display in New York while the artist remains detained in China.moreless
  • No Easy Answers
    Episode 19
    (5/24/2011) As America looks for answers to the education crisis, Dan Rather Reports talks to experts who've spent their careers trying to solve one of this country's most difficult problems.
  • The App Bubble
    Episode 18
    (5/17/2011) Millions of dollars are pouring into tech start-ups, all hoping to be the next Facebook. But will boom turn to bust? Also, was a government agency too aggressive pursuing commercial fishermen?
  • A National Disgrace
    Episode 17
    (5/10/2011) A special Dan Rather Reports takes an in-depth look at the deep challenges facing the Detroit Public Schools. From a fierce battle at the district level, to the heartbreaking story of a student trying to succeed, this report uses a local crisis to ask broad national questions.
  • 5/3/11
    (5/3/2011) In the light of Osama bin Laden�s death � a look inside the elite, highly secretive U.S. Special Forces. Also, one of the basic tenets of journalism is that you report only what you see and know to be true. But what happens if there�s an important story that no reporter can get to? That�s what�s happening in Syria, where there is no independent press and all foreign reporters have been kicked out. But story is still being told � thanks to some brave Syrians who are risking their lives to make sure the story gets out. And from China, the Internet is helping to get the truth out from under the thumb of the world�s most repressive regime.moreless
  • The Nuclear Option
    Episode 15
  • Gas Pains
    Episode 14
  • The Mother Lode
    Episode 13
  • 4/5/11
  • Mexican Standoff
    Episode 11
  • ...Do Unto Others
    Episode 10
  • Betty vs. Goliath
    Episode 9
  • Power Play
    Episode 8
  • Just Plane Work
    Episode 7
  • A Precarious Peace
    Episode 6
  • 2/8/11
    (2/08/2011) Honor killings are on the rise in Great Britain. Long a practice in parts of the third world, killing a woman because it's believed she has dishonored her family, has suddenly began to increase in immigrant communities in the United Kingdom. Also, analysis of the uprising in Egypt with a Muslim advisor to President Obama and an executive with the Committee to Protect Journalists.moreless
  • 2/1/11
  • One Feisty Fish
    Episode 3
  • 1/18/11
  • 1/11/11